Would You Like Your Business to ‘Be The Change’ the Healthcare Industry Needs?


ATTENTION: Nurses, Therapists & Other Healthcare System Escapees!

While you’re an experienced health expert providing transformational services, starting & marketing your business can feel overwhelming almost as if you’re starring in a sci-fi movie where you’re trying to tame a many-headed monster 

…consuming all of your time, energy and money instead of getting to do WHAT YOU LOVE…serve.

If you’re tired of conflicting marketing hype and not growing your client base and income the way you want, there’s a reason…

…There’s enough marketing B.S. out there to sink an entire continent (Hello, Atlantis) and it causes heart-centered, energy-sensitive people to lose their inner compass and get off course.

My clients and I have already been down the stressful healthcare job road and it wore us down and burned us out.

So, let’s keep it simple:

There are only two things that you need to do well when it comes to attracting clients and growing your business:

  • Eliminate inner success & money conflicts that keep you from finding motivated leads (a common side effect of employee mindset)
  • Confidently & effectively influence potential clients to hire you so you can “be the change” in their lives that the system can’t

When you’ve been knee deep in bureaucracies, parts of you go missing just to survive. Boy, could I tell you some “missing in action” stories!

Creating business success is a sacred journey where you get to go through a rite of passage where you’re invited to unleash the dormant brilliance God wove into your cells and soul.

Instead of turning your health coaching business into another job where you work yourself silly chasing clients and doing a million social media moves you can leverage your unique gifts into a one of a kind offering that enables you to create a life and business that feeds your soul. 

I avoided lasering in on my brilliance & showing up powerfully for several years. I was convinced because as a psychotherapist I had helped many different kinds of clients on the job that the same approach would work in my business. I didn’t see what I didn’t see. I thought I knew. 

I was so WRONG!

Trying to be all things to all people cost me dearly.

Then within just a few months of revealing my soul gifts & audience – my income went from cash flow roller coaster to consistent 5-figure monthly paydays. 

Now I teach my clients how to clarify, OWN & communicate their value in ways that draw clients to them…

Because what you say & how well you energetically convey your value is what attracts or repels clients, relationships & money.


You are beautiful & one of a kind, so stop looking and sounding like everyone else who does something similar to you!

I believe you deserve to be seen, heard and hired by motivated clients who are looking for YOU, not someone like you. 

Whether you’re a physical or mental healthcare professional turned:

  • Health Coach
  • Nurse Coach
  • Wellness Entrepreneur

We are dedicated to helping you grow you & your income in simple ways that feed your soul. 


Contact me now for your custom Income & Impact Breakthrough consultation. 





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