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Set the Stage For Client Attraction In Your Holistic Healing Business

Is Marketing Your “Holistic Healing” Business Driving You Crazy?

If trying to market your “Holistic Healing” or wellness coaching business is driving you up a wall, join the club.
Agitated woman with laptopAt this very moment, hundreds of thousands of “holistic healing” pro’s, holistic practitioners and healing pros are pulling their hair out wondering what’s wrong.

In a moment you’re going to learn the Movie Model for Getting holistic healing clients, but first let’s look underneath the hood of this issue.

How Do You Get Your Holistic Healing Business on The Map?

By choosing to attract your Soul Niche: the people YOU were born to serve…

…Instead of pursuing the ever elusive “everyone!”

You know you have a sacred life purpose – it’s always whispering in your ear or waking up with you before you start your day, but how much energy have you spent letting that part of you emerge in your life let alone your marketing?

Success comes from creating…

…Actually re-creating you through the opportunities hidden in the midst of your business barriers.

Yes, even business barriers are gifts in disguise!

“Why can’t I get more clients and money flowing into my  “holistic healing” business?

I’ve got skills.

I’ve got passion.

I’m well trained and I have legitimate credentials.

So, where are MY holistic healing clients?

What am I missing?

Take Your Life Back From Tweaking Your Holistic Healing Site



That’s what I used to do in my first few years striving to provide “holistic healing” services.

Tweak to the tenth power and still few clients came!

I spent my life blazing trails through emotional and physical roadblocks and restoring broken businesses to health and profitability, but nothing prepared me for the online world.

Just like every other holistic healing professional struggling to make it happen with traditional marketing programs…

…I know you’re asking yourself:

  • Maybe I need to write more?
  • Maybe I need to add different images.
  • Maybe I need to create a new service or get more training.
  • STOP!

So much misinformation is out there about getting healing and holistic healing clients and it confuses some of the most talented folks I know.

We are sensitive and conscious souls that don’t thrive with conventional advice.

We march to the beat of a different drummer and need something that resonates with our sacred purpose and belief in the interconnectedness of life.

Bottom line: Your holistic healing website copy is one of the last pieces of the marketing puzzle.

It’s what to do after you’ve identified your Soul Niche: the clients YOU were born to serve and then wrapped your gifts and services into a cohesive client attraction campaign.

Otherwise, the few clients who do find you by chance won’t be motivated to connect.

In their eyes…No one’s home.

They haven’t seen what they needed.

They land.

They scan your site.

They leave.


While marketing your coaching business is important, it’s the wrong thing to do…

…At this stage of your process.

My mantra: Stop marketing and start creating relationships with people you’re meant to serve in your “holistic healing” business.

It comes down to setting the stage for visitors to stop surfing and start connecting heart to heart with you and what you offer by learning to speak their unique online language.

But that’s the real question, isn’t it?

Who are your holistic healing clients exactly?

And which version of you will show up to serve!

Most life coaches and holistic healing pros are incredibly inclusive and try to work with everyone in their coaching businesses, but that leaves you invisible in circles where prospective clients are searching for solutions.

Marketing before getting your holistic healing niche and message straight is like trying to shoot a movie before you have the plot, script and set in place.

It’s a recipe for losing at the box office.

Don’t worry.

We all flown by the seat of our pants and landed up in “never, never land.”

To be a Holistic Healing Star, you’ve got to create the right movie part or you just end up looking like Hazel on the Brady Bunch when you’re meant to be Jennifer Beals in Flashdance!

Don’t look like and sound like every other coach or “holistic healing” pro out there. You’re not.

You’re one of a kind and its time for you to step up and claim it.

Use the Movie Model To Put Your Holistic Healing Service On The Map




Honor this sacred order and poof motivated holistic “healing clients” will not only find you, but be inspired to work with you.

Lights: Illuminate your mission, your vision, your soul gifts and inspiring story.

Never forget YOU are the light. Remember, all great brands know that people don’t buy services; they buy WHY you do it. Take the time to sort through the amazing life stories you’ve gathered and learn how to use one of them to build a brand that makes your business one of a kind.

Camera: Learn which holistic healing or coaching clients you are wired to serve and zoom in on learning their unique language (hint: keywords), burning needs and wrap your marketing around them. That way they can find you online and feel deeply understood when they do.

Action: Go get em! Now you’ve got clarity, credibility and cohesiveness. Now you can drive targeted prospects to your holistic healing website by speaking their language and using their search words to educate them on why they have their problem and how your solution is a great fit.

So, if you’re just getting started as a coaching or “holistic healing” professional or you’ve been at it a while and you haven’t gotten YOUR movie on the big screen, one thing is for sure:

You have a distinct and sacred purpose in life.

You have the tools to help your clients take their lives back from physical, emotional or spiritual distress.

That’s what you were born to do.

Let’s help prospective clients immediately recognize your shiny star power as the solution they’ve been searching for.

Learn how to transform more lives in your holistic healing business by discovering your Soul Niche.

Connect with me today!

To YOUR Sacred Purpose,


7 steps to rise above 2015 Facebook rules in your business

How 2015 Facebook Changes Limits Your Impact

7 steps to rise above 2015 Facebook rules in your businessJust when you thought you were getting somewhere managing your Facebook business page, the rules up and changed in 2015. Like or not, the new rules are here to stay and they will impact your bottom line in a big way.

At the end of 2014, Facebook announced that they would begin filtering out promotional posts unless businesses pay to boost or advertise them. As of April 2015, Facebook rules are in full swing.

Many of the health and wellness business owners I work with use Facebook as their “go to” marketing channel. It’s been cheap and easy up until now, they’ve been able to promote their businesses on lean budget consisting of both paid and unpaid promotions.

Now, it’s a pay to play environment and many of the people I support don’t have excess dough to toss into the black hole of Facebook marketing.

You used to be able to do a promotional post from your business timeline without consequences.

Now, you’ll pay with reduced views for your posts and page if you “promote” a paid offer within your Facebook timeline.

Check out the Wall Street Journal’s take on it: facebook-rules-will-sting-entrepreneurs

What does Facebook consider a “promotional” post?

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Rescue MLM Home Business Builders to Fast Track Your Success

Business Builders Get Confused

Enrolling MLM Home Business Builders is a Journey and Not a Destination

We are all changing and growing and coming up against external and internal barriers.

With every desire and goal, we encounter doubts about whether or not it will work and if we should go forward. Just think about how many things that you wanted to pursue but abandoned, because it seemed “too hard” or too big of a stretch.

It’s only natural that your new and longer-term business builders will travel through these decisions, and points of uncertainty. They experience the same doubts, fears and limited thinking that you do and your business builders are likely to drop out if they don’t learn how to overcome them.

Most network marketing companies and MLM programs don’t address what to do about wavering business builders. The typical mantra is to give them more information. If the business builders don’t respond, then move on.

But just think if you applied that thinking to your kids, your husband or partner? What would the results be?

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Fast Track Your MLM Home Business

Business Builders Fast Track Your MLM Success

Business Builders Fast Track Your MLM Success

Business Builders Are Essential to Building a Successful MLM Home Business

Building your MLM home business is critical to having the time, freedom and lifestyle you’ve been striving to develop.

The challenge? Finding business builders. That’s what I hear from mlm home business coaches and wellness advocates time and again.

Knowing how to find business builders creates the ability for you to work less and earn more. That’s what the MLM home business models promote. It’s based on networking with your friends and family with the aim of enrolling clients and attracting and engaging motivated business builders.

I was talking to several essential oil network marketers and they talked about wanting to find more mlm home business builders so they can build their down lines.

They mentioned that sometimes people immediately identify that they want to get involved in the mlm home business in addition to using the oils and products.

They get busy helping them do home meetings and live events, but sometimes they hit roadblocks that mlm home business builders throw up soon after enrolling.

Knowing  What to Say Sets the Stage for a Successful MLM Home Business 

What you say and how you say it in answering their objections can either salvage or destroy the person’s desire to go forward with building a successful MLM Home Business. The problem is that often they don’t come right out and tell you what’s going on because they aren’t always aware themselves.

It’s your role to help them raise their awareness so that you both can move ahead. 

It’s too easy to get side tracked by the dragons that show up on the journey (fear and uncertainty). I know first hand how powerful of a hold they can have on becoming successful. I’ve done my share of wrestling over the years. I’ve also had the pleasure of helping many of my clients tame these dragons within themselves as well as the people they coach, counsel and employ.

The first thing to do when your potential mlm home business builder starts to send out early warning signs that something is wrong, is to take a step back and really listen. Spend time drawing out their doubts and fears. 

Do You Know The Early Signs That Your MLM Home Business Builder is Ready to Jump Ship?

Your mlm home business builder cancels several meetings
• They say: “I’m having trouble finding anyone interested in meeting with me.”
• They aren’t as quick to return your calls
• They tell you that they have too much going on (or similar) to work on their mlm home business

All of these are early warning signs and need to be addressed in a direct and compassionate manner. This potential mlm home business builder loves the products and expressed an interest in making this one of their income streams. Now you’ve got to put your life jacket on and go to work to rescue them and your mlm home business. 

Whatever you do, don’t mistake the signs as the real issues. There’s a deeper disconnect that needs uncovered to help them get beyond the “yes, but….. “ phase of change.

Arrange a face-to-face meeting over coffee or lunch to just catch up and connect. Help them connect with the vision they had of how this mlm home business would change their health, family, freedom, choices, influence.

By having them touch the original vision, they’ll feel safer in sharing what’s really holding them back from building their MLM home business.

If you’d like more detailed help for your mlm home business builder, read my post: Rescue MLM Home Business Builders to Fast Track Your Success.

There’s a link in this post to a script you can use to help you facilitate a valuable conversation.

As a Leader, You Have the Power to Strip Fear of its Power. 

Once you help them identify what’s really standing in the way of their vision, you won’t have to find another mlm home business builder, because you’ll have done the work of saving the one you already have.

As always, I’d love to hear your comments on the post and any additional questions you may have about finding and cultivating effective mlm home business builders. Just leave your comments below.


Use the “Pause” in Network Marketing

Prospecting for MLM Clients Made Easy

Prospecting for MLM Clients Made Easy

Now that you have a High Voltage Introduction to share with those you meet, it’s time to take it to the next level. After you share your powerful message, it’s important to use the POWER OF THE PAUSE and breathe!

Let your listener take it in and let them make the next move. One of the worst things you can do is keep talking. It’s the kiss of death with regard to staging and pacing a prospecting conversation.

Share your message and let them ask you about it before you say another word. If they don’t ask, don’t tell.

This is a nuance of what is termed permission-based marketing. It’s respectful and it empowers you to facilitate a conversation instead of driving it. 

After you share your introduction if they don’t pursue you to tell them more, be sure to ask about them. Be genuinely interested in them. This will keep an open flow of energy between the two of you.

If your prospect doesn’t react to your message, then they’re not interested. One thing you need to keep in mind is that when you’re “cold calling” in a conversation, not everyone is a prospect. But everyone knows a potential prospect.

Learning how to pace and stage your conversations is crucial to becoming a trusted advisor to those you hope to serve. 

Before prospects buy any products they have to “buy you.” The more relaxed and at ease they feel, the more likely they’ll want to have more conversations with you. That’s what opens the gateway to their friends and family network.

If you pursue your listener by talking more and trying to sell them on how much you love your products or how many conditions can be helped, you end up pushing them away.

Relax, talkative pursuit doesn’t work, but you already know that.

Be mindful in your marketing and watch your business and income grow!