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If there were ever a pivotal time to start thinking BIG about your nurse coaching or health coaching practice, it’s 2019.

There’s sparkle and energy lighting up 2019 like I’ve never seen before and you deserve to get in on it.

It’s your turn to achieve the financial success you deserve for the transformational work you do!

The power of thinking big is what you teach your clients and now it’s your turn.

It is always easier when we’re giving, isn’t it?

If you’re open to experiencing a greater impact & income, I’m going to share some powerful medicine. Medicine that I learned through my own business journey.

Receiving is a space most health and wellness coaches struggle with…especially when it comes to money.

Like the stories that follow, there’s a healing metamorphosis in store for you if you open your heart and mind to it.


Pillar #1: Leave “Employee” Mindset Out of Your Health Coaching Practice

You’ve already “done struggle” and you know where that fork in the road leads…

  • High stress
  • Little recognition
  • Long hours
  • And poor wages

Yuck, that sounds more like the J-O-B you left (or want to leave) than the happy health coaching practice you imagined, doesn’t it?

Habits we carry from “employee land” have a way of sinking your practice like a rock sinks to the bottom of the pond.

When I transitioned out of a Director position in the mental health industry into my own business, I unintentionally recreated a “work yourself to the bone” kind of business. Successful yes, but I felt the same emotional stress as if I were still in system!

What was the common denominator? ME and my mindset!

Maries Story

Marie is a Nurse/Energy Medicine Practitioner with a heart of gold. She has a practice that’s linked up with some other holistic healing pros in a shared office space.

She called me after one of my clients said she should get in touch with me.

We were 10 minutes into her free Income & Impact Breakthrough consultation when it became clear that she too had carried the employee mindset into her health coaching practice.

She used words like “not enough time, not enough clients, and not enough money, in spite of all of her efforts.”

Maybe you’re feeling the same way in your business, too? If so, there is HOPE.

And this is part of the rite of passage into a highly profitable practice. The INNER TRANSITION is key to leaving the spirit-crushing healthcare system behind.

One of the most important things you can do is to start to say “no” to doing things that don’t empower you to move forward.


Employees Are Afraid to Miss Opportunities That May Lead to A Big Break

Successful Wellness Entrepreneurs Flex Their “No” Muscles


Warren Buffet said, “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” Read more about the entrepreneurial mindset in this great article: 8 Differences Between Employees & Entrepreneurs.

Marie didn’t realize that having a business requires a shift in thinking. Like Marie, you’re finally in charge of your business culture, so now’s the time to make it nice for yourself!

Laser focus your energy on what matters most in your health coaching practice and watch the magic unfold.

What matters most?

Attracting & enrolling clients!

Client attraction is the heartbeat of your business.

Follow in Marie’s footsteps. Call your spirit back from people, places and things that don’t bring high-paying clients into your business.

You deserve to create a business that creates inner wellness as well as outer wealth.


Pillar #2: Could Your Relationship With Money Be Your Ultimate Partner in your Health Coaching Practice?

You know money gets a bad rap.

It’s one of the most abused things on the planet.

“Dirty, filthy, evil.”

Imagine if you said that to a human being.

Would they want to come closer or get as far away from you as they can?

Since everything is energy, money is a life form in its own way.

Just like your family, you form a relationship with it from an early age. That influences how you roll with money.

Carol is a former respiratory therapist worker turned voice coach. When I first met her, I heard her speaking about how much she worked and how little she had to show for it. In the next breath, she’d say “that’s okay. I’m not in it for the money anyway. I love what I do.”

In one breath she jumped into 2 totally different emotional states. One of wanting more and the next dialing herself back in.

I’ve seen more of my clients struggle with this than anything else.

We carry serious money baggage and it affects how many clients your health coaching practice attracts and how much money you make.

Remember: Your relationship with money precedes you into every client conversation.

As healers, we promote forgiveness and transformation for others, right?

Imagine what you would unleash in your life if you decided to heal your “broken money relationship”.

What are the possibilities that money is eager to receive the healing transformation you offer others?

Starting Now: Choose to create a new empowering relationship with money.

Take a moment and look around and give thanks for what this flat green piece of paper can make happen in your life and in the lives of those you love.

Isn’t it interesting that potential clients biggest objection is about spending money and your biggest hurdle is asking for it?

I call it mirror-mirror mindset, because you attract the people and circumstances into your health coaching practice that mirror your beliefs about health, wealth and happiness.

You see, Carol was only charging $597 for 12 one on one voice-coaching sessions!

Way too low, but her Low Wealth Esteem would rear its head every time she went to up-level prices.

After she went through the guided Money Metamorphosis hypnotherapy method in my Soul Niche Success System, she had an awakening.

She said: “I’m not valuing my time. I’m not valuing me.”

That’s powerful and it’s a right of passage for all women. We don’t need to prove that we care by short-changing ourselves financially.

From 2019 forward, let’s retire the soul-crushing mantra: “I’m not in it for the money.”

Are you with me?

In “10 Mantra’s To Help You Heal Your Relationship with Money,” Meadow Devor shares a powerful message:

“Being paid hurts no one.”

“Many of us carry a burden of shame when it comes to wanting to be compensated. No one knows this more than entrepreneurs, especially those in the wellness industry. I work with so many life coaches, yoga teachers and spiritual mentors that offer enormous value to their students, yet chronically under-charge for their services. We all deserve to be paid. We all deserve to be compensated for our efforts, our knowledge and for our talents. When we see the exchange of money as simply a neutral exchange of energy, we can see that being paid is a win-win. Our clients, customers, students and employers receive our services and products and we receive the reciprocal energetic value in the form of money.”


PILLAR #3: The Zen of a Health Coaching Practice 

Commit to doing what works even if you don’t know what that is yet. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll die an unlived life…

…never realizing your full potential.

Learning effective methods of getting clients and packaging your services in a way that commands higher prices points.

Most nurses & health coaching pro’s market their coaching services instead of high-end packages designed to deliver premium results.

Selling services leaves you looking like a “jack of all trades” instead of the incredible authority you are.

Highly motivated high-paying clients are paying other health coaching practices 2-4 x more than they pay you for similar services…

…Because your work isn’t packaged in a way that positions you as an authority.


I know.

Been there. Drank the Kool-Aid and felt like a loser.

As long as you are trying to serve everyone you can’t help but “sell your services” by the hour or small packages because you are trying to be all things to all people.

It would be like going to a general practitioner for heart surgery. Doesn’t work that way.

That’s why so many amazing wellness entrepreneurs list all their services and prices on their site. I sure did back in 2002 when I was promoting my life coaching service. Back then I thought clients knew what they wanted and would “see” the value.


Listing prices on your site is like rushing prospective clients to the “sales altar” too soon.

Think about it.

Eyes just met across the room and instead of inviting him or her to coffee, you make a marriage proposal on the spot.

Can you say: “RUN?”

Too soon in the relationship!

Early on I thought clients knew what they wanted and would “see” the value in my pricing. They didn’t and in fact would balk at already low prices.

Rule of Thumb: Meet prospective clients at their model of the world, by specializing in one niche market in your health coaching practice.

Didn’t matter that I always trained my Therapist, Nurse and Coaching teams to meet clients from within the client worldview. When I went online I didn’t realize that I wasn’t honoring this sacred way of working with others. It was invisible to me, because I was juggling so many things at once.

I thought my loving and healing words and energy and passion would be enough, but in fact, they didn’t that at all because they were jumping off my site in a flash to find one that spoke to their unique issues.

When you commit to doing relationship first marketing instead of selling too soon, you’ll find motivated clients commit to paying you the high-end fees they pay others.

I know it will take a little shift in thinking and a shift in what you do, but isn’t that what you ask your clients to do every day?

Whatever you do: Choose to Live the Life That’s Dying to Get Out!

The world needs your gifts on an even grander scale!


To sum it all up:

  1. Don’t carry Employee Energy into your health coaching practice. Create your business to support your own wellness and rhythm first or you’ll never get “there.”
  1. Make money your holistic healing partner. Use your healing tools on your relationship with money to create a sign up in your next enrollment session.
  1. Stop marketing general services and start specializing in a solution for one group of people who are motivated to get help.


Check out my next article for more ways to create an income shift.

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Love & Blessings


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