Would You Like to Author a Book in Health and Wellness?

Health & Wellness Book: Author, Who Me? Have you considered how your business could grow if you were to author a health and wellness book?  How would your published health and wellness book change your life? Imagine how many more people you could help, the confidence you would feel and how amazing it would be to […]

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15 Ways Wellness Coaches Can Rock The New Year

Wellness Coaches Work Hard to Find Clients If you’re like the wellness coaches I work with, you work HARD. In fact, sometimes you work harder than you need to… But how’s a girl supposed to attract clients & create consistent paydays, right? It can all feel so big and super stressful. I remember working 12 […]

Discover How to Get Coaching Clients Fast

Have you been wondering how to get health coaching clients fast? If so, you are among the many who scratch their heads when trying to figure out how to get coaching clients fast. Getting new clients online is the foundation of effective lead generation. But how? There are SO many options for getting traffic, but […]

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3 Reasons a Nurse Health Coach Can Grow Income Without An Email List

Could a Nurse Health Coach Get Psyched About THIS?  “Did you passionately set out to create an email list or did you passionately set out to change lives and create a nice life for yourself as a nurse health coach? Yep, I’m with you. When I transitioned from therapist/business manager to my own online business, […]

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Spring Rebirth: Could Your Health Coaching Business Use a Boost?

Health Coaching Business: Evolving Like the Seasons Each Spring my business & I go through a rebirth and so do the health coaching businesses I serve. It never fails, because that’s how my spirit rolls. Like a caterpillar emerging from a cocoon, there’s a quickening that bubbles up from the deep and we feel called to […]

Make Your Marketing Message Connect

The Right Marketing Message Has Them At Hello   How many clients can you bring in with the right marketing message? LOTS. Yet, many health coaches, therapists, and holistic health practitioners find it challenging to laser in on marketing message that attract their ideal clients. Let’s face it. You’re up to your elbows in work and […]

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Make This Year Your Health Coaching Practice Success Story

If there were ever a pivotal time to start thinking BIG about your nurse coaching or health coaching practice, it’s 2019. There’s sparkle and energy lighting up 2019 like I’ve never seen before and you deserve to get in on it. It’s your turn to achieve the financial success you deserve for the transformational work […]

3 Profound Mindset Tips to Kick Coaching Objections to the Curb

Use Coaching Objections As Gateways to New Clients  You don’t have to keep walking into discovery sessions with your “energetic pants” down because you HATE coaching objections…especially the ones about money!   Coaching objections are the threshold between you and your next holistic coaching client… …when you know how to navigate them. While there’s a […]

7 Tips to Easily Attract “Ideal Clients”

Ideal Clients Come From Putting Your Energy First What if attracting your ideal clients was incredibly easy? You know like pouring a glass of water. What would it feel like to have prospective clients find you and pay higher fees for your transformational work? In a few moments, you’ll learn 7 keys to attracting “ideal […]

Set the Stage For Client Attraction In Your Holistic Healing Business

Is Marketing Your “Holistic Healing” Business Driving You Crazy? If trying to market your “Holistic Healing” or wellness coaching business is driving you up a wall, join the club. At this very moment, hundreds of thousands of “holistic healing” pro’s, holistic practitioners and healing pros are pulling their hair out wondering what’s wrong. In a […]

Use Relationship Marketing To Ignite Your Wellness Coaching Business

It’s Time to Overcome Your Wellness Coaching Business Barriers Wellness coaching begins with understanding the psychology of the decisional ambivalence prospective clients struggle with… … and ends with you taking action to educate and inform prospective clients in bite sized pieces. Just like you’re on a journey to build your coaching business, your clients need cohesive […]

Rock Your Productivity and Profits With Webinars

Let Webinars Build Your “High-Ticket” Business If you’ve been burning the midnight oil producing content the “traditional way,” have you wondered at all about how you could get your life back? If you’re ready to quadruple your productivity and profits, then it’s time to employ the power of webinars. You can sell anything on webinars […]

Make Webinar Sales Soar With These 3 Tips

Beth Hayden from Copyblogger struck gold again with her “Boost Webinar Conversions With These 5 Tips.” Once again, she reminds us of the power of effective sales copy.   While she doesn’t come right out and say it,your webinar sales process starts as soon as prospective client reads your sign-up form. Step One: Boost Webinar […]

Claim More Wealth and Health Through Online Webinar Courses

Online Webinar Courses Create Freedom If you’ve got a book or product related to helping people improve their lives, then you’ve also got the potential to re-position it into a “high-ticket” webinar course. Sound like a lot of work? It’s not if you have someone who does the heavy technical lifting for you. Otherwise, you […]

Don’t Lose Valuable SEO Juice Chasing Social Media “Likes”

If you’re spending a ton of money on social media marketing, because it “seems” easier than SEO, think again. You don’t have to be an SEO blogger to get your online act together. While everyone in the fitness and wellness industry is scrambling to keep up with social media, the industry giants are grabbing the […]

7 steps to rise above 2015 Facebook rules in your business

How 2015 Facebook Changes Limits Your Impact Just when you thought you were getting somewhere managing your Facebook business page, the rules up and changed in 2015. Like or not, the new rules are here to stay and they will impact your bottom line in a big way. At the end of 2014, Facebook announced […]

Creatively Marketing Health Solutions Inspires Change

Innovative Health Solutions Don’t Change Behavior If you’re like most of the health and wellness professionals I’ve worked with over the years, you’re dedicated to improving the motivation of those who desperately need powerful health solutions. You would think that the fact that you may be an expert or published author would be motivating enough […]

Make The “Big Income” Shift in Your Business in 2015

The “Big Income Shift”  Would you like to break through invisible glass ceiling that’s been keeping you stuck in a constant run for the money? A big mistake that you may be making is that you’re wearing all the hats in your business… even the ones that don’t fit! Imagine if you asked an astronaut […]

Attract High-End Customers Today

How to Attract High-End Wellness Customers Wanting high-paying clients and “being mentally prepared for them” live in two different camps of your brain. So often wellness experts want to get out of the “trading hours for dollars model,” but find it a hard fence to jump. The “idea” of finding and engaging “high-end” customers seems […]

Rescue MLM Home Business Builders to Fast Track Your Success

Enrolling MLM Home Business Builders is a Journey and Not a Destination We are all changing and growing and coming up against external and internal barriers. With every desire and goal, we encounter doubts about whether or not it will work and if we should go forward. Just think about how many things that you […]

Select The Domain Name That Attracts Free Traffic

Choose The Domain Name That Attracts The Most Clients Do you ever wonder why you’re not getting more leads from your website? You picked the domain name that represents what you love and you’ve put your heart into it. If you’re like most of us called to serve others, you have a mile-wide passion that […]

How to Use Ho’ Oponopono For Life Coaching and Wellness Coaching Success

Have you been a driving force in your quest to attract more clients? Working a JOB, caring for family and possibly parents too, you also apply that same level of energy to attracting clients into your business. It can be taxing and disappointing when all of your efforts don’t lead to a big breakthrough in […]

How to Awaken Clients In Your Natural Health Business

How Your Natural Health Business Can Reach Beyond Your Clients Invisible Wellness Barriers When you have a natural health business, it’s important to look at the whole being. While you may be providing physical products and support to clients, their mental and emotional states may be silently undermining their progress. Sometimes I think of it […]

How to Write Client Attracting Blog Posts

How to Write Client Attracting Blog Posts Have a blog to attract clients to your business? That’s great news for the success of your business. Whether looking for local or online customers, blog posts are like the roots of a solid client attraction plan. They need to go deep and wide for upward growth. Tom […]

Fast Track Your MLM Home Business

Business Builders Are Essential to Building a Successful MLM Home Business Building your MLM home business is critical to having the time, freedom and lifestyle you’ve been striving to develop. The challenge? Finding business builders. That’s what I hear from mlm home business coaches and wellness advocates time and again. Knowing how to find business […]

Use the “Pause” in Network Marketing

Now that you have a High Voltage Introduction to share with those you meet, it’s time to take it to the next level. After you share your powerful message, it’s important to use the POWER OF THE PAUSE and breathe! Let your listener take it in and let them make the next move. One of […]

Network Marketing Business Success

  The most effective network marketers are most often Holistic and Wellness Coaches who learn to use client-centered marketing models to get clients in front of them. While at the recent Pittsburgh NAWBO Chapter Conference: Successful Women in Network Marketing, I met the panel of 6 highly successful women networkers. Darieth Chisolm was among them. […]

Start Off the Year With a Magnetizing Vision

Holidays are over and you’ve survived the people, places and things that kept you so busy focused on others. Now, 7 days into 2014, it’s time to launch a vision of amazing results for your business. You’re a Coach, Therapist, Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, Nutrition Pro or Spiritual Entrepreneur. You’ve held presentations, networked and worked your […]

Client Attraction is a Choice

I just got back from the DoTERRA International Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. I met the most remarkable people helping their clients heal, but they couldn’t find enough clients to grow their businesses. I talked to them about choosing a target audience (a specific group of people to serve). Almost all of them said […]

Holistic Entrepeneurs Transform Fear

T. Harv Eker says: “Fear is the most expensive habit we have.”   Those words rang true for me when I considered all of the barriers I’ve faced with starting businesses as a holistic entrepreneur.  Fear used to cost me thousands in asking for a raise, planning rates for my services and in holding onto people, places […]

Money, Mindset and Laws of Attraction

Your Money Mindset Can STOP Your Business Growth in It’s Tracks Your money mindset is the cornerstone from which all other health and wellness business success is built. If your comfort level with giving and receiving money is off, you can create all the wellness programs you want, but your business success will fall shy of […]

Website Strategies for Health and Wellness Businesses

  Marketing wellness in addition to all of the work you’re doing in your health and wellness business is a tall order. After all, you probably have a website and give out business cards, right? That helps people find your website and learn about you and the helping and healing services you offer. Your Website […]

Welcome to Wellness Marketing Warriors!

Whether you’re a Therapist, Wellness Coach, EFT Practitioner, Energy/Light Worker or Spiritual Coach this site is dedicated to the joyful success of your wellness business.  The work you do is extremely powerful in helping to heal the world. You touch your client’s lives and they touch others. You’re the pebble in the pond sending ripples […]