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7 steps to rise above 2015 Facebook rules in your business

How 2015 Facebook Changes Limits Your Impact

7 steps to rise above 2015 Facebook rules in your businessJust when you thought you were getting somewhere managing your Facebook business page, the rules up and changed in 2015. Like or not, the new rules are here to stay and they will impact your bottom line in a big way.

At the end of 2014, Facebook announced that they would begin filtering out promotional posts unless businesses pay to boost or advertise them. As of April 2015, Facebook rules are in full swing.

Many of the health and wellness business owners I work with use Facebook as their “go to” marketing channel. It’s been cheap and easy up until now, they’ve been able to promote their businesses on lean budget consisting of both paid and unpaid promotions.

Now, it’s a pay to play environment and many of the people I support don’t have excess dough to toss into the black hole of Facebook marketing.

You used to be able to do a promotional post from your business timeline without consequences.

Now, you’ll pay with reduced views for your posts and page if you “promote” a paid offer within your Facebook timeline.

Check out the Wall Street Journal’s take on it: facebook-rules-will-sting-entrepreneurs

What does Facebook consider a “promotional” post?

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Creatively Marketing Health Solutions Inspires Change

Health Solutions for The World

Health Solutions for The World

Innovative Health Solutions Don’t Change Behavior

If you’re like most of the health and wellness professionals I’ve worked with over the years, you’re dedicated to improving the motivation of those who desperately need powerful health solutions.

You would think that the fact that you may be an expert or published author would be motivating enough to get their commitment in using your innovative health solutions, but research shows that the struggle goes much deeper than that.

Books are sold and CD sets fly off the shelves, but many people don’t do any more than read or listen to the information. While they think that the ideas are good and make sense, they still only micro-invest, while others take your health solutions and jump in wholeheartedly.

You would think that people suffering with anxiety, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, and crohn’s would want to be better, right?

Why Health Solutions Aren’t Enough

You would be mistaken if you think it’s a matter of want or desire. They all desire the outcome, but they often struggle with “no motivation to do anything.”

After struggling long-term, they are very hesitant to disturb what little balance they’ve established in their lives. Ask me how I know.

 I desperately wanted help with my issues, but worried that there would be negative consequences or that I wouldn’t be able to do all that was required of me. It takes a ton of energy to keep going when you’ve been coping with chronic illness.

The “idea” of implementing some of your health solutions messes with their inner ecology. While they’re not well, at least they know what to expect if they keep most of the elements in place.

So, while your health solutions make sense, prospective clients fear “rocking the boat.”

Think about your own life. How many instances have you feared “rocking the boat” when it came to a struggle you were trying to overcome?

…like changing how you market for clients????

Address Underlying Fears To Make Health Solutions Stick

While the right information can be helpful in raising awareness, it doesn’t get up and under the hood of long-term habits. It takes a different tack to get them on board with necessary lifestyle changes.

That’s why it pays to understand Stages of Change from Psychology and and how that informs the Buyer’s Journey spoken about in marketing circles.

Simply put:

No lifestyle change can take place based on information alone. The information must include the client’s natural decision making processes so they’re first “motivated” on the idea of change BEFORE being “sold” specific health solutions.

Before sharing one of the most powerful ways to do this, I’d like you to answer this question:

How do you eat an elephant?

Answer: One bite at a time. Right?

 “Health Solutions” Are Embraced When Delivered In the Right Format

One bite at a time is how we help people overcome long-standing fears that keep destructive behavior in place.

Rather than producing more content, the answer to engaging more people in actual change versus just trying to sell services from your site will both surprise and delight you.

While 25% of the people who read your eBook or blog will take action, approximately 75% will be left with partial or no engagement with your work.

That 75% also represents 75% of missed revenue generating opportunities. Their deeper health transformation and your income are two sides of the same coin.

If this large group of people who need your solution, don’t get help in overcoming their ambivalence, they’ll skim right past your health solutions and keep surfing endlessly and continue to suffer.

They’ll suffer not only from health issues, but from their habitual pattern of just skimming the surface instead of embracing change.

How do you reach people who are challenged to commit?

 Create a “Mastermind” For Your Health Solutions

By creating a short but power-packed series that allows you to deliver your health solutions in a safe, trusting and informative mastermind event, you forge a more personal connection that has the power to reach them where they live.

When it comes to living with health disorders, I know from personal experience the isolation and pain that comes from bearing the weight of a disorder and wanting change, but not having enough oomph to get over the hump.

It’s always come down to the power of connection. For my own recovery and the thousands of lives I’ve supported over decades, connection is what helps overcome the fears and builds a foundation of strength.

During a “Mastermind” Event, people get the opportunity to ask personal questions that relate their fears and worries while working through your program. It’s a dynamic way of engaging designed to be created and used again and again with little to no work on your part.

The best part?

 Health Solutions “Masterminds” Rapidly Change Many More Lives

With the Health Solutions “Mastermind” event, you can literally serve thousands more people while working much fewer hours.

It’s so rewarding to meet people at their model of the world and awaken their resilience while helping them solve long-term chronic health disorders.

Your health solutions can have so much more impact when you learn the almost overnight process to connect, engage, inspire and transform more lives.

Don’t be afraid to take a few minutes to see what’s possible. After all, that’s what you’re asking your readers and clients to do, right?

If you’d like to discover how to serve more, earn more and work less, I’d love to discuss it with you.

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Make The “Big Income” Shift in Your Business in 2015

Big Income Bullion

Big Income Bullion

The “Big Income Shift”

 Would you like to break through invisible glass ceiling that’s been keeping you stuck in a constant run for the money?

A big mistake that you may be making is that you’re wearing all the hats in your business… even the ones that don’t fit!

Imagine if you asked an astronaut to multi-task building the spaceship, design the feedback systems, fuel the ship, do the maintenance, communicate with all the moving parts of the command structure, do fundraising, marketing and PR, manage the staff and balance the budgets too.

If she performed all of these roles, how efficient do you think she would be?

How viable would her aircraft be?

Yet, that’s exactly what we as wellness professionals have done for years when making the leap from employee to entrepreneur. We took on all the roles ourselves. From service to marketing, to bookkeeping to support staff.

Any work responsibility that existed, we took it all on… in addition to our primary life purpose!


In a bit, I’m going to share a powerful method for waking up your inner “Big Income” Lifestyle Business, but first I want to ask you a few questions.

 Is Wearing All the Hats Closing the Door On Your “Big Income?”

It’s no wonder that “big income” always remains elusive as you “work tirelessly” in many directions at once.

Those of us called to serve have even come to feel that “working tirelessly” is a character strength.

But what if it isn’t ALWAYS a strength?

Most of us raised up in the helping professions see the gaps and we learn to fill them, because we’ve seen the suffering of those we are meant to be treating and we want to stop it. In this context, we’re motivated to help alleviate suffering. So in this context it’s strength.

Take our astronaut for example. If she wears all the hats, how much time does she lose in getting her ship off the ground?

How much more can she accomplish in space (once she gets there), after letting the other experts do their part? How many more trips can she manage if she’s focused only on her specific role?

If part of your mission is to serve more people AND have a Big Income to support your lifestyle dreams, then learning what limits your income growth is as important as helping others.


You won’t do much good for others if you’re tired, distracted and pulled in too many directions. You’ll never fully realize the glory of your life’s purpose. 

When I was a busy mental health director and consultant, I was constantly jumping from one problem to another in a multitude of departments with different regulations.

Some days my head would spin even with all of the background support of clerical staff, public relations, human resources, fiscal and payroll departments.

I worked tirelessly and I became physically ill as a result. In short, I was a workaholic and I didn’t know how to stop.

I would talk about stopping, but it was as if some invisible force drove me forward as my own dreams for HOW I wanted to live sat on the back shelf. I said, someday, when…… Then I’ll spend more time with family, travel, serve on a broader scale. 

Yet, I felt upset that I couldn’t have the kind of life I wanted. But I wasn’t willing to sacrifice the care others needed in order to improve their challenging health and mental health issues. I was DRIVEN.

Can you relate?

 Is Your “Big Income” Hiding Beneath A Legacy of Suffering?

Everything in life is a trade off.

But do you really want to trade off your big income potential, because you’re trapped in all the marketing, service, publishing, bookkeeping yourself?

For many of us called to serve, we learned that “suffering” is part of the equation. We take it for granted that it’s just part of the process. It’s a legacy of suffering beneath the weight of responsibility and multi-tasking, and when you’re keeping all the balls in the air, you aren’t even aware of what could help you break free from it.

How could you?

Your “Big Income” life is actually sitting side by side with the one you’re living now. But you can’t see it. An invisible inner force keeps you doing what you really don’t want to be doing, but you just haven’t figured out how to let go.

The good news?

It’s not about making a big leap. It’s about making some small but powerful moves to support yourself and your life’s work.

 Big Income Supports You AND Those You Serve

Let’s face it; it’s not about “Big Income” as much as it is about living the lifestyle you long for WHILE you do what you LOVE serving others.

The health and wealth of your business is tied up in your own emotional, mental, spiritual and financial wellness.

What you do to support your own strengths AND limits, supports the growth of your business. The growth of your business is what fuels the healing for those who need you most.

When you break free from the “suffering” legacy, there’s more of you available to create, serve and improve more lives. The only way out of “suffering” is to share it authentically with a peer or mentor and identify qualified professionals to be responsible for other parts of the business process.

Otherwise, just like the astronaut, you’ll never get off the ground.

Everything in life is a cycle of connections and missed connections.

Make this year, one that connects the dots between your life’s work and ALLOWING yourself to experience the joys of a “Big Income” Lifestyle while reaching and serving more people.

Are you becoming willing to let more creativity emerge, and release the “legacy of suffering” sending it back to its origins with love and consciousness attached?

Your clients and family are already eagerly awaiting your stepping up to claim your true place in life, in the same way, you want them to make changes to support their best life.

 “Big Income” Lifestyles Come From Laser Focusing Your Intentions
  1. Write Down Your Big Income Goal for 2015

Break out a pen and pencil or get a dedicated document ready on the computer. Whatever you do, get it down on paper where you can see it. If you aren’t sure what to write down, take a moment and picture your family, your home, and your dreams for how you want to spend time with them. Then ask yourself what your Big Income Goal is. Write it down.

Next, really breathe into it and let yourself feel some gratitude knowing that when you set your sights high, life has a way of helping you rise to the occasion.

  1. Make Sure You Do This With Your Big Income Goal

Double it. That’s right. Double it.

Type in the number or write it down now. Don’t think. Write it down.

It’s okay to gulp. We all do. Now gulp again.

The important element here is to stretch your mind between what you’re used to (which has been tied to the legacy of suffering) and what you now want to create on behalf of yourself, your loved ones and those you serve.

What would it take to be at ease and present with your clients and research? How amazing would it feel to find better, newer and more effective remedies for their wellness?

 When you say yes, to more income, you say yes to more resources, people, places and things.

It all goes hand in hand.

It’s about expansion and trusting that the Hand of Life has great plans for you when you open yourself up to doing only what YOU are called to do.

  1. Expect and Welcome Things Being Different

As you open yourself up to more resources in your life, it’s not just about big income.

Doubling your income goal calls a larger, more expanded version of you to the forefront.

That’s the version of YOU that you want publishing your book, finalizing your wellness program, tweaking your solutions, or other service offerings.

As you become more available, your writing, speaking, engaging become more powerful. You have more opportunities come your way.

One of those opportunities involves creating a “big income” offering that more deeply meets the inner needs of those you serve, while freeing you to do what you love most.

Big income offerings create a more intimate way of connecting with your clients without taxing your time, energy or resources. When you learn how to create from this vantage point, trading dollars for hours becomes a thing of the past.

When you write down and start to envision yourself receiving more good in your life, people, places and things line up to help you do just that.

When you keep yourself busy doing what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten. For me, instead of it being a Big Fat Greek Wedding, it was a Big Fat Headache!

Your best 2015 and beyond is already waiting for YOU.

Take steps today to write down your income goal, double it, give yourself permission to receive your good, allow new possibilities for working to emerge and set yourself free.

 Create 2015 as your year to create a new “big income” lifestyle and blaze new trails across the health and wellness landscape. The clients YOU are meant to serve are waiting for you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about “big income”  in 2015 below.

To Your Phenomenal Success,







Attract High-End Customers Today

How to Attract High-End Wellness Customers

high-end-clientsWanting high-paying clients and “being mentally prepared for them” live in two different camps of your brain.

So often wellness experts want to get out of the “trading hours for dollars model,” but find it a hard fence to jump. The “idea” of finding and engaging “high-end” customers seems far fetched when you’re used to getting small book royalties or trying to reduce prices to match what you think people can afford.

The “High-End Vs. What You Know Conflict”

I know the model well. In every career transition I’ve experienced, I’ve come up against the same “high-end” vs. the “stay with what you know” pattern that you’re facing now.

It comes from not knowing what the possibilities are with regard to creating a lower-impact business workout model that produces an even better “high-end” result.

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Rescue MLM Home Business Builders to Fast Track Your Success

Business Builders Get Confused

Enrolling MLM Home Business Builders is a Journey and Not a Destination

We are all changing and growing and coming up against external and internal barriers.

With every desire and goal, we encounter doubts about whether or not it will work and if we should go forward. Just think about how many things that you wanted to pursue but abandoned, because it seemed “too hard” or too big of a stretch.

It’s only natural that your new and longer-term business builders will travel through these decisions, and points of uncertainty. They experience the same doubts, fears and limited thinking that you do and your business builders are likely to drop out if they don’t learn how to overcome them.

Most network marketing companies and MLM programs don’t address what to do about wavering business builders. The typical mantra is to give them more information. If the business builders don’t respond, then move on.

But just think if you applied that thinking to your kids, your husband or partner? What would the results be?

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