How to Use Ho’ Oponopono For Life Coaching and Wellness Coaching Success

Hands Generating EnergyHave you been a driving force in your quest to attract more clients? Working a JOB, caring for family and possibly parents too, you also apply that same level of energy to attracting clients into your business.

It can be taxing and disappointing when all of your efforts don’t lead to a big breakthrough in your business.

Years before I found Ho’ Oponopono, I threw everything I had at finding clients. I was taking care of my aging parents long distance, working in a full-time psychotherapy and then director position, managing a disability AND trying to build my business.

I had everything neatly lined up in a system of activities that were held together by my sheer willpower to keep it all going. I knew there had to be a way to get more clients so I networked, handed out cards etc.

Does this sound familiar?

The missing element it turned out to be was the focus on my own wellness.

HoOponopono Helps Tame the “Dragons” On the Path to Success

It turns out it didn’t matter how hard I pushed, pulled and worked to try to get client attraction on auto-pilot. There just weren’t enough “chance encounters” to meet the people who needed what I offered because I was a wild, multi-tasking action-oriented force on the planet (with no time to network!)

Hawaiian prayers or other healing practices weren’t deeply engrained in how I led my business, but I used this and similar processes for self-care “when I had the opportunity.” You and I both know that we are most often the LAST people on our list if we even make it on the list.

It turns out that all the action in the world can’t overcome the “dragon” of self-sabotage.

It’s a success limiting “dragon,” because it got installed in your neural network via a generational pattern of putting yourself last.

Deep down underneath it is the belief: “I have to do all of these things in order to prove my worth.”

We have many “parts” of our selves and this “part” carries a tremendous amount of influence over your thoughts, feelings and actions. Those “parts” actually invite more of the same to show up in your life through the people, places and experiences you have.

One of my current clients explained how she felt resistant to slowing down and focusing instead of trying to pursue every possible client opportunity.

She said “after giving myself permission to take care of myself and go through your client attraction process, I’m working less but making more money!” Her words were very inspiring as I’ve seen this same experience unfold over and over again. That’s why when I started using this simple process, I could only think of how it would serve you too.

How do you know if you’ve got the “Dragon?”

  • You’ll DO many things but the outcomes won’t end up turning out as you had hoped.
  • You feel as if there’s not enough time
  • You’ll DO many things for people you love and clients, but you feel as if something is missing (or feel invisible)
  • At times, you’ll feel lonely and left out while others seem to enjoy themselves.
  • You are more comfortable giving to others than receiving (compliments, care, support, money).
  • You continue to encounter the same roadblocks over and over again in your business (Ground Hog Day!)
  • Your client attraction is completely dependent on you finding people on your own
  • There’s a part of you that feels trapped but you don’t know how to get off of the “Run as Fast as You Can Treadmill.”

The only way off of the “Run as Fast as You Can Treadmill” is to take care of YOU.

Your Business Success is Waiting Behind the Curtain of Self-Care.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but remember you’re up against a generational pattern (a “dragon”) that’s holding you hostage to a life of DOING. I had this dragon as the center of my life for years. I loved supporting everyone, but I also longed for the business of my dreams.

Taking the time to care for you in the midst of tremendous responsibility IS THE SHORTEST PATH TO SUCCESS.

It turns out that nothing is more important than YOU feeling good. Using the power of these prayers are a wonderful way to incorporate self-healing in the midst of your busy schedule.

What you heal in yourself, you heal in others is the premise of this Hawaiian healing process.

You know the people and situations you encounter that stress you out? They represent the very “parts” of you that need healing. By using the cleansing prayer, you can bless everyone and everything as it is.

The stressful situations arrive in Divine Order to awaken you to the next highest version of yourself. This process is totally amazing and you’re going to love it.

When you encounter prospective clients, you want them to FEEL the kind of energy that they want to have in their own lives. Using this process can help you convey the ultimate marketing tool – Your Full Presence.

The best part is that this Hawaiian Prayer can be done on the fly!!! It’s true that what you heal in yourself you heal in your business AND what you heal in your business you heal in yourself.

That’s the experience of the life and wellness coaches I serve. They are truly amazed that as they “allow more space” for themselves (space shows up by using the prayer), what they worked so hard to achieve becomes easier.

Using HoOponopono On the Fly

Without stopping any of your activity, I want to invite you to use the prayer to support your life energy and your business.

Every time you encounter a “dragon” on your path (a negative person, roadblock, self-limiting thought), say this beautiful Hawaiian prayer (silently or aloud):

I love you > I’m sorry > Please forgive me > Thank You

Keep in mind that you’re not saying it to another person. You’re saying it to the “parts” of your self that need healed around this problem. You’re saying it to the Highest “Part” of your SELF as well. Hawaiian’s call this prayer a “cleaning tool.” It helps to clean your vibration of limiting patterns that keep you from shining in the eyes of prospective clients.

Don’t be surprised if after a week of using this prayer, you notice “space” within yourself. It promotes a sense of calm that infuses all of your business activities with less action and more results.

Your clients are already out there. Once you “clean up” your energy, they’ll be able to see you more clearly for the amazing healing presence you bring to our world.

If you’d like to learn to “tame your success limiting dragons” on your path to success, just click this link to schedule a Free “Go Big With Your Coaching” Consult.

To Your Wellness,

I love you > I’m Sorry > Please Forgive Me > Thank You