Set the Stage For Client Attraction In Your Holistic Healing Business

Is Marketing Your “Holistic Healing” Business Driving You Crazy?

If trying to market your “Holistic Healing” or wellness coaching business is driving you up a wall, join the club.
Agitated woman with laptopAt this very moment, hundreds of thousands of “holistic healing” pro’s, holistic practitioners and healing pros are pulling their hair out wondering what’s wrong.

In a moment you’re going to learn the Movie Model for Getting holistic healing clients, but first let’s look underneath the hood of this issue.

How Do You Get Your Holistic Healing Business on The Map?

By choosing to attract your Soul Niche: the people YOU were born to serve…

…Instead of pursuing the ever elusive “everyone!”

You know you have a sacred life purpose – it’s always whispering in your ear or waking up with you before you start your day, but how much energy have you spent letting that part of you emerge in your life let alone your marketing?

Success comes from creating…

…Actually re-creating you through the opportunities hidden in the midst of your business barriers.

Yes, even business barriers are gifts in disguise!

“Why can’t I get more clients and money flowing into my  “holistic healing” business?

I’ve got skills.

I’ve got passion.

I’m well trained and I have legitimate credentials.

So, where are MY holistic healing clients?

What am I missing?

Take Your Life Back From Tweaking Your Holistic Healing Site



That’s what I used to do in my first few years striving to provide “holistic healing” services.

Tweak to the tenth power and still few clients came!

I spent my life blazing trails through emotional and physical roadblocks and restoring broken businesses to health and profitability, but nothing prepared me for the online world.

Just like every other holistic healing professional struggling to make it happen with traditional marketing programs…

…I know you’re asking yourself:

  • Maybe I need to write more?
  • Maybe I need to add different images.
  • Maybe I need to create a new service or get more training.
  • STOP!

So much misinformation is out there about getting healing and holistic healing clients and it confuses some of the most talented folks I know.

We are sensitive and conscious souls that don’t thrive with conventional advice.

We march to the beat of a different drummer and need something that resonates with our sacred purpose and belief in the interconnectedness of life.

Bottom line: Your holistic healing website copy is one of the last pieces of the marketing puzzle.

It’s what to do after you’ve identified your Soul Niche: the clients YOU were born to serve and then wrapped your gifts and services into a cohesive client attraction campaign.

Otherwise, the few clients who do find you by chance won’t be motivated to connect.

In their eyes…No one’s home.

They haven’t seen what they needed.

They land.

They scan your site.

They leave.


While marketing your coaching business is important, it’s the wrong thing to do…

…At this stage of your process.

My mantra: Stop marketing and start creating relationships with people you’re meant to serve in your “holistic healing” business.

It comes down to setting the stage for visitors to stop surfing and start connecting heart to heart with you and what you offer by learning to speak their unique online language.

But that’s the real question, isn’t it?

Who are your holistic healing clients exactly?

And which version of you will show up to serve!

Most life coaches and holistic healing pros are incredibly inclusive and try to work with everyone in their coaching businesses, but that leaves you invisible in circles where prospective clients are searching for solutions.

Marketing before getting your holistic healing niche and message straight is like trying to shoot a movie before you have the plot, script and set in place.

It’s a recipe for losing at the box office.

Don’t worry.

We all flown by the seat of our pants and landed up in “never, never land.”

To be a Holistic Healing Star, you’ve got to create the right movie part or you just end up looking like Hazel on the Brady Bunch when you’re meant to be Jennifer Beals in Flashdance!

Don’t look like and sound like every other coach or “holistic healing” pro out there. You’re not.

You’re one of a kind and its time for you to step up and claim it.

Use the Movie Model To Put Your Holistic Healing Service On The Map




Honor this sacred order and poof motivated holistic “healing clients” will not only find you, but be inspired to work with you.

Lights: Illuminate your mission, your vision, your soul gifts and inspiring story.

Never forget YOU are the light. Remember, all great brands know that people don’t buy services; they buy WHY you do it. Take the time to sort through the amazing life stories you’ve gathered and learn how to use one of them to build a brand that makes your business one of a kind.

Camera: Learn which holistic healing or coaching clients you are wired to serve and zoom in on learning their unique language (hint: keywords), burning needs and wrap your marketing around them. That way they can find you online and feel deeply understood when they do.

Action: Go get em! Now you’ve got clarity, credibility and cohesiveness. Now you can drive targeted prospects to your holistic healing website by speaking their language and using their search words to educate them on why they have their problem and how your solution is a great fit.

So, if you’re just getting started as a coaching or “holistic healing” professional or you’ve been at it a while and you haven’t gotten YOUR movie on the big screen, one thing is for sure:

You have a distinct and sacred purpose in life.

You have the tools to help your clients take their lives back from physical, emotional or spiritual distress.

That’s what you were born to do.

Let’s help prospective clients immediately recognize your shiny star power as the solution they’ve been searching for.

Learn how to transform more lives in your holistic healing business by discovering your Soul Niche.

Connect with me today!

To YOUR Sacred Purpose,