Are you tired of being practically invisible in a crowded market in spite of your best client attraction efforts? 


You’re not alone.

It’s hard enough to figure out basic client attraction,  let alone sign people into premium-priced services. While you’re a remarkable service provider, it can feel like your client attraction efforts resemble trying to tame a many-headed monster from some sci-fi movie…consuming all of your time and energy instead of doing what you love to do…serve.

If you’re tired of floundering in a sea of conflicting marketing information and not getting the help you need to make your dream business a reality, there’s a reason…

…There’s enough marketing B.S. out there to sink an entire continent and it can cause you to unintentionally repel the best clients and keep you in a continuous pattern of overworking and under charging just to stay afloat.

Atlantis anyone?

I know you’re a busy, big-hearted, multi-tasking, role-jumping wild caregiver extraordinaire leaping from children to spouses, employers, aging parents and your business…making things happen for others in a single bound (okay maybe 2 or 3)!

But somehow it’s like trying to move mountains when it comes to creating your own success, isn’t it? 

If you answered “yes” then it’s synchronicity that brought you here…

Those of us wired to heal, serve and lead people back to the roots of wellness don’t thrive in mass situations …especially when it comes to finding a powerful client attraction strategy that fits with how you want your business and life to roll.

Just like designing effective client services, you need a customized strategy that honors your sensitivities and strengths.

It may be hard to see right now, but your one of a kind client attraction superpower is hiding in plain sight and your success depends on channeling it like a champion. 

One of a kind.

Never another like you.

A niche that’s yours and yours alone.

But I bet you’re not even close to illuminating and communicating your unique difference to prospective clients.

It’s easy to follow the herd into HUGE group programs where you end up getting the most attention from fellow colleagues instead of getting consistent, client attraction strategy from a mentor who knows YOUR name, unique situation and what’s working today…not 2 years ago.

Stop being invisible and take your rightful place in the healing revolution.

Let’s discover your one of kind, client attraction superpower together.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get seen, heard and hired by motivated clients willing to pay premium fees to experience the solution that you’re uniquely wired to deliver.

Contact me now to discover how to get more clients, more money, and more life, today.



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