15 Ways Wellness Coaches Can Rock The New Year

Wellness Coaches Work Hard to Find Clients

If you’re like the wellness coaches I work with, you work HARD.

In fact, sometimes you work harder than you need to…

But how’s a girl supposed to attract clients & create consistent paydays, right?

It can all feel so big and super stressful.

I remember working 12 + hours a day to try to find clients and serve them. Of course, the biggest time suck…drum roll please – marketing.

The truth is that it actually takes less work and more business strategy to create a dream business that supports you and your goals.

But doesn’t your mind just wobble with all the information out there?

It’s easy to lose your inner compass when you’re on overload.

That’s why I wanted to extend a helping hand to you.



How Wellness Coaches CAN Make More Money

While you’re thinking about what you want to achieve this year, think BIG.

You…with a life, clients and the money to go with it.

It’s a yummy way to live and you deserve it.

Here’s the thing…

The only way to have a NEW year is to be a new you.

Don’t worry – no overhaul – the opposite in fact.

I’m just talking about gathering up your scattered pieces and steeping yourself in wise women wisdom from wellness coaches who are already achieving their business goals.

I’ve collected these 15 powerful nuggets of wisdom from my clients this past year.

It’s a short guide, so you can laser focus on the keys to finding clients and making a much better income.

  1. Take stock and write down where your business is and where you said it would be.
  2. Be aware of where you made progress and congratulate yourself OFTEN (because your mind needs to learn to see and receive success energy as much as you need oxygen to live).
  3. Give thanks for your clients and the income you already have…no matter how far along you are.
  4. Ask God, the Universe for what you want & give thanks as if it’s already happened (energy and faith are the catalysts).
  5. Recognize you can’t do it alone. No one can. Not even the most amazing wellness entrepreneurs OR even Superwoman (if you saw her last movie, you know what I mean!)
  6. Laugh in the face of defeating patterns and kiss their butts goodbye…like marketing to “everyone.” That costs you too much and keeps you from showing up powerfully.
  7. Choose to take action that will grow your income and align with your spirit (hint: stop doing marketing methods that aren’t fun for YOU).
  8. Nurture your intuition and be the leader your business needs: Choose to ground your business in a profitable niche so you can serve the people you were born to.
  9. Clean up your workspace and clear your mind. Ahh that’s good medicine!
  10. Listen deeply to your ideal audience. Create what they want first…then give them what they need.
  11. Get the attention of LOTS of high-quality prospective clients, so you can earn well. Want to discover how to break the client attraction code once and for all? Click this link to discover how to create consistent 5 figure months. Join the success revolution party and get the inspiration and support you need to live your best life at BIG Success.      It’s fun. It’s Free. It’s empowering!
  12. FOCUS on ONE group of people and solve ONE problem for them…yes I went there – “niche to get rich” works like a charm but those of us who are heart-centered entrepreneurs fight it as if our lives depended on it.
  13. I was stuck at this impasse for 4 years. It’s one of the BIGGEST money mindset areas I help my clients overcome, because this move led me to create consistent 5 figure months that set my mind at ease.
  14. Stop chasing millions of strategies and invest in REAL coaching so you can align all the pieces into a cohesive client attraction method that suits your soul.
  15. ACCELERATE your success by getting right with your money relationship so those limiting beliefs can stop short-changing your success.

Get consistent support to take clear and decisive actions based on the best revenue roadmap for YOUR business and ideal lifestyle.

Most coaches and entrepreneurs try to “get there” but “there” never comes. You have to reverse engineer your business to support your ideal lifestyle from step one! Sounds crazy, but Steven Covey had it right: “Begin With The End in Mind,” then reverse engineer it.

Energy before action is the key.



P.S. Do you have wisdom to add to this list?