Claim More Wealth and Health Through Online Webinar Courses

Online Webinar Courses Create Freedom

Online Webinar CoursesIf you’ve got a book or product related to helping people improve their lives, then you’ve also got the potential to re-position it into a “high-ticket” webinar course.

Sound like a lot of work?

It’s not if you have someone who does the heavy technical lifting for you. Otherwise, you can work your fingers to the bone and still not achieve the wealth and health that webinar events and courses can bring.

You can “wait” for your information to be purchased by buyers on Amazon or ClickBank, spend time and money promoting your book or easily recreate your work into a high-engagement, high-ticket online webinar that builds wealth fast.

If you’re a doctor, naturopath, life coach or wellness coach, then you’re already heavily scheduled with clients. Just organizing your work in a book or sequential program was a daunting task, let alone all the marketing that comes after.

Everyone tells you to write a book and you think you’re set after that, but you have to ask yourself: Why isn’t my work creating the kind of lifestyle change I wanted for myself?

A big shift occurred online in the last few years. Now, video and webinar events are the platforms that consumers are demanding. Out of the two of them, webinar events are by far the most lucrative and life-changing.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to “find” the time to learn one more thing.

Online Webinar Courses Aren’t Meant to Be YOUR Work

You may have your book or product sitting on a page in Amazon or other retail site. But those sites have you competing on the same page with other authors in the same niche area.

It’s like setting up your office right next door to your biggest rivals, then asking a prospective client to choose among all of them. One click and your prospective buyer is off to another offer.

Online webinar courses shine a spotlight on you and bring you the recognition you deserve. No other book or expert is sitting next to it. It’s all about you and your solution.

If you have a busy practice, it’s tempting to let your work sit out there and hope for the best. When I was a director managing multiple wellness departments, I ate, drank and slept my work.

“No time” was my mantra. I get it from the bottom of my soles.

I’m here to ask you if you’re creating the “no time” mantra when you think about becoming the “go to” expert in your niche?

If you are, then we’ve got you covered. We ensure that you get to show up and make magic with you clients while we take care of the front, back end and entire webinar marketing funnel.

You deserve to do what you love.

That’s what you’re designed to do.

Online Webinar Courses Work Best For Busy Practitioners

Did you know that 65% of the time, your service, book or offering could be quickly re-created into a “high-ticket” webinar course?

Webinar events take your initial work and help potential clients instantly know, like and trust you. In a single session a free sales webinar can launch you to new heights.

A few years ago, relationship marketing was about long-term email marketing. The trajectory was starting with a low cost item and then slowly developing a larger and larger offering for the list of buyers BEFORE you could market higher ticket products to them.

That high-intensity, long-term model will still work, but do you really want to take years to create the kind of income and freedom you want?

Take one of the experts we worked with: an expert in helping prevent athletic injuries. She is a remarkable authority with valuable information, but she struggled with “going big” in her niche. She was trapped in the “long-term” model and couldn’t see how to get out. She’s not alone.

Many talented people, like you may have a lid on what you think is possible for your work.

Online Webinar Courses Help Give Clients What They Need to Succeed

Think about it. Do the clients you envision serving have a fighting chance achieving their wellness outcomes if they don’t have help through the difficult transition moments? Webinar courses give that “simulated” live feeling while we work in the background to ensure all the clients needs are met.

When you’re positioned properly, you can sell high-ticket online webinar courses to nearly cold traffic and make thousands of dollars in a single day.

Are ready to take your place at center stage of the wellness revolution and achieve wealth through online webinar events?

The Sales Webinar Determines How Lucrative Your Webinar Course Becomes

The key to your success happens after you have your content. Success begins and ends with how well you craft your sales webinar.

It’s about awakening potential clients to the benefits that they can get from your “live or nearly live” webinar event that provides the level of support that people need to make real changes in their lives.

Contact me today to find out how serving your clients in platforms that help you facilitate significant and lasting change is also the key to your rapid rise to more wealth and freedom.

To Your Phenomenal Success,