Would You Like to Author a Book in Health and Wellness?

Health & Wellness Book: Author, Who Me?

Have you considered how your business could grow if you were to author a health and wellness book? 

How would your published health and wellness book change your life?

Imagine how many more people you could help, the confidence you would feel and how amazing it would be to be recognized as an authority with your very own health and wellness book. 

What most people don’t realize is that writing a book changes you – empowers you…at least that’s what author of 44 books, Lynda Goldman from www.WellnessInk.com says.  

I interviewed Lynda Goldman, author of “Write to Heal: 7 Steps to Write and Publish a Wellness Book that Heals More People, Makes You the Authority and Leaves Your Legacy.”


During our talk, she spilled the beans on powerful secrets about how to author a book. I’m sharing the interview with you, because she is amazing and makes it easy to capture your ideas and organize them

If you knew me a little better you would know organizing a book is nearly an impossible feat for me.

Tons of ideas, stories…where do they go, how do I educate and not jump all over the place. Great in person, but writing a whole book – YIKES!

Can you relate? 

PLUS: she’s giving us incredibly generous templates and roadmaps to quickly get your work out there! You can join her mission to heal more lives here: http://www.wellnessink.com/free-roadmap/.

Here’s the thing: I was struggling to organize my book for 8 years. Thirty minutes after reading her book, I had an outline that organized millions of ideas into a clear picture! Thanks to Lynda I have the structure to finally pull all the pieces so I can finally author my first book!

Should You Author a Book That Solves Everything? 

Surprise, just like you I have more than one book in me – Lynda cautions wellness entrepreneurs not to try to write a be all end all book – whoops that’s exactly what had me hamstrung!

You can get her powerful book here: http://bit.ly/WritetoHeal10FreeGifts.

Author a Book

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