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Use Relationship Marketing To Ignite Your Wellness Coaching Business

Business woman using wellness coaching techniqueIt’s Time to Overcome Your Wellness Coaching Business Barriers

Wellness coaching begins with understanding the psychology of the decisional ambivalence prospective clients struggle with…

… and ends with you taking action to educate and inform prospective clients in bite sized pieces. Just like you’re on a journey to build your coaching business, your clients need cohesive step-by-step approach to built in trust in you and your offers.

You can attract more prospects and sign more clients in your wellness coaching business when you put psychology and relationships first.

If you’re like most of the health and wellness coaches I’ve worked with over the years, you’re passionate about helping those who desperately need powerful “wellness coaching” solutions.

You would think that the fact that you may have expertise and credentials would inspire them to choose wellness coaching, but research shows the struggle goes much deeper than that.

It’s an interesting pattern I’ve seen in the “wellness coaching” industry for years.

You would think that everyone suffering with anxiety, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, diabetes, weight gain etc. would want to feel better, right?

They do, but gaining entrance into their sacred world is both art and science.

Why Fear Prevents Clients From Choosing “Wellness Coaching”

You would be mistaken if you think they don’t want help.

That’s what your mind tells you when you get tired of working really hard on your business, working a job and caregiving for many.

I get you on a deep level.

When you’ve done everything you know…it takes a bite out of your reserves.

Reality: Clients want to have healthier bodies, minds and spirits, but they have been struggling with the emotional toll of chronic illness and likely depression.

After struggling long-term, they are very hesitant to disturb what little balance they’ve established in their lives. That’s why your wellness coaching strategy might not be breaking through.

That was my story when I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome among other health issues.

I desperately wanted help, but worried that there would be negative consequences that I couldn’t ever right again. I didn’t want to be disabled again.

Not everyone has a crazy mother to drive them crazy enough to find a way,  like I did (blessings hidden in the bullcrap!).

It takes a ton of energy to keep going when you’ve been coping with chronic illness, so your client attraction methods need to come in through the back door rather than trying to convince them from your services page or in a short networking visit. 

So, whilewellness coaching solutions might make sense to them, they’re afraid of “rocking the boat,” so they leave and keep looking instead of landing and starting their holistic recovery with you.

Working with doctors & chiropractors to bring in traffic and in my years as a leader in the field of Psychology, I’m keenly aware that most prospective clients aren’t even aware of what causes their suffering.

They’ve been sold on medicating symptoms instead of addressing root causes for decades.

That’s why ‘how and when’ you communicate your wellness coaching offerings has to overcome their unconscious training one message at a time – see below.

Address Underlying Fears To Build Wellness Coaching Credibility

While the right information can be helpful in raising awareness, it doesn’t get up and under the hood of long-term habits.

It takes a different tack to wake prospective clients out of their trances and get them on board with necessary lifestyle changes.

That’s why it’s important to understand Stages of Change from Psychology and how they inform the Buyer’s Journey. In short, new clients seeking services are in the awareness stage of change, so you need to be careful to pace and stage your wellness coaching messages to match their stage of readiness in your marketing campaign.

Simply put:

Prospective clients won’t choose “wellness coaching” as a solution until you address the inner psychology that controls their ability to consider an alternative.

Honor their natural decision-making process, so they’re first motivated on the idea of very simple change BEFORE being introduced to higher end “wellness coaching” solutions.

How do you honor their natural decision-making process, and gain wellness coaching clients in the process?


Remove prices and services from your wellness coaching website and create a simple relationship marketing campaign.

I know – I really said that, but it will make sense in a moment.

Slow Down & Gain More Interest In Your Holistic Approaches To Health 

So what can you do instead of listing services on your wellness coaching website?

After all, you’ve got coaching solutions and your coaching website is where the rubber meets the road.

However, think about going on a first date and telling a prospective boyfriend or girlfriend EVERYTHING you have to offer up front.

No mystery.

No curiosity evoked.

In fact, whoa, right?

No second date.

That’s what happens when you give all your “wellness coaching” solutions away up front.

It leads prospective clients to think they’ve seen everything, make a snap decision in the 5-7 seconds before they surf to the next option.

Let’s stop that pattern and get prospective clients to WANT to learn more about you and the incredible wealth of knowledge and skills you can bring to their lives.

Introduce Your Services In A Relationship Marketing Campaign

I’d like to see you dramatically improve your rate of re-connecting with prospective clients, so I’m sharing some tools to help you better understand the role of Lead Magnets in relationship marketing.

Relationship marketing is all about having more than one shot at gaining interest and inviting people into your “wellness coaching” services. .

Lead magnets help you gain traction by sharing your coaching solutions AFTER you have an email address.

Rule #1: Educate Prospective Clients About The Origin of Their Problem

Give Free Information in Your Blog. End an informative blog post with a lead magnet – see below.

Then follow up with at least 6-8 emails that gradually lead prospects from learning about the origins to how your wellness coaching solution is better than how they’ve been trying to solve their problem.

Remember: Speak to their underlying fears, uncertainties and objections to doing things differently as respectfully as possible. When you touch their emotions, they’ll feel your authentic presence guiding them.

Not a writer at heart? Don’t worry, just sign up for someone offering similar “wellness coaching” services.

Don’t copy their emails, but use them to stimulate your own email copy. Studies show that 6-8 email touches are essential in deepening their connection to you and sense of trust in your solution.

Check out this post by Hubspot for an excellent Email Writing Guide.

Don’t forget to put a testimonial in emails after the 2nd email. That builds credibility and helps them see how others who weren’t sure were helped by your solutions.

Remember, do your best. Perfect is great, but done is much better!

Join a great email autoresponder company to send your emails.

I use aWeber, because it’s easy to learn and I like easy. http://www.aweber.com/ – Note: I do not make a commission off of this link. I offer it freely so you can hit the ground running.

Rule #2: Use Lead Magnets to Build an Email List For Your “Wellness Coaching” Service

Do you know what really drove sign ups 10 years ago? Newsletters.

Now the sign ups are extremely low and newsletter readers have low conversion rates for “wellness coaching” (unless your specifically targeting the elderly). Most people don’t have time to read them and there’s no urgency or SINGLE call to action.

Choose simple to create but effective lead magnets that make a difference:

  • Checklists – Example: 7 Step Checklist for Reducing Adrenal Fatigue Flare-Ups. It’s short, powerful and reaches right into a prospective “wellness coaching” clients health trauma and offers hope.
  • Short Guides/Reports – less than 5 pages (with images)

Don’t over do it. Lead magnets are to be short and to the point and just a snippet of what you would offer if they were your paying wellness coaching client.

  • List of resources or tools

Ex: Create a list of the resources you use to inform your work – create a short paragraph for each one (that’s related to your wellness coaching steps) and why it’s important to your reader and the link to the site/tool. That’s it – one page and done.

  • Cheat Sheets

Example: 5 Simple Steps to Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Expensive Medications

  • Audio/Video Download or a Mini-Course

It’s easier than ever to create audio’s and videos. Rather than have the video on yourself, consider using Power Point slides that you flash through when you’re talking.

Want an even easier way to create free videos for your wellness coaching business? 

These kind of videos hold attention better because there’s both audio and visual, which helps reinforce the information and your energy! There’s a free service that makes this a snap. Adobe is great. Get started here: Free Simple Video Creator.

Need a little video coaching? No problem. Just click this link to get your copy of my Video Sizzle PDF – scroll down the page to get your free copy of simple strategies to make your videos soar.

Remember:  Wellness Coaching Starts Well Before You Enroll Them As A Client 

For specific information on how you can personally tailor your wellness coaching messages with your blog posts, contact me here:

To Your Brilliant Success,


Rock Your Productivity and Profits With Webinars

Let Webinars Build Your “High-Ticket” Business

WebinarsIf you’ve been burning the midnight oil producing content the “traditional way,” have you wondered at all about how you could get your life back? If you’re ready to quadruple your productivity and profits, then it’s time to employ the power of webinars.

You can sell anything on webinars from products, services, coaching, mastermind courses, health training etc.

What you may not know is that you can also use webinars to create products.

That’s right, you can go from rough idea and outline to a product, new videos, blog posts, email content and a source of income in a few weeks with webinars.

How Busy Life Coaches Use Webinars to Create Products

Instead of promoting a packaged coaching product, life coaches and wellness coaches benefit most from using a ready, fire, aim approach.

How does that work? Instead of spending months creating a product to sell (in your spare time – ha, ha!), let webinars help you create your work.

Consider selling 3 hours of live webinar training to the participants after delivering supremely relevant and actionable free content during the sales webinar.

You know you could coach from your sleep, so why not pull the jump cord and go for it?

All you need to do is set up a rough outline of content and then deliver for 25 minutes. After that, the participants will keep the ball going with questions and concerns.

It does help to have a skilled webinar facilitator on the webinar with you, so they can help take the production and sales offer off of your shoulders.

That way you can have a single-minded focus on your content and clients.

Next, make sure you RECORD your webinars, so you can chunk them down into marketing pieces and products.

In other words, build the airplane as you fly it.

Use Webinars to Help You Up-level Your Marketing Funnel

Video (or recorded webinars) creates engagement and interest in your brand.

According to the Online Publishers Association, that’s the percentage of Internet users who recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days. It gets even better. Of that 80%, 46% took some action after viewing the ad. See the rest of the stats at video brewery’s 18 Video Marketing Statistics.

Plan the content of your webinars, so you can extract 3 video clips from the recordings to create better email marketing and landing pages for your next sales webinar.

Chunk the video recordings into mini-video clips and use them to convert people to join your webinars.


Because… video is the best viral marketing tool in town.

Video helps attract, engage and pre-sell viewers on your message and branding, which drives up registrations and attendance for your webinars.

Want to know how to make your videos convert better?

Grab your Free Copy of
“Video Sizzle” Here.

Create High-Ticket Products From Webinars

Next, identify the best parts of the webinar recordings and have them edited and created into either a coaching program that stands on its own or use them as bonuses to build up the value of your high-ticket coaching program.

If you market the video recordings as a package, you want to stay in the $97-$197 price range depending on your market. Pricing can go higher.

If you’re not sure how to position your pricing, make sure you leave your questions below this post and I’ll be happy to help.

If you choose to use the webinar videos as bonuses, you could sell live coaching or membership coaching for $997 and up and give the bonuses as added incentive to buy the program at the higher price point.

After people sign up for your group coaching, make sure you start seeding your high-ticket one on one coaching upsell two-thirds through the program.

Webinars Can Build Your Brand in a Heart Beat

If you did all of this work separately, you would spend 5 times the energy and miss the social proof when eager participants share their success stories live as a result of your coaching. The initial participants in your live coaching (even if you didn’t land a ton of them) will help you build rapport, connection and hone in on what’s really ticking in the hearts of your audience.

They will help you build your brand. Let them.

It’s priceless.

Build the airplane as you fly it. Get out on the runway and take a spin. If you need a hand, let me know. I’m here to help you get ready for take off.

To Your Phenomenal Success,

Make Webinar Sales Soar With These 3 Tips

Beth Hayden from Copyblogger struck gold again with her “Boost Webinar Conversions With These 5 Tips.”

Once again, she reminds us of the power of effective sales copy.

Make Webinar Sales Soar With These 3 Tips


While she doesn’t come right out and say it,your webinar sales process starts as soon as prospective client reads your sign-up form.

Step One: Boost Webinar Sales With Better Sign Up Forms

Create a riveting webinar title and convey a promise that speaks to your webinar audience’s biggest and most hopeful outcomes.

“Don’t be afraid to use words like: shocking, amazing, unknown secret etc. All of these words get readers to stop long enough to examine the rest of your webinar copy.”

It’s what jolts them out of online indifference and into a state of curiosity.

List ONLY 3 power-packed benefit bullet points on your sign up page.

Highlight the big benefit webinar takeaways. Focus on the benefit of the benefit.

Don’t focus on sit-ups. Focus on the six-pack abs that will garner lots of positive attention. That’s what they’re really after.

Last but not least, harness the power of a compelling webinar call to action.

Sign up now!

Step Two: High-Connection Makes Webinar Sales Soar

Before you get into the meat and potatoes of your content, make sure you take 5-10 well-crafted minutes to share your story.

Beth Haden’s article: accurately directs you to “describe a situation where you struggled with something and then figured out a way to break through that problem or issue.”

Just don’t leave it at that. Be aware of your audience’s deeper need.

The “story recipe” for soaring webinar sales needs to be peppered with anticipatory moments that seed your audience’s minds with curiosity.

It’s all about peppering your story with elements that draw people toward your coming offer. This move ensures that no one hears tires screeching when you transition to your webinar sales pitch.

When you help webinar participants feel connected to you, they’ll WANT to know how to get more of you in their lives.

Step Three: Earn Your Webinar Sales Pitch

“You can “earn” your selling time by delivering useful, unique, relevant content. Then exude confidence in your offer, and take your time explaining your product or service.” I love how Beth Hayden really laser focuses on what really counts in her Copyblogger article.

Your webinar sets the stage for your offer.

When done well, you “earn” your selling time, because you’ve spent time up front “earning” trust through service.

Nothing is more powerful for building rapid online trust, credibility and sales than client-centered webinars.

Step Four: Embed “Hooks” in The Webinar Sales Funnel and Presentation

When done right, the “hooks” you embed in your webinar sales funnel are the keys to attracting, engaging and keeping webinar participants glued to their computer screens.

“Without hooks, there are no sales. I am not talking about the painful, metal hooks used on a fishing trip. I’m talking about the emotional, personal and highly targeted mental hooks that are going to get into the minds of your audience and stay there.”

Scale My Business laser targets how to employ hooks and 15 other sales elements to frame your “selling time” for maximum impact.

Ready to take your webinar impact and sales to new heights?

Find out how to super-serve your audience and super-size your webinar sales today.

To Your Phenomenal Success,

Tools That Fuel True Client Engagement

Claim More Wealth and Health Through Online Webinar Courses

Online Webinar Courses Create Freedom

Online Webinar CoursesIf you’ve got a book or product related to helping people improve their lives, then you’ve also got the potential to re-position it into a “high-ticket” webinar course.

Sound like a lot of work?

It’s not if you have someone who does the heavy technical lifting for you. Otherwise, you can work your fingers to the bone and still not achieve the wealth and health that webinar events and courses can bring.

You can “wait” for your information to be purchased by buyers on Amazon or ClickBank, spend time and money promoting your book or easily recreate your work into a high-engagement, high-ticket online webinar that builds wealth fast.

If you’re a doctor, naturopath, life coach or wellness coach, then you’re already heavily scheduled with clients. Just organizing your work in a book or sequential program was a daunting task, let alone all the marketing that comes after. Continue reading

Don’t Lose Valuable SEO Juice Chasing Social Media “Likes”

SEOIf you’re spending a ton of money on social media marketing, because it “seems” easier than SEO, think again.

You don’t have to be an SEO blogger to get your online act together.

While everyone in the fitness and wellness industry is scrambling to keep up with social media, the industry giants are grabbing the FREE, natural and organic reach through SEO.

The only difference between them and you is that you just don’t realize that you may be losing time, visibility and money.

SEO ranking is easier than you think and it’s a holistic approach to achieve your marketing goals.

The First Step to SEO is To Be Visible

Sounds pretty easy right?
Continue reading