7 steps to rise above 2015 Facebook rules in your business

How 2015 Facebook Changes Limits Your Impact

7 steps to rise above 2015 Facebook rules in your businessJust when you thought you were getting somewhere managing your Facebook business page, the rules up and changed in 2015. Like or not, the new rules are here to stay and they will impact your bottom line in a big way.

At the end of 2014, Facebook announced that they would begin filtering out promotional posts unless businesses pay to boost or advertise them. As of April 2015, Facebook rules are in full swing.

Many of the health and wellness business owners I work with use Facebook as their “go to” marketing channel. It’s been cheap and easy up until now, they’ve been able to promote their businesses on lean budget consisting of both paid and unpaid promotions.

Now, it’s a pay to play environment and many of the people I support don’t have excess dough to toss into the black hole of Facebook marketing.

You used to be able to do a promotional post from your business timeline without consequences.

Now, you’ll pay with reduced views for your posts and page if you “promote” a paid offer within your Facebook timeline.

Check out the Wall Street Journal’s take on it: facebook-rules-will-sting-entrepreneurs

What does Facebook consider a “promotional” post?

  • Posts that solely push people to buy
  • Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context (Which is a strategy often used to drive traffic to offers!)
  • Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

That’s right. You read that last line right. You can’t re-use copy you use for a Facebook ad in your own timeline! Your copy, but limitations in how you can use it!

Facebook said any business that continues to post promotional content “should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time (Jon Loomer).

Holy smokes.

So, how do “keep” your following on Facebook? You have to pay for ongoing ads.

If you stop the ads, you stop access. Plain and simple.

Having a Facebook following doesn’t meant a whole lot unless you CONVERT those followers to your email list. Anyone can “Like” something but that doesn’t mean they’ll buy.

When you convert visitors onto your own email list, they show a larger commitment to you than just clicking a “like” button.

Want to know how to save money and get the most reach for your buck? Check out the Free Resource Guide Below. Pay close attention to tip #7 on the list. You’ll learn how to blow up your reach without spending a dime.

Facebook is revealing it’s under belly. Now instead of owning your following, you’ll be renting them from Facebook… forever.

Facebook Alternatives

After seeing the aftermath of the changes on budgets and lives, I’m guiding my clients and readers to the best alternatives. You’ll be seeing some posts coming up about how to spread your wings and fly with your marketing dollars. You’ll even get more bang for your buck.

Out of every difficult situation arises an opportunity. Even this roadblock is in perfect order. No coincidences!

The truth?

On Facebook and other social media platforms like it, you don’t own the access. The trend is that you will need to pay to play or “rent access” to your own following.

Using alternatives that drive traffic back to your own real estate is the best way to go.

How Facebook Changes Impact Marketers

Facebook has listed “calls to action” as a red flag and they’ve set their filters to find Facebook business pages that use them in their posts.

If they find them on your page, your reach will drop to 2% at best of your following.

Some of the nutrition and wellness businesses I spoke to in Pittsburgh, PA said the financial impact of these changes will impair their ability to attract more clients.

What Does Facebook Suggest As A Remedy?

The lowest cost option for promoting your business on Facebook, is the “Boosted Post.”

Interestingly, the boosted post is the worst option, because it still keeps your list on Facebook. My mentors have all and continue to build their following on their own email lists, so the Facebook changes won’t impact us much.

Check out what John Loomer says about Facebook Promotional Posts. He gives fantastic examples of how to promote without tripping the Facebook alarm systems.

Looking for ways to survive the changes in Facebook advertising?

Look no further.

What you’re about to learn are real strategies that you can put into action NOW.

7 Steps to Rise Above The Facebook Drama
  1. Identify Your Marketing Budget and Stick To It
    Stick to your marketing budget. Don’t let these major Facebook changes upset your apple cart. You may want to consider how a change in how much you spend on Facebook advertising can be spent in other channels. When the tides shift, if you flex and bend you’ll bring in brand new opportunities.
  2. Diversify Your Holdings
    Don’t rely on just one social media channel. Like momma always says: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” If you do, then Facebook changes put a massive dent in your income AND a big pinch in your wallet to fund the same level of marketing. Instead embrace the opportunity to grow your brand recognition in other ways. Check out what Web Marketing Pro’s says about the changes:

    Facebook’s new algorithm may prove to be a blessing in disguise for marketers. For years, Facebook was the low-hanging fruit for social media marketers. Forcing marketers to use new social media platforms encourages content creators to think of newer and better tactics to reach their target audiences. It also means they will learn to take advantage of the features of other platforms that may be more effective than they previously thought.

  3. Make It All About You
    Make sure you’re using social media to funnel clients back to your own real estate and convert them to your own email list. YOU own your list and nothing that Facebook or other social media giant can take that away from you. It’s too easy to use Facebook built in landing pages and keep your funnel there. Don’t let that happen. Invest in your own real estate and grow you nest egg, because it should be ALL ABOUT YOU!
  4. Use Video To Build Your Marketing Assets
    Create marketing videos to promote your brand online. What you spend on creating professionally crafted video commercials will pay you back in dividends. www.DigitalSherpa.com says that

    Videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74%.

    The more people understand how you can help, the more they buy.

  5. Use The Power of Video To Rapidly Build Your List
    Make sure you use the power of video to create a great feeling about your site. If you’re focus is to drive sign-ups to your list, make sure you have a carefully crafted opt-in video to convert your Facebook visitors once they land. According to www.VideoBrewery.com, your website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product after viewing a video. “SHOW” them why they need to sign up NOW with your own branded video.
  6. Maximize Your Impact and Ranking With ONE Move
    The next type of video to use in your funnel is the “marketing video.” Did you know that a carefully crafted video not only tells your story and builds brand credibility, but a properly optimized YouTube video (even without paying for an ad) can increase your Google rankings? That’s right. YouTube is the second largest search engine and it’s owned by Google. When you post your YouTube video to your channel, if it’s SEO optimized, you can get tons of organic visitors and have your video/business ranked higher in Google results. Want more bang for you time and your buck? Beyond Facebook, lies the incredible power of YouTube.

  1. Choose a Recurring Model of Returns Want more bang for your time and your buck than you get with Facebook? The rule of thumb to live by is: Measure Twice, Cut Once. In marketing, my mantra is: Spend Once and Get Recurring Traffic Over and Over Again . When you choose to invest in the YouTube Community (yes, it is a real community of people as well as a search engine) you spend once and get TARGETED traffic over and over again.

The best part is that money spent on videos doesn’t disappear into the black hole of monthly Facebook marketing. You can of course use video on Facebook, but did you know that if you post that same video, properly optimized on YouTube, your videos can drive traffic to your site for years to come without spending additional dollars if you don’t want to? The best way to achieve this goal in YouTube is to ensure you use YouTube Triad Keywords and a great description that links to high page rank sites. Ask me How We Can Set Up Your One Time Spend-Recurring Traffic Channel Set Up NOW!
To Your Phenomenal Success.