7 Tips to Easily Attract “Ideal Clients”

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Ideal Clients Come From Putting Your Energy First

What if attracting your ideal clients was incredibly easy?

You know like pouring a glass of water.

What would it feel like to have prospective clients find you and pay higher fees for your transformational work?

In a few moments, you’ll learn 7 keys to attracting “ideal clients” that will pay well for transformational services.

Imagine working ONLY with “ideal client’s” who already value you and your unique expertise?

No convincing or prodding…

…Immediate recognition and rapport when they land on your site or meet you in person.

Ideal Clients Pay Higher Fees

Okay, so now it’s getting good, right?

Ideal clients pay premium fees for your services because they perceive you as a highly credible expert who deeply values their unique struggle.

You get paid higher fees for the same work from clients who can’t wait to learn from you, because you’ve come from the center of your soul in your marketing.

More than traditional training-based credibility, “ideal clients” are looking for connection. They need to know you’ve walked a mile in their shoes and know how to navigate the bumpy transitions from suffering to freedom.

Communicating soul to soul is what builds credibility in their eyes.

“Everyone marketing” is a recipe to attract folks who are in a state of lack and will fight you every step of the way to sign on.

It’s the BIGGEST mistake I see incredibly gifted coaches, energy medicine and holistic practitioners making.

What’s worse is that you may be actually repelling “ideal clients,” because they can’t SEE or HEAR how valuable your services are.

No matter what you say or how you say it, they don’t resonate at your frequency…YET.

Rule of Thumb: If you find yourself leaning toward a prospective client to try to get them to understand why they need what you’ve got, a warning bell should go off.

Don’t let yourself go to that place. It undermines your energy and makes you less attractive to clients.

It’s a terrible way to flush your energy and light down the drain! And I’m standing for your beauty and brilliance!

Your ideal clients are out there.

You just need to trust that everything happens on an energy level first and that learning how to communicate your story is step one.

Ideal Clients Will Boost Your Productivity

The process of getting clear on whom to serve is an “I’m taking care of me first” move.

It’s taking care of you, because you get paid well to work with ideal clients who inspire you to new heights and energize your mission.

Imagine your business as a prosperity producing joy!

Imagine setting your business up to serve you instead of serving it!

Doesn’t that sound luscious?

It is.

Listen to what happened with Karen after participating in the Soul Niche Success System:

Karen had a 45% boost in new clients in just 6 weeks!

As a result, her confidence was up and she recognized that her ideal clients are: 

  • Motivated to do the work between sessions
  • Curious to learn self-care tools
  • Like to use energy medicine and other non-traditional treatments
  • Women who have a history of anxiety resulting from parental trauma
  • Ready to leave the identity of “victim” behind them
  • Clients who ENERGIZE her

When you work with ideal clients, they are thrilled to be working with someone who really gets them.

It’s like getting paid to do what you love…

Narrowing down your ideal clients is the hardest thing for many heart-based Coaches and Energy Medicine Practitioner’s, but it’s the most loving action you can take to support your dreams and your family.

You need to speak the special love language of your “ideal clients” so they’re magnetically drawn to you.

Grateful, motivated high-paying “ideal clients” will seek you out when you know yourself and your unique gifts in this world.

Newsflash: Your gifts aren’t your skills. Your gifts come from what you were born with and what you gathered through overcoming challenging life events.

Consciously Attract Your “Ideal Clients”

What if new ideal clients connected with you simply through the power of your “consciousness” allowing you to have more free time to do what you love?

“Consciousness” sounds like a fuzzy business concept, but it’s the ONE thing that makes a difference in attracting and serving your ideal clients.

“Conscious business”, explains Fred Kofman Author of “Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values, means finding your passion and expressing your essential values through your work.”

Ideal Clients Value What You Value

If you’ve been trying to attract clients – any clients, it’s like trying to flag down an airplane with a tiny penlight.

It’s just not bright enough for anyone to notice.

That’s why step one of my Soul Niche Success System begins with helping you clarify your Mission, Vision & Values in a powerful experiential process.

It amplifies your gifts and sets the stage for your becoming highly aware of “ideal clients” who will to create a movement around your mission.

The clearer you are on your values, what matters most to YOU, the easier it is to get new ideal clients in your coaching practice or healing business.

Every marketing article talks about focusing on your client and speaking their language.

Love that advice IF you’ve already clarified who you are FIRST.

If you aren’t clear on which YOU will lead your marketing, then your messages will “leak” uncertainty and ambivalence. You know what I’m talking about, because you are diversity within!

You are an amazing and talented soul who has a wealth of gifts, but unless you know what makes you ONE of a kind as healer, teacher, coach and energy medicine practitioner, you have a match but no kindling.

That’s why I always teach my clients to honor their “diverse and creative gifts” in particular places in their businesses, so your message is clear and credible in the eyes of those who need you most.

In fact, the easiest way to attract “ideal clients” is by getting conscious of what matters most to you.

Raising your consciousness means getting under the hood and into your inner psychology and into the heart of your mission.

Who are you and what makes you tick?

What did you come here to do?

How can you become financially free through your contributions?

How To Easily Attract Ideal Clients?

  1. Stop marketing to “everyone.” You’re not an “everyone” and you would balk if someone said you were. So stop thinking of prospective clients as “anyone!”

 Stop spending money and time on your website until you get clear on your ideal clients and create marketing messages that laser focus in on their needs.

  1. You have unique gifts that fit like “lock and key” with the clients YOU were born to serve; Your Soul Niche.

 Take the steps to unleash your hidden gifts so you can identify your Soul Niche and take your place in the healing revolution!

Your gifts are the heart of creating a grander impact in the world and freedom to live life on your terms.

  1. Choose to only work with ideal clients who are not only willing to pay you, but who will also enhance & boost your energy.

It’s like getting paid twice and it’s so much fun! When giving and receiving flow, miracles take place in both lives.

  1. Tap into Your Soul Gifts: Look at the situations where you’ve had to overcome traumatic situations in your life.

I have always found that the scars we carry reveal our greatest vulnerabilities as well as our greatest untapped strengths. I call these your Soul Gifts. They are the building blocks of an irresistible online presence and getting paid what you’re worth.

  1. Ask yourself “Who are my favorite clients?” Write a list of them and notice what they have in common. Certain age group, gender, profession, and personality type, line of work.

Use that as part of your screening process. Notice your energy when you think of them. Then think of a client that isn’t ideal for you. What’s different? Knowing what to screen in and out is key to telling the Universe that you’re ready for ideal clients in your life.

  1. Choose To Create Mutuality: Remember when you do “Discovery Sessions,” clients aren’t just interviewing you.

 This is your opportunity to interview for clients who are aligned with what you’re creating in this world – not just for others, but also for you and your family.

Choosing only ideal clients honors you and the prospective client and puts the Universe on notice that you are ready to receive what you’ve been asking for.

  1. Create higher income levels by honoring the speed of spirit: When you compromise to “just get a paying client,” you are stopping the flow of money, because you’re coming from constriction.

You’ll get “there” much faster if you slow down and gather your internal resources. That was my secret to rapidly re-organizing broken businesses into profitable ones.

When your clear on your goal and how you want to roll, you’ll have an easy time attracting high-end ideal clients to work with you.

Trust your inner light and UNIQUE purpose in this world. You have what it takes.

Be aware of chasing 6 & 7 figure promises online and throwing yourself into endless marketing activity without getting your foundation straight first.

Remember who you are and what you know.

There’s no one else like you in this world.

There will never be another soul like you.


You know more than you think you do.

Follow your instincts and your “ideal clients” will follow you.

Love & Light,