Client Attraction is a Choice

I just got back from the DoTERRA International Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. I met the most remarkable people helping their clients heal, but they couldn’t find enough clients to grow their businesses. I talked to them about choosing a target audience (a specific group of people to serve). Almost all of them said that they didn’t want to narrow themselves down. Almost everyone I’ve worked with has had this misconception.

Many Holistic and Wellness Professionals, Energy Workers and Spiritual Entrepreneurs don’t like categories. We’ve spent our lives divorcing ourselves from limiting labels. Unfortunately for us, the average human being thinks in terms of categories!

If you want to attract a steady stream of clients, all you need to do is choose a target audience. I know I’m talking crazy now! Those of us drawn to helping and healing LOVE DIVERSITY! However, think of the position you’re putting the universe in. It just doesn’t know what you want, so you get sporadic results. If the universe were a person, it’s head would be spinning! Once you choose, the universe knows what you’re looking for and can send people your way. That’s how it works from an attraction point of view.

If you need more practical evidence, let’s look at how the average human being processes generalized information. You: “I help people who would like to have a healthier lifestyle.” Potential Client’s Inner Conversation: I’d like to be healthier but I just don’t have the time or the money right now. Eyes glaze over and they nod politely or engage in light social conversation about it. Meanwhile your holistic healing business waits.

If you chose to serve mom’s you might tell the potential client: “I help mom’s with diabetes improve their insulin response and maintain a healthy weight (specific group of people + their biggest and most painful problem which is your niche).”

Now your potential client can think in terms of whether this is a fit for them. In addition, they also now have the opportunity to market your business for you. Their minds will then search for the people in their lives with diabetes.  When they take your card they can share it with folks in your target market.

They may say, “My cousin isn’t a mom but she could sure use your help. She has diabetes and struggles with her weight. Do you think you could talk to her?” Bingo. Your specificity has triggered your listener’s neural pathway for people they love who have diabetes! You now have a live candidate that doesn’t exactly fit your criteria, but you still have permission to say yes if you want!

The Paradox: If you want to have more clients you need to choose a specific, easily identifiable target audience who have a clearly identified pain in their lives. You target all your marketing for their eyes only. They are not a target, your marketing becomes like a laser beam and your wellness services become recognizable to others.

Yes, I am asking a lot of you!

Choosing was THE HARDEST THING I EVER DID IN MY BUSINESS! I spent 3 years not nailing myself down to a specific group! That’s how I know the pain you’re experiencing.

I felt like I just couldn’t get off the ground and I didn’t get it until I finally agreed to step outside of my known world and accept some help from others who already broke this hypnotic trance.

If you have a great passion for what you know you can do for your clients, but need more of them walking through your door, then this information is meant for you!

Here’s the Reader’s Digest formula for finding your Authentic Audience:

  1. Identify your top 3 motivations in life.
  2. Write a list of all the people you absolutely LOVED working with.
  3. Identify the common threads among them.
  4. Do online and local research and try to find them in groups, forums, blogs.
  5. Learn about their biggest and most painful problem.
  6. Shape your work and craft your language around solving their problem (Niche).
  7. Talk to them online and in local groups and build rapport and relationships.
  8. Then and only then, share your solutions with them.
  9. Don’t give all of your solutions away. Just give enough to be helpful so they will feel motivated to come back for more.

If you would like to learn more about how you can use these steps to get clients knocking on your door, feel free to be in touch. You have a gift to share and your audience is already waiting!