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How to Attract High-End Wellness Customers

high-end-clientsWanting high-paying clients and “being mentally prepared for them” live in two different camps of your brain.

So often wellness experts want to get out of the “trading hours for dollars model,” but find it a hard fence to jump. The “idea” of finding and engaging “high-end” customers seems far fetched when you’re used to getting small book royalties or trying to reduce prices to match what you think people can afford.

The “High-End Vs. What You Know Conflict”

I know the model well. In every career transition I’ve experienced, I’ve come up against the same “high-end” vs. the “stay with what you know” pattern that you’re facing now.

It comes from not knowing what the possibilities are with regard to creating a lower-impact business workout model that produces an even better “high-end” result.

It also comes from the old “two-steps forward and one-step back” dance. When you’re in transition, it’s easy to fall back into limited models of thinking about health, wealth and change. It’s natural as long as you don’t get stuck there.

If you’re too busy to gather yourself in the flurry of activity, it’s easy to get caught up in the “they can’t afford it” mentality and scale down your business vision. Don’t do it.

High-End Customers are Hiding in Plain Sight

Many wellness professionals mistake the affordability complaints from a few as the norm.


When you’re flying by the seat of your pants trying to perform all business roles, you don’t see what’s right in front of you.

The only difference between serving high-end clients and lower paying clients is you.

Your high-end clients are hiding in plain sight.

Here’s why.

The Health and Wellness Industry is a multi-billion dollar business that is sealing the “cracks” in the traditional health care model that’s geared heavily toward treatment vs. prevention.

When you’re faced with a life-disabling health condition, you make changes to be able to afford to pay “high-end,” because your quality of life depends on it.

When I was a low-paid mental health therapist, who was told at age 21 I would be disabled for the rest of my life, I found a way to go “high-end.” But the reality is that the cost of having an “un-fixable” disability (in traditional approaches) to my overall earning power was thousands of times more costly than the “out of pocket” expenses I had.

The reality? Those of us effected by “auto-immune” or “mental health issues” pay a higher price for the traditional health care solutions than we do high-end wellness solutions offered by wellness experts.

Worse, we experience more side-effects with the heavy medication utilization vs. the “lifestyle” intervention approach offered by most wellness experts.

After working in the health and wellness field for almost 3 decades, I learned that the “lower” your price, the more suspicious prospective customers are about the efficacy of your solution.

The truth?

When someone shares they have an illness, in today’s environment, they are bombarded with every possible remedy imaginable from every family member and friend.

The result?

People become “immune” to people “selling oils, herbs, healing services, coaching, chiropractic, etc.”

Time and again, I’ve seen customers tell one practitioner that “they couldn’t afford it” end up paying a much higher price to another wellness expert.

Why does this happen?

Because, the second person charged “high-end” prices, but had better marketing which offered a “system of healing” and provided additional value in the offer.

That’s easier done than you think. If you’ve created a book, program or a protocol, then you just need a helping hand to learn how to position and structure it for better, stronger and faster results.

While you’re focused on creating your health and wellness masterpiece, find a great marketing partner who can help you gain traction in reaching your audience.

High-End Customers Want What You Have

High-end customers want the solution you’re offering. You just need to spell it out in a language resonates with them at the heart level.

Studies have shown us time and again that we make decisions based on emotions, then back up the decisions with logical reasons why we chose as we did.

So what’s the first step to high-end customers?

  • Know that high-end clients come to those who are willing to meet them at their model of the world.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Talk to someone about helping you language your marketing messages so you’re reaching your target clients.
  • High-End clients are hiding in plain sight. Don’t assume high-end client means “wealthy.”
  • High-end clients are motivated for change and are already seeking services.
  • Make sure you have someone on your team to help them find you and value what you offer.

To Your Success,