Make Webinar Sales Soar With These 3 Tips

Beth Hayden from Copyblogger struck gold again with her “Boost Webinar Conversions With These 5 Tips.”

Once again, she reminds us of the power of effective sales copy.

Make Webinar Sales Soar With These 3 Tips


While she doesn’t come right out and say it,your webinar sales process starts as soon as prospective client reads your sign-up form.

Step One: Boost Webinar Sales With Better Sign Up Forms

Create a riveting webinar title and convey a promise that speaks to your webinar audience’s biggest and most hopeful outcomes.

“Don’t be afraid to use words like: shocking, amazing, unknown secret etc. All of these words get readers to stop long enough to examine the rest of your webinar copy.”

It’s what jolts them out of online indifference and into a state of curiosity.

List ONLY 3 power-packed benefit bullet points on your sign up page.

Highlight the big benefit webinar takeaways. Focus on the benefit of the benefit.

Don’t focus on sit-ups. Focus on the six-pack abs that will garner lots of positive attention. That’s what they’re really after.

Last but not least, harness the power of a compelling webinar call to action.

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Step Two: High-Connection Makes Webinar Sales Soar

Before you get into the meat and potatoes of your content, make sure you take 5-10 well-crafted minutes to share your story.

Beth Haden’s article: accurately directs you to “describe a situation where you struggled with something and then figured out a way to break through that problem or issue.”

Just don’t leave it at that. Be aware of your audience’s deeper need.

The “story recipe” for soaring webinar sales needs to be peppered with anticipatory moments that seed your audience’s minds with curiosity.

It’s all about peppering your story with elements that draw people toward your coming offer. This move ensures that no one hears tires screeching when you transition to your webinar sales pitch.

When you help webinar participants feel connected to you, they’ll WANT to know how to get more of you in their lives.

Step Three: Earn Your Webinar Sales Pitch

“You can “earn” your selling time by delivering useful, unique, relevant content. Then exude confidence in your offer, and take your time explaining your product or service.” I love how Beth Hayden really laser focuses on what really counts in her Copyblogger article.

Your webinar sets the stage for your offer.

When done well, you “earn” your selling time, because you’ve spent time up front “earning” trust through service.

Nothing is more powerful for building rapid online trust, credibility and sales than client-centered webinars.

Step Four: Embed “Hooks” in The Webinar Sales Funnel and Presentation

When done right, the “hooks” you embed in your webinar sales funnel are the keys to attracting, engaging and keeping webinar participants glued to their computer screens.

“Without hooks, there are no sales. I am not talking about the painful, metal hooks used on a fishing trip. I’m talking about the emotional, personal and highly targeted mental hooks that are going to get into the minds of your audience and stay there.”

Scale My Business laser targets how to employ hooks and 15 other sales elements to frame your “selling time” for maximum impact.

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