Spring Rebirth: Could Your Health Coaching Business Use a Boost?

Health Coaching Business: Evolving Like the Seasons

Business Coaching Rebirth

Each Spring my business & I go through a rebirth and so do the health coaching businesses I serve.

It never fails, because that’s how my spirit rolls. Like a caterpillar emerging from a cocoon, there’s a quickening that bubbles up from the deep and we feel called to rise higher than we have before…and it pushes our edges and comfort zones in a big way.

What about you?

Are you ready to rise up and break out of your “health coaching business” cocoon and don new wings?

If so, you’re right where you need to be, because we all need help transitioning from slow to grow.  In fact, I wrote a Spring Rebirth poem back in March 2011 and it just resurfaced.

You know, emergence is just as tough for us as it is for the Daffodil peeking out to see if it’s safe to go full bloom in the early Spring season.

Becoming highly visible in your health coaching business feels risky, because it stirs up all of the inner barriers and voices that say:

“You’ll never amount to anything. Who are you to charge money for these services? Who are you to offering coaching and healing services? What if they judge me? No one wants to pay for these kind of services.”

What Will Be Born In Your Health Coaching Business This Spring?

I get it. When I started my initial coaching business it was pretty scary and I was flooded with self-doubt and fears that were so overpowering.

But new gifts emerge in the midst of struggle. Back in the Winter of 2010/2011 when I almost gave up on my dream, this poem flowed through me and onto the paper.

I hope it inspires you to honor your journey and to “listen” and “watch” for what’s being born in your healing & coaching business.

Spring Rebirth

“Beneath heavy fall leaves

Accumulating layers of winter’s piercing cold snow

I slipped into a deep state of mourning

While winds swept across me

Racing their way to the ends of the earth.

For a long time I braced myself against them

They threatened my familiar landscape

Then slowly but not easily,

Parts of me started to give way and surrender

It was a deep, deep descent

The Hand of Life flowed over me like a great river

and it made me “own” my limiting beliefs

As if I swallowed them whole

Before freezing into a solid river of ice.

Until at last the leaves, snow, ice and winds became me.

As I lay still and quiet

Below the level of conscious awareness

Pieces of me began shifting and forming

Into mysterious colorful collages and shapes

While tiny melting trickles flitted across my frozen wings…

Water crystal possibilities

Glimmered beneath my surface in the pre-dawn of Spring.

Yet again, I pushed against it.

How I now longed to just lie still beneath the safe blankets

And not be pulled back into the busy dance again

Still dreaming and dozing in the Netherland folds between worlds

I resisted the process of Life carving and widening my parameters into the unknown.

Yet my ears could not help but hear whispers…

A crackling in the inner sanctuary of my soul,

A charging of each cell with fresh new baby green

Foretelling a gathering of all my discordant pieces into a solid whole.

Slowly my eyes started to open absorbing flickering sunlight

And my chest rose higher with each breath

While my body swirled as if in a primal vortex

Transfusing dark, rich nourishing blood from the tips of my deepened roots.

Like a great ancient stalk of maize

I witnessed that I was silently growing roots downward first

Before winding, reaching and emerging new from the dark rich soil of earth

Dripping with unfamiliarity and intrigue.

What would I become this time?

What new senses would reveal themselves

After looking through brand new eyes

Having been reclaimed, ignited and resurrected?

Would there be nuances that showed up in my mirror or that only others could see and report back to me?

Would I hear myself speaking things that

Had not ever occurred to me before?

Would the trees, ocean and stars whisper through my heart

Beating with love and reverence for all people and events no matter what their appearance?

What would the Hand of Life

Paint across my canvas this time around?

As I wondered, I knelt in my heart

Seeds had long ago been planted

In the “garden of my soul”

Waiting for the courage to say YES!

Show me my life

Broaden my reach

Extend my wings

I am willing and ready

To be reborn once again this Spring.”

If You’ve Been on The Brink of Giving Up on Your Health Coaching Business…

…Because of lack of clients, money, time you’re right on the brink of a healing health coaching business breakthrough.

I want to encourage you to stay the course and OPEN to what’s emerging, so you don’t miss what you’re being asked to reconcile during this powerful right of passage.

As for me, back in Spring of 2011 I was walking between 2 worlds…

  • One foot in the world of “meant to be” that encouraged me to accept the struggles as final until a “sign” showed up to release me
  • The other foot in the world of “I’m a collaborator with Life” that encouraged me to recognize my struggles were based on my own fears and limits and had nothing to do with what God/Spirit had planned for me

For those of us who are spiritually passionate, categorizing business obstacles as “meant to be” can keep us from creating our lives and upgrading our healing & “health coaching business” skills.

My breakthrough came after I channeled this poem and started partnering with solid heart-based mentors to help me cultivate new skills instead of trying to do everything on my own.

It turns out that trying to grow a business alone or from a program isn’t the best method for those of us who learn and grow through relationships.

Get the support you need to grow your skills, so you don’t mistake a solvable problem for “meant to be.”

Would you like more business inspiration?

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Let us support the rebirth of your health coaching business today!



Darlene Karpaski, MA, NBCCH

Wellness Marketing Warriors

Creator of the Profitable Practice Success System