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Body, Mind and Soul

Body, Mind and Soul

The most effective network marketers are most often Holistic and Wellness Coaches who learn to use client-centered marketing models to get clients in front of them.

While at the recent Pittsburgh NAWBO Chapter Conference: Successful Women in Network Marketing, I met the panel of 6 highly successful women networkers. Darieth Chisolm was among them. She replaced her entire Channel 11 News Anchor Salary with “It Works” Body Wraps for women who are looking to shape trouble spots not easily remedied by exercise.

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The difference between those who rise and those whose incomes stay flat comes down to the networking part of the equation. After running out of friends and family, where do you go next? When you meet someone that you could introduce yourself to, do you find yourself stumbling to explain how you help?

When you share what you do, do you hear yourself say?

  • “I help people who have health and wellness needs.”
  • ” I help anyone who has the need to improve their families health.”

Do you see the theme? The majority of network marketers use this as their introduction when explaining what they do.

This approach is like tossing darts at a dartboard. A lot of darts fall off because listeners aren’t crystal clear about how you can help them.

Then comes the next hurdle.  If a dart lands and the listener is interested, the next phase is to engage them, which is the step BEFORE you try to enroll them into your program. Prospects need to be courted as if you’re going out on a first date with someone you really like. Don’t talk marriage too soon!

Having a clear and consistent message that runs through your introduction, engagement and enrollment conversations is THE most critical dimension of your network marketing success. Knowing what to say and when to say it helps you enroll more clients. It’s like having a secret ingredient in your most treasured recipe. It belongs to you and makes you stand out.

To create your own High Voltage Introduction answer these questions:

  • Whom do you serve (One Motivated Group of Wellness Seekers)?
  • What exactly do you do for them?
  • What benefit do your clients get from working with you or buying your product?
  • Now play with the words to make it sing and time yourself saying it with the goal of 9 seconds.

Every word must count! You have 8-9 seconds to capture their attention or their minds exit left! When you have a clear message you sound incredibly confident, easy to be with and the natural response from your prospects is for them to ask you to tell them more. When you get this and your follow through engagement and enrollment conversations sorted out, your prospects ask you more and more questions! They enroll themselves.

So how did I introduce myself today?

“I teach holistic and wellness professionals ‘Glass Ceiling’ shattering strategies to gain more clarity, credibility and compensation.” Feel free to use it as a model for writing your own.

If you would like to create your own High Voltage Introduction, Engagement and Enrollment Platforms, then contact me today!