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Make Your Marketing Message Connect

The Right Marketing Message Has Them At Hello


How many clients can you bring in with the right marketing message?


Yet, many health coaches, therapists, and holistic health practitioners find it challenging to laser in on marketing message that attract their ideal clients.

Let’s face it. You’re up to your elbows in work and learning to do all this marketing stuff isn’t a cake walk.

But, you can attract more local and online clients by zeroing in on your client’s primary pain and speaking to it…in THEIR language.

Remember the Jerry Maguire movie with Tom Cruise and Renee Zelwegger?

My favorite line other than “you complete me” was “You had me at hello!”

You can have potential clients at “hello,” by getting your marketing message right.

Make Your Marketing Message Speak to Clients YOU Were Born to Serve 

There’s a natural life balance between what has healed within us and who we’re meant to serve. In other words, your work isn’t meant for the whole world, but for people you already deeply understand. I refer to them as your Highly Profitable Soul Niche.

If your “marketing message” is geared to the world or “anyone who has _____ problem,” you won’t be able to attract a steady flow of clients and income in your business. EVER.

That’s exactly what happened to me when I first started online back in 2002.

Just like you, I LOVE helping diverse people.  I had been a therapist and I was used to being ready to help anyone with anything. Those diverse skills work great when you’re serving clients, but it’s the kiss of death when you’re trying to attract clients.

Why? Because your marketing message that appears in your introduction, business cards, website copy, and social media need to be geared to ONE group or you sound generic and disappear in the sea of others who do the same thing.

If you want a profitable business that serves you, it’s important that you target one audience with compelling heart tapping marketing message… or risk not having your business rise to its full potential. 

I believe in Law of Attraction with my whole being and that things are meant to be…but I also firmly believe that sometimes we can use those thoughts to guard us against stepping outside of our comfort zones and doing the WORK.

One of my clients, Sarah is a Health Coach and is also in the essential oils business. Her website list lots of issues she helps with and she has oils for sale. Her site is like a one-stop shop for all kinds of issues so she talks about healing help, addressing your vulnerabilities, overcoming trauma, anxiety, relationship issues etc.

Her marketing message: She shifted her marketing message to suit whomever she was with thinking it would help her land new clients. As a result, her marketing message was vague and general.

She said she wished she had more leads and was sick of networking because she could hardly get anyone interested or if they were they didn’t want to pay!

I took a breath as I listened to her on the phone remembering my own experience with “shape-shifting.” It’s where you bend your marketing message and wing it instead of coming from the core of your inner genius. 

Make Your Marketing Messages Connect 

So think about this.

The clients you want to contact you are on an emotional roller coaster ride.

While we as nurses, therapists & health coaches see the interconnectedness of many illnesses and issues, clients see their issue as entirely UNIQUE.

We talk “wellness, healing, transformation, energy etc.” but clients don’t emotionally connect to “practitioner speak.”

To attract new clients…meet them at their model of the world and speak as they speak

They think in very specific terms called ‘keywords’ and they use those to search for help online.

Too often generous hearted health coaches, therapists, and nurses use a very large and expansive marketing message.

Most of my clients start off by saying: I want to help awaken others who are limiting themselves or not getting well in traditional health systems or speak about healing and wellness in general.


Clients who are seeking help and willing to pay for it don’t go to Google and type in: “help me stop limiting myself, get well, heal my life.

They go to Google and say: “Reduce, Stop, Treat, Resolve…. Then they add their problem: arthritis, anxiety, financial crisis, depression, fibromyalgia, weight gain, diabetes, etc.”

To get lots of attention and interest in your services, you need to give listener’s or site visitors something to sink their teeth into with targeted marketing messages that light up THEIR radar.

Its all about connecting heart to heart by using their words and search terms.

For example: “I help people learn how to naturally relieve pain.”

Now that’s somewhat specific.

But I can tell you a secret to achieving expert status in your niche. Want to know what it is?

Identify ONE specific audience & create your marketing message to address their area of greatest vulnerability. When you connect your skills and your gifts it’s easy to find your Soul Niche Audience and finally create the life and business of your dreams.

Joan was stunned because she thought zeroing in would lessen her exposure to clients.

So, after some fun playing with a variety of people and possibilities, she got real clarity on her direction. Once we got deeper into her sacred gifts it became clear to her that she deeply understood the challenges of moms who were running businesses from home.

Sarah’s message now says: I help busy mompreneurs relieve back pain without the mind-dulling side effects of drugs!

After she redesigned her marketing messages and started sharing them, people were immediately drawn to her everywhere she went.

I remember the first time it happened, she emailed me and said “Oh my goodness, this was easier than I thought. I feel like I have an identity that people can understand now. I have referrals and new clients reaching out to me from ONE networking event and people contacting me through my site. Now I see they didn’t understand my expertise before – heck I didn’t even understand it!”

If you would like to know how to change more lives by zeroing your expertise & marketing messages…


I would feel honored to help you discover your ultimate marketing message, so you can sign up the clients you were born to serve!


Darlene Karpaski

Founder & CEO Wellness Marketing Warriors, LLC

Make This Year Your Health Coaching Practice Success Story

Holistic Healing - Wellness Marketing Warriors

If there were ever a pivotal time to start thinking BIG about your nurse coaching or health coaching practice, it’s 2019.

There’s sparkle and energy lighting up 2019 like I’ve never seen before and you deserve to get in on it.

It’s your turn to achieve the financial success you deserve for the transformational work you do!

The power of thinking big is what you teach your clients and now it’s your turn.

It is always easier when we’re giving, isn’t it?

If you’re open to experiencing a greater impact & income, I’m going to share some powerful medicine. Medicine that I learned through my own business journey.

Receiving is a space most health and wellness coaches struggle with…especially when it comes to money.

Like the stories that follow, there’s a healing metamorphosis in store for you if you open your heart and mind to it.


Pillar #1: Leave “Employee” Mindset Out of Your Health Coaching Practice

You’ve already “done struggle” and you know where that fork in the road leads…

  • High stress
  • Little recognition
  • Long hours
  • And poor wages

Yuck, that sounds more like the J-O-B you left (or want to leave) than the happy health coaching practice you imagined, doesn’t it?

Habits we carry from “employee land” have a way of sinking your practice like a rock sinks to the bottom of the pond.

When I transitioned out of a Director position in the mental health industry into my own business, I unintentionally recreated a “work yourself to the bone” kind of business. Successful yes, but I felt the same emotional stress as if I were still in system!

What was the common denominator? ME and my mindset!

Maries Story

Marie is a Nurse/Energy Medicine Practitioner with a heart of gold. She has a practice that’s linked up with some other holistic healing pros in a shared office space.

She called me after one of my clients said she should get in touch with me.

We were 10 minutes into her free Income & Impact Breakthrough consultation when it became clear that she too had carried the employee mindset into her health coaching practice.

She used words like “not enough time, not enough clients, and not enough money, in spite of all of her efforts.”

Maybe you’re feeling the same way in your business, too? If so, there is HOPE.

And this is part of the rite of passage into a highly profitable practice. The INNER TRANSITION is key to leaving the spirit-crushing healthcare system behind.

One of the most important things you can do is to start to say “no” to doing things that don’t empower you to move forward.


Employees Are Afraid to Miss Opportunities That May Lead to A Big Break

Successful Wellness Entrepreneurs Flex Their “No” Muscles


Warren Buffet said, “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” Read more about the entrepreneurial mindset in this great article: 8 Differences Between Employees & Entrepreneurs.

Marie didn’t realize that having a business requires a shift in thinking. Like Marie, you’re finally in charge of your business culture, so now’s the time to make it nice for yourself!

Laser focus your energy on what matters most in your health coaching practice and watch the magic unfold.

What matters most?

Attracting & enrolling clients!

Client attraction is the heartbeat of your business.

Follow in Marie’s footsteps. Call your spirit back from people, places and things that don’t bring high-paying clients into your business.

You deserve to create a business that creates inner wellness as well as outer wealth.


Pillar #2: Could Your Relationship With Money Be Your Ultimate Partner in your Health Coaching Practice?

You know money gets a bad rap.

It’s one of the most abused things on the planet.

“Dirty, filthy, evil.”

Imagine if you said that to a human being.

Would they want to come closer or get as far away from you as they can?

Since everything is energy, money is a life form in its own way.

Just like your family, you form a relationship with it from an early age. That influences how you roll with money.

Carol is a former respiratory therapist worker turned voice coach. When I first met her, I heard her speaking about how much she worked and how little she had to show for it. In the next breath, she’d say “that’s okay. I’m not in it for the money anyway. I love what I do.”

In one breath she jumped into 2 totally different emotional states. One of wanting more and the next dialing herself back in.

I’ve seen more of my clients struggle with this than anything else.

We carry serious money baggage and it affects how many clients your health coaching practice attracts and how much money you make.

Remember: Your relationship with money precedes you into every client conversation.

As healers, we promote forgiveness and transformation for others, right?

Imagine what you would unleash in your life if you decided to heal your “broken money relationship”.

What are the possibilities that money is eager to receive the healing transformation you offer others?

Starting Now: Choose to create a new empowering relationship with money.

Take a moment and look around and give thanks for what this flat green piece of paper can make happen in your life and in the lives of those you love.

Isn’t it interesting that potential clients biggest objection is about spending money and your biggest hurdle is asking for it?

I call it mirror-mirror mindset, because you attract the people and circumstances into your health coaching practice that mirror your beliefs about health, wealth and happiness.

You see, Carol was only charging $597 for 12 one on one voice-coaching sessions!

Way too low, but her Low Wealth Esteem would rear its head every time she went to up-level prices.

After she went through the guided Money Metamorphosis hypnotherapy method in my Soul Niche Success System, she had an awakening.

She said: “I’m not valuing my time. I’m not valuing me.”

That’s powerful and it’s a right of passage for all women. We don’t need to prove that we care by short-changing ourselves financially.

From 2019 forward, let’s retire the soul-crushing mantra: “I’m not in it for the money.”

Are you with me?

In “10 Mantra’s To Help You Heal Your Relationship with Money,” Meadow Devor shares a powerful message:

“Being paid hurts no one.”

“Many of us carry a burden of shame when it comes to wanting to be compensated. No one knows this more than entrepreneurs, especially those in the wellness industry. I work with so many life coaches, yoga teachers and spiritual mentors that offer enormous value to their students, yet chronically under-charge for their services. We all deserve to be paid. We all deserve to be compensated for our efforts, our knowledge and for our talents. When we see the exchange of money as simply a neutral exchange of energy, we can see that being paid is a win-win. Our clients, customers, students and employers receive our services and products and we receive the reciprocal energetic value in the form of money.”


PILLAR #3: The Zen of a Health Coaching Practice 

Commit to doing what works even if you don’t know what that is yet. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll die an unlived life…

…never realizing your full potential.

Learning effective methods of getting clients and packaging your services in a way that commands higher prices points.

Most nurses & health coaching pro’s market their coaching services instead of high-end packages designed to deliver premium results.

Selling services leaves you looking like a “jack of all trades” instead of the incredible authority you are.

Highly motivated high-paying clients are paying other health coaching practices 2-4 x more than they pay you for similar services…

…Because your work isn’t packaged in a way that positions you as an authority.


I know.

Been there. Drank the Kool-Aid and felt like a loser.

As long as you are trying to serve everyone you can’t help but “sell your services” by the hour or small packages because you are trying to be all things to all people.

It would be like going to a general practitioner for heart surgery. Doesn’t work that way.

That’s why so many amazing wellness entrepreneurs list all their services and prices on their site. I sure did back in 2002 when I was promoting my life coaching service. Back then I thought clients knew what they wanted and would “see” the value.


Listing prices on your site is like rushing prospective clients to the “sales altar” too soon.

Think about it.

Eyes just met across the room and instead of inviting him or her to coffee, you make a marriage proposal on the spot.

Can you say: “RUN?”

Too soon in the relationship!

Early on I thought clients knew what they wanted and would “see” the value in my pricing. They didn’t and in fact would balk at already low prices.

Rule of Thumb: Meet prospective clients at their model of the world, by specializing in one niche market in your health coaching practice.

Didn’t matter that I always trained my Therapist, Nurse and Coaching teams to meet clients from within the client worldview. When I went online I didn’t realize that I wasn’t honoring this sacred way of working with others. It was invisible to me, because I was juggling so many things at once.

I thought my loving and healing words and energy and passion would be enough, but in fact, they didn’t that at all because they were jumping off my site in a flash to find one that spoke to their unique issues.

When you commit to doing relationship first marketing instead of selling too soon, you’ll find motivated clients commit to paying you the high-end fees they pay others.

I know it will take a little shift in thinking and a shift in what you do, but isn’t that what you ask your clients to do every day?

Whatever you do: Choose to Live the Life That’s Dying to Get Out!

The world needs your gifts on an even grander scale!


To sum it all up:

  1. Don’t carry Employee Energy into your health coaching practice. Create your business to support your own wellness and rhythm first or you’ll never get “there.”
  1. Make money your holistic healing partner. Use your healing tools on your relationship with money to create a sign up in your next enrollment session.
  1. Stop marketing general services and start specializing in a solution for one group of people who are motivated to get help.


Check out my next article for more ways to create an income shift.

Create Your Big Income Shift

You’ll discover what a woman astronaut has to do with growing your health coaching practice income in 2019!


Love & Blessings


3 Profound Mindset Tips to Kick Coaching Objections to the Curb

Use Coaching Objections As Gateways to New Clients

 You don’t have to keep walking into discovery sessions with your “energetic pants” down because you HATE coaching objections…especially the ones about money!


Coaching objections are the threshold between you and your next holistic coaching client…

…when you know how to navigate them.

While there’s a lot of technical information out there related to meeting or overcoming objections, I’d like you to consider a path that’s helped me and my clients average a 60-70% sign up rate.

I’ve found that overcoming coaching objections in your holistic coaching practice is more like a dance of energy…between you and your prospective client.

After all, helping a potential client break through their force fields of limiting beliefs is both art and science.

The Biggest Problem in Your Holistic or Coaching Business?

It’s not about getting enough traffic to your site, but that definitely helps!

Why is there such an epidemic of clients not signing on with you?

First of all, trying to convince people to work with you sucks the life right out of you, doesn’t it?

Convincing comes from following the herd and relying on the script to convert a coaching prospect into a paying client. A script is a great tool, but your energy will precede you into every conversation.

The # 1 problem in your holistic and coaching business is copycatting what everyone else is doing when it comes to “coaching” enrollment sessions.

Don’t Resort to Being a Coaching Clone

It’s easy to fall into doing what everyone else is doing when it comes to signing up prospective clients.

Break that habit now.

Tools and scripts are important but where YOU come from matters most.

Trust yourself!

The last few years, coaches have been coming to me discussing how hard it is to enroll new clients, even when they’re using “proven” scripts.

Sales and enrollment scripts are all the rage, because they help guide you.

Scripts are supposed to strengthen your confidence and give you structure in your coaching enrollment sessions.

And they do.

But have you ever wondered how many other coaches are using the SAME coaching scripts or relying on their own savvy to sign clients?


I know.

Copycatting Syndrome Can Cost You Health Coaching Clients

LOTS of clients.

It’s bad enough that enrollment sessions are stress wracked to begin with, let alone the thought of looking & sounding like everyone else they’ve talked to!

Keep in mind that your prospective client has spoken to other Holistic Practitioner’s, because in most cases they have.

They’ve been trying to get help for a long time, but no one has broken through the force fields of limiting beliefs that keep them using the same objections to “escape a life-changing transformation.”

Truth: Your prospective coaching clients have heard the SAME “song and dance” over and over again.

It’s like talking to your kids – they become deaf after a while and don’t even hear what you’re saying.

It’s up to us to reach in and get them.

So, if you’re using “coaching” scripts that sound like others, how do YOU stand out and help more people experience transformation?

Just because “coaching “scripts look and sound amazing doesn’t mean that they’re working for every other holistic practitioner and coaching pro out there.

They don’t.

It’s a bit of a diversion tactic that keeps you from facing the elephant in the room: your relationship with money, how well you communicate & whether you feel you deserve to receive more income (to be shared in an upcoming post!)

Mirror-Mirror Coaching Money Objections

Isn’t it interesting that prospective clients biggest objection to coaching is money and your biggest challenge is asking for it?

That’s why I call it mirror-mirror mindset.

So, for instance, when a prospective coaching client says…

  • I don’t have the money
  • I don’t have the time
  • I need to think it over
  • I need to speak to my spouse

…Their words trigger your energy around money, time, lack, and fear. Now there are 2 people resonating with lack.

I have always taught therapists, nurses and coaches on my teams that if you go into the hole with the client, no one is present to help them invest in change.

When you’re carrying low wealth esteem or a state of scarcity within you’ll believe her words at a core level.

Your beliefs and past experiences with overcoming objections sneak into the dialogue when you’re not looking.

Suddenly, your demeanor shifts from ultra-professional holistic coaching practitioner to joining with them in a state of scarcity!

When you struggle with low wealth esteem, coaching objections are total “show stoppers” because their trigger your stuff.

Having low wealth esteem is as close to having a wardrobe malfunction as you may ever get!

There you are all poised to help a prospective coaching client get the help they need, when suddenly you feel exposed and raw. While you may be good at hiding it, clients are like interpersonal detectives.

They KNOW.

When you are experiencing resistance or objections,…it’s because your energy speaks louder than words.

Especially when it comes to asking for and receiving money!

That’s why I offer my signature Money Metamorphosis course as a bonus in my Soul Niche Success Program.

It’s an experiential way to shift your money consciousness on a deep and profound level, so you are in full command of your mindset when discussing money matters.

Unmask Life Coaching Objections & Sign More Clients Today

Instead of relying on a script, I want to encourage you to rely on your own awareness.

  1. Self-Assess: What are my own money objections about?

Use your own awareness to lead you to success in the next “coaching” enrollment session you hold.

Last time, you told someone “you didn’t have the money” what were you holding back from?

Did you sense a barrier that you couldn’t put your finger on? Did your gut tell you something didn’t add up?

That’s what’s happening when you speak with coaching clients.

When you have doubts about investing in something, what would you need to hear and sense in order to feel confident?

When he or she says: “I don’t have the money” ask; “if money weren’t the issue how is this your solution?”

Get them to tell you why your solution is for them.

Coaching Tip: Notice if they mention any “but’s,” because that will give you the clues you need to go back and revisit where you may not have clearly communicated your value.

  1. Create Money Expansiveness

Before you get to the Coaching call, create a space of expansiveness within yourself. Transformation begins before your “coaching” session within you.

Use your best relaxation tools, but take it a step further.

I’d like to share a sample of the full Borrowing Brilliance Meditation I do in my Master The Money Talk Course. It’s a coaching mastery hypnotherapy experience that infuses you with the sacred energy of money.

Use This Mini-Experience:

Imagine Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson and other thought leaders you admire. Now imagine money flowing to them for their good “coaching” and inspirational works.

Next, visualize the money flowing through them and into the world…into the hands of small-town shop-keepers, grocery store clerks, auto dealerships, mortgage lenders, vacation destination employees, and owners.

As the money flows to them, watch as it trickles down into the educational funds to send their children to school and the lives of all those who will be uplifted by the children and into many generations to follow.

Then imagine your favorite thought leaders sharing money with the charities and causes they hold dear…partnering with others money to create change in healthcare, breakthrough discoveries and bringing water and education to families in underdeveloped nations.

Then imagine yourself pulling their energy and light into your mind, heart, and soul so that you are tapped into an expansive state of wealth before you get on the line with a prospective holistic health or coaching client.

Finally: Send a small trickle of energy back to them with gratitude.

Remember: Someone will set the intention in the room.

Many lives are transformed for the better when you transform your mindset around money.

Coaching clients want to partner with holistic and coaching pro’s who exude an energy of abundance

To take your money metamorphosis to the next level, sign up with a professional mentor who can help you tap into your Inner Wealth DNA.

As you can see you’ll not only rock your “coaching” discovery sessions but by allowing more wealth to flow into your life, you’ll also contribute to thousands of lives you’ll never directly see.

  1. Speak to Their Pain

The first step of every budding relationship is rapport and validation.

Many heart-based coaches, holistic pro’s and healers I know want to get past the pain and hurry toward the hope, healing, and solution.

But pain motivates change.

Slow down.

Let them revivify the pain (briefly).

Sell more services.

What folks are dying for more than a solution is to be heard and received – First.

When you’re in good rapport with money, you can listen on a much deeper level and be perceived as a leader who is a trustworthy guide.

Listen in for their powerful emotive words.

Coaching Tip: Notice if they tend to talk in visual, auditory or kinesthetic language. Then match their language when you’re acknowledging what they’ve been up against.

This is a sacred way of entering into their unique world and then inviting them to work with you by looking out on their problem from the same side of the table.

After you hear them say “yes” or see a head nod (your signs that THEY feel understood), then and only then do you shift to the rest of your coaching script

…but this time you’re in full leadership of the coaching session.

Timing is everything, but connecting is everything to the 10th power!

Ready to rock 70% of your holistic and coaching enrollment sessions?

Contact me to learn about Master the Money Talk: The Keys to Signing New Coaching Clients Today.

With Love & Blessings


P.S. What’s your biggest issue around the “money part” of the discovery session? Drop me a note. I’d love to hear what’s happening with you!

P.P.S Stop by Facebook for inspiration and more business breakthrough coaching.

7 Tips to Easily Attract “Ideal Clients”

Ideal Client - Wellness Marketing Warriors

Ideal Clients Come From Putting Your Energy First

What if attracting your ideal clients was incredibly easy?

You know like pouring a glass of water.

What would it feel like to have prospective clients find you and pay higher fees for your transformational work?

In a few moments, you’ll learn 7 keys to attracting “ideal clients” that will pay well for transformational services.

Imagine working ONLY with “ideal client’s” who already value you and your unique expertise?

No convincing or prodding…

…Immediate recognition and rapport when they land on your site or meet you in person.

Ideal Clients Pay Higher Fees

Okay, so now it’s getting good, right?

Ideal clients pay premium fees for your services because they perceive you as a highly credible expert who deeply values their unique struggle.

You get paid higher fees for the same work from clients who can’t wait to learn from you, because you’ve come from the center of your soul in your marketing.

More than traditional training-based credibility, “ideal clients” are looking for connection. They need to know you’ve walked a mile in their shoes and know how to navigate the bumpy transitions from suffering to freedom.

Communicating soul to soul is what builds credibility in their eyes.

“Everyone marketing” is a recipe to attract folks who are in a state of lack and will fight you every step of the way to sign on.

It’s the BIGGEST mistake I see incredibly gifted coaches, energy medicine and holistic practitioners making.

What’s worse is that you may be actually repelling “ideal clients,” because they can’t SEE or HEAR how valuable your services are.

No matter what you say or how you say it, they don’t resonate at your frequency…YET.

Rule of Thumb: If you find yourself leaning toward a prospective client to try to get them to understand why they need what you’ve got, a warning bell should go off.

Don’t let yourself go to that place. It undermines your energy and makes you less attractive to clients.

It’s a terrible way to flush your energy and light down the drain! And I’m standing for your beauty and brilliance!

Your ideal clients are out there.

You just need to trust that everything happens on an energy level first and that learning how to communicate your story is step one.

Ideal Clients Will Boost Your Productivity

The process of getting clear on whom to serve is an “I’m taking care of me first” move.

It’s taking care of you, because you get paid well to work with ideal clients who inspire you to new heights and energize your mission.

Imagine your business as a prosperity producing joy!

Imagine setting your business up to serve you instead of serving it!

Doesn’t that sound luscious?

It is.

Listen to what happened with Karen after participating in the Soul Niche Success System:

Karen had a 45% boost in new clients in just 6 weeks!

As a result, her confidence was up and she recognized that her ideal clients are: 

  • Motivated to do the work between sessions
  • Curious to learn self-care tools
  • Like to use energy medicine and other non-traditional treatments
  • Women who have a history of anxiety resulting from parental trauma
  • Ready to leave the identity of “victim” behind them
  • Clients who ENERGIZE her

When you work with ideal clients, they are thrilled to be working with someone who really gets them.

It’s like getting paid to do what you love…

Narrowing down your ideal clients is the hardest thing for many heart-based Coaches and Energy Medicine Practitioner’s, but it’s the most loving action you can take to support your dreams and your family.

You need to speak the special love language of your “ideal clients” so they’re magnetically drawn to you.

Grateful, motivated high-paying “ideal clients” will seek you out when you know yourself and your unique gifts in this world.

Newsflash: Your gifts aren’t your skills. Your gifts come from what you were born with and what you gathered through overcoming challenging life events.

Consciously Attract Your “Ideal Clients”

What if new ideal clients connected with you simply through the power of your “consciousness” allowing you to have more free time to do what you love?

“Consciousness” sounds like a fuzzy business concept, but it’s the ONE thing that makes a difference in attracting and serving your ideal clients.

“Conscious business”, explains Fred Kofman Author of “Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values, means finding your passion and expressing your essential values through your work.”

Ideal Clients Value What You Value

If you’ve been trying to attract clients – any clients, it’s like trying to flag down an airplane with a tiny penlight.

It’s just not bright enough for anyone to notice.

That’s why step one of my Soul Niche Success System begins with helping you clarify your Mission, Vision & Values in a powerful experiential process.

It amplifies your gifts and sets the stage for your becoming highly aware of “ideal clients” who will to create a movement around your mission.

The clearer you are on your values, what matters most to YOU, the easier it is to get new ideal clients in your coaching practice or healing business.

Every marketing article talks about focusing on your client and speaking their language.

Love that advice IF you’ve already clarified who you are FIRST.

If you aren’t clear on which YOU will lead your marketing, then your messages will “leak” uncertainty and ambivalence. You know what I’m talking about, because you are diversity within!

You are an amazing and talented soul who has a wealth of gifts, but unless you know what makes you ONE of a kind as healer, teacher, coach and energy medicine practitioner, you have a match but no kindling.

That’s why I always teach my clients to honor their “diverse and creative gifts” in particular places in their businesses, so your message is clear and credible in the eyes of those who need you most.

In fact, the easiest way to attract “ideal clients” is by getting conscious of what matters most to you.

Raising your consciousness means getting under the hood and into your inner psychology and into the heart of your mission.

Who are you and what makes you tick?

What did you come here to do?

How can you become financially free through your contributions?

How To Easily Attract Ideal Clients?

  1. Stop marketing to “everyone.” You’re not an “everyone” and you would balk if someone said you were. So stop thinking of prospective clients as “anyone!”

 Stop spending money and time on your website until you get clear on your ideal clients and create marketing messages that laser focus in on their needs.

  1. You have unique gifts that fit like “lock and key” with the clients YOU were born to serve; Your Soul Niche.

 Take the steps to unleash your hidden gifts so you can identify your Soul Niche and take your place in the healing revolution!

Your gifts are the heart of creating a grander impact in the world and freedom to live life on your terms.

  1. Choose to only work with ideal clients who are not only willing to pay you, but who will also enhance & boost your energy.

It’s like getting paid twice and it’s so much fun! When giving and receiving flow, miracles take place in both lives.

  1. Tap into Your Soul Gifts: Look at the situations where you’ve had to overcome traumatic situations in your life.

I have always found that the scars we carry reveal our greatest vulnerabilities as well as our greatest untapped strengths. I call these your Soul Gifts. They are the building blocks of an irresistible online presence and getting paid what you’re worth.

  1. Ask yourself “Who are my favorite clients?” Write a list of them and notice what they have in common. Certain age group, gender, profession, and personality type, line of work.

Use that as part of your screening process. Notice your energy when you think of them. Then think of a client that isn’t ideal for you. What’s different? Knowing what to screen in and out is key to telling the Universe that you’re ready for ideal clients in your life.

  1. Choose To Create Mutuality: Remember when you do “Discovery Sessions,” clients aren’t just interviewing you.

 This is your opportunity to interview for clients who are aligned with what you’re creating in this world – not just for others, but also for you and your family.

Choosing only ideal clients honors you and the prospective client and puts the Universe on notice that you are ready to receive what you’ve been asking for.

  1. Create higher income levels by honoring the speed of spirit: When you compromise to “just get a paying client,” you are stopping the flow of money, because you’re coming from constriction.

You’ll get “there” much faster if you slow down and gather your internal resources. That was my secret to rapidly re-organizing broken businesses into profitable ones.

When your clear on your goal and how you want to roll, you’ll have an easy time attracting high-end ideal clients to work with you.

Trust your inner light and UNIQUE purpose in this world. You have what it takes.

Be aware of chasing 6 & 7 figure promises online and throwing yourself into endless marketing activity without getting your foundation straight first.

Remember who you are and what you know.

There’s no one else like you in this world.

There will never be another soul like you.


You know more than you think you do.

Follow your instincts and your “ideal clients” will follow you.

Love & Light,


Set the Stage For Client Attraction In Your Holistic Healing Business

Is Marketing Your “Holistic Healing” Business Driving You Crazy?

If trying to market your “Holistic Healing” or wellness coaching business is driving you up a wall, join the club.
Agitated woman with laptopAt this very moment, hundreds of thousands of “holistic healing” pro’s, holistic practitioners and healing pros are pulling their hair out wondering what’s wrong.

In a moment you’re going to learn the Movie Model for Getting holistic healing clients, but first let’s look underneath the hood of this issue.

How Do You Get Your Holistic Healing Business on The Map?

By choosing to attract your Soul Niche: the people YOU were born to serve…

…Instead of pursuing the ever elusive “everyone!”

You know you have a sacred life purpose – it’s always whispering in your ear or waking up with you before you start your day, but how much energy have you spent letting that part of you emerge in your life let alone your marketing?

Success comes from creating…

…Actually re-creating you through the opportunities hidden in the midst of your business barriers.

Yes, even business barriers are gifts in disguise!

“Why can’t I get more clients and money flowing into my  “holistic healing” business?

I’ve got skills.

I’ve got passion.

I’m well trained and I have legitimate credentials.

So, where are MY holistic healing clients?

What am I missing?

Take Your Life Back From Tweaking Your Holistic Healing Site



That’s what I used to do in my first few years striving to provide “holistic healing” services.

Tweak to the tenth power and still few clients came!

I spent my life blazing trails through emotional and physical roadblocks and restoring broken businesses to health and profitability, but nothing prepared me for the online world.

Just like every other holistic healing professional struggling to make it happen with traditional marketing programs…

…I know you’re asking yourself:

  • Maybe I need to write more?
  • Maybe I need to add different images.
  • Maybe I need to create a new service or get more training.
  • STOP!

So much misinformation is out there about getting healing and holistic healing clients and it confuses some of the most talented folks I know.

We are sensitive and conscious souls that don’t thrive with conventional advice.

We march to the beat of a different drummer and need something that resonates with our sacred purpose and belief in the interconnectedness of life.

Bottom line: Your holistic healing website copy is one of the last pieces of the marketing puzzle.

It’s what to do after you’ve identified your Soul Niche: the clients YOU were born to serve and then wrapped your gifts and services into a cohesive client attraction campaign.

Otherwise, the few clients who do find you by chance won’t be motivated to connect.

In their eyes…No one’s home.

They haven’t seen what they needed.

They land.

They scan your site.

They leave.


While marketing your coaching business is important, it’s the wrong thing to do…

…At this stage of your process.

My mantra: Stop marketing and start creating relationships with people you’re meant to serve in your “holistic healing” business.

It comes down to setting the stage for visitors to stop surfing and start connecting heart to heart with you and what you offer by learning to speak their unique online language.

But that’s the real question, isn’t it?

Who are your holistic healing clients exactly?

And which version of you will show up to serve!

Most life coaches and holistic healing pros are incredibly inclusive and try to work with everyone in their coaching businesses, but that leaves you invisible in circles where prospective clients are searching for solutions.

Marketing before getting your holistic healing niche and message straight is like trying to shoot a movie before you have the plot, script and set in place.

It’s a recipe for losing at the box office.

Don’t worry.

We all flown by the seat of our pants and landed up in “never, never land.”

To be a Holistic Healing Star, you’ve got to create the right movie part or you just end up looking like Hazel on the Brady Bunch when you’re meant to be Jennifer Beals in Flashdance!

Don’t look like and sound like every other coach or “holistic healing” pro out there. You’re not.

You’re one of a kind and its time for you to step up and claim it.

Use the Movie Model To Put Your Holistic Healing Service On The Map




Honor this sacred order and poof motivated holistic “healing clients” will not only find you, but be inspired to work with you.

Lights: Illuminate your mission, your vision, your soul gifts and inspiring story.

Never forget YOU are the light. Remember, all great brands know that people don’t buy services; they buy WHY you do it. Take the time to sort through the amazing life stories you’ve gathered and learn how to use one of them to build a brand that makes your business one of a kind.

Camera: Learn which holistic healing or coaching clients you are wired to serve and zoom in on learning their unique language (hint: keywords), burning needs and wrap your marketing around them. That way they can find you online and feel deeply understood when they do.

Action: Go get em! Now you’ve got clarity, credibility and cohesiveness. Now you can drive targeted prospects to your holistic healing website by speaking their language and using their search words to educate them on why they have their problem and how your solution is a great fit.

So, if you’re just getting started as a coaching or “holistic healing” professional or you’ve been at it a while and you haven’t gotten YOUR movie on the big screen, one thing is for sure:

You have a distinct and sacred purpose in life.

You have the tools to help your clients take their lives back from physical, emotional or spiritual distress.

That’s what you were born to do.

Let’s help prospective clients immediately recognize your shiny star power as the solution they’ve been searching for.

Learn how to transform more lives in your holistic healing business by discovering your Soul Niche.

Connect with me today!

To YOUR Sacred Purpose,