If you’re struggling to succeed as a Wellness Professional, Consultant, Author or Coach, you’ve come to the right place!

Darlene Karpaski, MA, NBCCH

Hi. I’m Darlene Karpaski, AKA “Dar” and I’m the Founder and CEO of Wellness Marketing Warriors and Your Mission to Money (www.yourmissiontomoney.com)

I’m a Business Success Mentor & National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and I LOVE helping women entrepreneurs learn how to quickly position and grow their businesses around their missions…all while having fun doing it! I love revealing simple, proven, “client attraction” and money success methods that get you seen, heard and hired by clients motivated to pay well for your solution.

My highest truth: Outside of my family, nothing is more important to me than helping you get your healing solutions into the hands of people who need them most.

That’s been my driving mission from age 21 when doctors told me “You’ll be disabled for the rest of your life.”

Nine months after diagnosis, I fell into (no coincidences!) the first of many gigs I was called into as an Intuitive Business Consultant helping service businesses solve their client attraction, engagement, and income problems even though my primary role was Therapist!

I had a profound spiritual breakthrough that allowed me to overcome that disability, but wow when I started my business back in 2002, I though I was starring in a Wild West movie, you know? 

I know it’s easy to lose faith when you’re struggling with client attraction drama and trying to grow your practice, but don’t be hard on yourself, because the marketing world is a lot like the Wild West…

…swinging saloon doors and all!

So much misinformation…you just never know what kind of character will bust in and hijack you into making another marketing mistake.  

I get it…on a personal level.

In spite of working hard and using every imaginable “client attraction” tactic, nothing shifted in my early business efforts either…

  • Web designers charged me thousands of dollars and walked off the job and left me in a shambles & others left me with a pretty site that had no ability to attract new clients
  • Purchased tons of programs that were 300 hours of video/information that were overwhelming, impossible to complete and hard to implement (ok maybe not 300 hours, but you get the point)
  • I was in group programs with hundreds of people competing for time from coaches and ending up getting the most time from peers who were stuck in the same places I was
  • Most of the training focused on outdated and highly technical moves to get clients and I spent more time and money trying to put all the pieces together than I could ever say out loud

…and you know, each failed marketing attempt triggered a cascade of disheartening emotions that started to leak into my enrollment sessions and made me doubt my dream.

Little did I know at the time that my conflicted relationship with money was keeping me from moving ahead as much as the conflicting marketing information was frazzling my brain. These experiences triggered old issues about asking for money, receiving it and I ended up discounting my prices which ultimately felt like I was discounting myself.

It was if my mind was on constant cortisol flood- worrying I would never be able to leave the SLOW soul-crushing healthcare bureaucracy and pursue my dream of partnering with my fellow wellness colleagues to create a healing revolution on the planet.

I got angry. Really angry. I was totally being taken advantage of.

That anger fueled me and I went from knowing nothing but how to send emails to mastering websites, copywriting, online sales funnels, etc.

That’s why I’m so protective of my clients – I know what can happen and the many thousands of dollars that can be lost trying to find your way!

But God is amazing because, after a profound spiritual breakthrough, I discovered a simple, sane and soulful path to growing a business I love.

My business gives me the freedom to travel when I want, work from anywhere and enjoy passive income streams as well!

It also gives me the opportunity to partner with beautiful people like you to create significant change in the world.

If I can do it and my clients are doing it, so can you.

No soul sacrificing, necessary.

Fast Forward to Today: I’ve Created a Series of Client Attraction & Money Success Programs To Support Women Entrepreneurs

  1. Profitable Practice Success: How to Create a Lucrative Wellness Business Without Sacrificing Your Sanity or Soul
  2. Soul Niche Success System: Unleash Your Unique Wealth Superpower to Attract Motivated Clients Into Your Business
  3. Money Talk Mastery: How to Easily Turn Sales Conversations Into More Clients & Income
  4. Mission To Money: How to Heal Your Relationship With Money & Create Financial Success With Ease

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of helping nearly 6600 therapy, professional, and business owner clients create happier, healthier and wealthier lives (over 70% women). I’ve also created several 6-figure businesses and quickly turned struggling businesses into profitable client-centered services. My secret? Nurture a steady spiritual connection, keep it fun and simple, and keep dark chocolate on hand at all times!

No seriously, it’s the ability to tune into client psychology and honor their natural change process to create messages that immediately hit home. 

My team and I have also created high-end “done for you” product, marketing and sales funnels. We’ve driven 15-20,000 visitors per month for client sites with Webinars, Google Adwords, Facebook ads and free organic traffic to sell books, video courses, and coaching services. We’ve helped create new video and live coaching courses, ghostwritten 23 books/information products and enlisted an army of joint venture partners to multiply these passive income streams without spending any upfront marketing dollars.

…But you know my favorite part?  It’s helping conscious creative souls find their Soul Niche & Soul Niche Market and create businesses that help heal the world.

Claim Your Rightful Place In The Healing Revolution

That’s why it’s my deepest joy to help you claim your rightful place in the healing revolution, so you can help more struggling clients experience the transformation they need through your healing gifts.

Want to talk chocolate & how you can grow your business impact and income with ease?

Don’t waste another minute struggling, alone.

Go ahead. Join us and elevate your business to new heights and create a powerful legacy with your healing gifts.

Discover valuable client attraction secrets and start growing your practice in 3 weeks or less for Free by clicking on this link: Profitable Practice Mastermind Group


Darlene Karpaski, MA, NBCCH



  • National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Reiki
  • Access Consciousness
  • Tapas Acupressure Technique
  • Perfecting Patient Care (The Toyota Production Model for Creating Client Driven Care Systems)
  • Solution Focused Brief Treatment
  • Solution Focused Management
  • Energy Medicine
  • Matrix Energetics
  • Thought Field Therapy
  • MA in Clinical Psychology

My Backstory:

After my first intuitive business gig, I continued in a very interesting 30-year career serving, training, leading & consulting in Psychology and Business. I had a burning desire to make things better for clients, but the healing was buried under a medication centric ‘power over culture’ that kept clients from recovering (all the while professionals kept calling the clients “resistant” or non-compliant). But you know the system wasn’t designed for healing. It was designed to treat symptoms with the focus growing more and more on serving regulators, insurance providers even if it took time, attention and support away from clients.  I knew the client struggle to get well in my own battle to recover my life from disability, so I had a fierce fire to change it.

That’s when I decided to go to mentors “outside the box” to obtain advanced level training in Communication, Hypnotherapy, Marketing, Perfecting Patient Care, Mind-Body Medicine and Solution Focused Business Management. I had to bankroll all of it, but I was blessed to have a knack for manifesting the money to do it.

Suddenly, the light bulbs lit up like a Christmas tree: We had to create services around the client’s world-view or they would never find us, trust us or be willing to receive what we had to offer. At first, I was laughed out of rooms, but I was relentless (like something was being born in me…because it was!) and a national push toward this type of grassroots recovery model was taking shape. I spent my spare time creating training that was used to educate people across the state – 2 years ahead of what anyone else was doing in Pennsylvania.

Trust the wisdom of the soul you’re meant to serve. That was something I could sink my teeth into and I bet you can too.

That training coupled with inside knowledge of what it was like to sit on both sides of the therapeutic chair got me invited into opportunities to create new innovative wellness programs and help heal struggling ones. In a short amount of time, Local, State and National Leaders started referring to me as a Quick Turn Around Queen with mad strategic implementation skills. They said, “everyone needs a Darlene on their team.” It always made me laugh nervously for fear they would stretch me even further! Little did they know I was doing my own consulting thing and I wasn’t about to give it up for another bureaucracy gig!

And you know, things work out the way they’re meant to – because my healing story would never have been possible without Spirit guiding me to amazing folks just like you: Naturopaths, Coaches, Therapists, Mind-Body Healers, Chiropractors & Holistic Pros who helped me regain my health after a disability that “they” said would end my dreams. 

Because of professionals just like you:

  • I got to be a rebel soul and help pioneer sweeping changes in Pennsylvania’s mental health recovery movement…where we worked to deconstruct traditional “power over” medical models, so clients could awaken and use their own personal medicine to help their recovery process instead of relying solely on toxic medications.
  • And by the grace of God, I also fought and won the battle to get interventions like Reiki, Energy Medicine, EFT and other Mind-body medicine into rigid healthcare settings back when they were considered “Woo Woo Wooooooo” (not just “woo!) and it was beautiful to watch clients begin to bloom and grow.

Thank you for your courage, passion, and pursuit of making this world a better place. You truly make a difference even beyond what you can imagine!