Select The Domain Name That Attracts Free Traffic

Choose The Domain Name That Attracts The Most Clients

Target the domain for Free TrafficDo you ever wonder why you’re not getting more leads from your website? You picked the domain name that represents what you love and you’ve put your heart into it.

If you’re like most of us called to serve others, you have a mile-wide passion that influences every business decision you make including the domain name you chose.

I picked (what I thought) was a powerful top level domain for my first site, When that didn’t work out, I felt frustrated, so I picked the domain name,

Both sites were dedicated to serving others. In both cases, I networked my butt off. I put my heart and soul into both sites, but the incoming clients were slim to none. Needless to say, I was heart-broken. I began to feel as if having my own business would never work out. Just like you, I was using the approach instead of stepping out of my own comfort zone.

The domain name you choose will be critical in your client attraction endeavors.


The domain name you use will reflect how well you’re listening to the needs of your prospective customers. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, because we lead with our hearts and feel that everything will just fall into place.

The Domain Name You Choose Drives Free Targeted Traffic to Your Site

The best domain name will bring FREE organic targeted traffic straight to your door. After I hit dead ends with client attraction, I just gulped it down and focused primarily on my full-time job while I saw a few clients here and there.

I studied marketing in my spare time, but I still wasn’t clear on the whole keyword approach to choosing the domain name that would work, because none of them sounded like me. Finally I took the plunge and got specialized training in selecting a domain name that would serve my soul and keyword criteria.

Shortly after, I could see how I was client-focused when I was meeting with clients, but my whole marketing approach was all about me! No wonder I was spending tons of time working harder at finding clients than serving them!

Check out this helpful blog post:

Prospective clients looking for services will never find you unless your marketing is completely client focused.

In other words, the domain name you choose, your “about me” page and every blog post needs to reflect the words your clients use to search for help to their problems.

As much as I resisted using them at first, I’ve found that they really support my belief in being client-centered. It’s a win-win all the way around. I win with clients finding me without networking and they win because when they see the domain name of my site, they’ll immediately connect the dots! They’ll know that I’m honoring their journey with every carefully chosen keyword I use.

Rules of Thumb for Choosing the Domain Name That Puts Your Site on the Map

  • Choose the domain name for your site that reflects your ideal clients biggest problem
  • Search for low competition and high search volume keywords in Google Keyword Planner
  • Go to to check the domain name availability
  • Be creative if it’s already taken and add prefixes or suffixes to make the domain name sparkle
  • Register the domain name with Google, Bing and Yahoo

If you have any questions related to finding the domain name that’s right for your business, please leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help.

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