3 Profound Mindset Tips to Kick Coaching Objections to the Curb

Use Coaching Objections As Gateways to New Clients

 You don’t have to keep walking into discovery sessions with your “energetic pants” down because you HATE coaching objections…especially the ones about money!


Coaching objections are the threshold between you and your next holistic coaching client…

…when you know how to navigate them.

While there’s a lot of technical information out there related to meeting or overcoming objections, I’d like you to consider a path that’s helped me and my clients average a 60-70% sign up rate.

I’ve found that overcoming coaching objections in your holistic coaching practice is more like a dance of energy…between you and your prospective client.

After all, helping a potential client break through their force fields of limiting beliefs is both art and science.

The Biggest Problem in Your Holistic or Coaching Business?

It’s not about getting enough traffic to your site, but that definitely helps!

Why is there such an epidemic of clients not signing on with you?

First of all, trying to convince people to work with you sucks the life right out of you, doesn’t it?

Convincing comes from following the herd and relying on the script to convert a coaching prospect into a paying client. A script is a great tool, but your energy will precede you into every conversation.

The # 1 problem in your holistic and coaching business is copycatting what everyone else is doing when it comes to “coaching” enrollment sessions.

Don’t Resort to Being a Coaching Clone

It’s easy to fall into doing what everyone else is doing when it comes to signing up prospective clients.

Break that habit now.

Tools and scripts are important but where YOU come from matters most.

Trust yourself!

The last few years, coaches have been coming to me discussing how hard it is to enroll new clients, even when they’re using “proven” scripts.

Sales and enrollment scripts are all the rage, because they help guide you.

Scripts are supposed to strengthen your confidence and give you structure in your coaching enrollment sessions.

And they do.

But have you ever wondered how many other coaches are using the SAME coaching scripts or relying on their own savvy to sign clients?


I know.

Copycatting Syndrome Can Cost You Health Coaching Clients

LOTS of clients.

It’s bad enough that enrollment sessions are stress wracked to begin with, let alone the thought of looking & sounding like everyone else they’ve talked to!

Keep in mind that your prospective client has spoken to other Holistic Practitioner’s, because in most cases they have.

They’ve been trying to get help for a long time, but no one has broken through the force fields of limiting beliefs that keep them using the same objections to “escape a life-changing transformation.”

Truth: Your prospective coaching clients have heard the SAME “song and dance” over and over again.

It’s like talking to your kids – they become deaf after a while and don’t even hear what you’re saying.

It’s up to us to reach in and get them.

So, if you’re using “coaching” scripts that sound like others, how do YOU stand out and help more people experience transformation?

Just because “coaching “scripts look and sound amazing doesn’t mean that they’re working for every other holistic practitioner and coaching pro out there.

They don’t.

It’s a bit of a diversion tactic that keeps you from facing the elephant in the room: your relationship with money, how well you communicate & whether you feel you deserve to receive more income (to be shared in an upcoming post!)

Mirror-Mirror Coaching Money Objections

Isn’t it interesting that prospective clients biggest objection to coaching is money and your biggest challenge is asking for it?

That’s why I call it mirror-mirror mindset.

So, for instance, when a prospective coaching client says…

  • I don’t have the money
  • I don’t have the time
  • I need to think it over
  • I need to speak to my spouse

…Their words trigger your energy around money, time, lack, and fear. Now there are 2 people resonating with lack.

I have always taught therapists, nurses and coaches on my teams that if you go into the hole with the client, no one is present to help them invest in change.

When you’re carrying low wealth esteem or a state of scarcity within you’ll believe her words at a core level.

Your beliefs and past experiences with overcoming objections sneak into the dialogue when you’re not looking.

Suddenly, your demeanor shifts from ultra-professional holistic coaching practitioner to joining with them in a state of scarcity!

When you struggle with low wealth esteem, coaching objections are total “show stoppers” because their trigger your stuff.

Having low wealth esteem is as close to having a wardrobe malfunction as you may ever get!

There you are all poised to help a prospective coaching client get the help they need, when suddenly you feel exposed and raw. While you may be good at hiding it, clients are like interpersonal detectives.

They KNOW.

When you are experiencing resistance or objections,…it’s because your energy speaks louder than words.

Especially when it comes to asking for and receiving money!

That’s why I offer my signature Money Metamorphosis course as a bonus in my Soul Niche Success Program.

It’s an experiential way to shift your money consciousness on a deep and profound level, so you are in full command of your mindset when discussing money matters.

Unmask Life Coaching Objections & Sign More Clients Today

Instead of relying on a script, I want to encourage you to rely on your own awareness.

  1. Self-Assess: What are my own money objections about?

Use your own awareness to lead you to success in the next “coaching” enrollment session you hold.

Last time, you told someone “you didn’t have the money” what were you holding back from?

Did you sense a barrier that you couldn’t put your finger on? Did your gut tell you something didn’t add up?

That’s what’s happening when you speak with coaching clients.

When you have doubts about investing in something, what would you need to hear and sense in order to feel confident?

When he or she says: “I don’t have the money” ask; “if money weren’t the issue how is this your solution?”

Get them to tell you why your solution is for them.

Coaching Tip: Notice if they mention any “but’s,” because that will give you the clues you need to go back and revisit where you may not have clearly communicated your value.

  1. Create Money Expansiveness

Before you get to the Coaching call, create a space of expansiveness within yourself. Transformation begins before your “coaching” session within you.

Use your best relaxation tools, but take it a step further.

I’d like to share a sample of the full Borrowing Brilliance Meditation I do in my Master The Money Talk Course. It’s a coaching mastery hypnotherapy experience that infuses you with the sacred energy of money.

Use This Mini-Experience:

Imagine Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson and other thought leaders you admire. Now imagine money flowing to them for their good “coaching” and inspirational works.

Next, visualize the money flowing through them and into the world…into the hands of small-town shop-keepers, grocery store clerks, auto dealerships, mortgage lenders, vacation destination employees, and owners.

As the money flows to them, watch as it trickles down into the educational funds to send their children to school and the lives of all those who will be uplifted by the children and into many generations to follow.

Then imagine your favorite thought leaders sharing money with the charities and causes they hold dear…partnering with others money to create change in healthcare, breakthrough discoveries and bringing water and education to families in underdeveloped nations.

Then imagine yourself pulling their energy and light into your mind, heart, and soul so that you are tapped into an expansive state of wealth before you get on the line with a prospective holistic health or coaching client.

Finally: Send a small trickle of energy back to them with gratitude.

Remember: Someone will set the intention in the room.

Many lives are transformed for the better when you transform your mindset around money.

Coaching clients want to partner with holistic and coaching pro’s who exude an energy of abundance

To take your money metamorphosis to the next level, sign up with a professional mentor who can help you tap into your Inner Wealth DNA.

As you can see you’ll not only rock your “coaching” discovery sessions but by allowing more wealth to flow into your life, you’ll also contribute to thousands of lives you’ll never directly see.

  1. Speak to Their Pain

The first step of every budding relationship is rapport and validation.

Many heart-based coaches, holistic pro’s and healers I know want to get past the pain and hurry toward the hope, healing, and solution.

But pain motivates change.

Slow down.

Let them revivify the pain (briefly).

Sell more services.

What folks are dying for more than a solution is to be heard and received – First.

When you’re in good rapport with money, you can listen on a much deeper level and be perceived as a leader who is a trustworthy guide.

Listen in for their powerful emotive words.

Coaching Tip: Notice if they tend to talk in visual, auditory or kinesthetic language. Then match their language when you’re acknowledging what they’ve been up against.

This is a sacred way of entering into their unique world and then inviting them to work with you by looking out on their problem from the same side of the table.

After you hear them say “yes” or see a head nod (your signs that THEY feel understood), then and only then do you shift to the rest of your coaching script

…but this time you’re in full leadership of the coaching session.

Timing is everything, but connecting is everything to the 10th power!

Ready to rock 70% of your holistic and coaching enrollment sessions?

Contact me to learn about Master the Money Talk: The Keys to Signing New Coaching Clients Today.

With Love & Blessings


P.S. What’s your biggest issue around the “money part” of the discovery session? Drop me a note. I’d love to hear what’s happening with you!

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