Money, Mindset and Laws of Attraction

Your Money Mindset Can STOP Your Business Growth in It’s Tracks

Your money mindset is the cornerstone from which all other health and wellness business success is built. If your comfort level with giving and receiving money is off, you can create all the wellness programs you want, but your business success will fall shy of giving you the time, freedom and income you desire.

What I’ve found in my interactions with wellness professionals is that they tend to market to people they know or are close to their immediate circle of friends, co-workers and family members. While this is a great place to start, this mindset doesn’t keep the business growing. Why?

A big part of the reason is how you charge for your services. Most practitioners charge based on what they think people will pay. So, you look around at your current clients and see what they’re paying and then calculate how much money you can bring in based on those rates. But YOU (Your Larger Self) didn’t set the rates. I know. I can already feel the flags being raised!

“What do you mean, set the rates! People won’t come to me if I set my rates higher!”

If lowering your prices is your mantra, your mindset is limiting your growth!

But what if clients would pay more if you cultivated a millionaire mindset instead of a scarcity mindset? What are the possibilities that a thriving wellness business and stronger income stream is sitting right next to your current reality? What if the dreams, hopes and visions you have for your life have been putting down roots when you were busy running at a high rate of speed? You just can’t see them because their view is blocked by a limited mindset?

You pass right by “doing more, faster, longer, harder.” This is a pattern. You’ve been here before. You know you can never work hard enough or long enough to “get there” by giving here all of your attention. Harnessing the laws of attraction for business growth will work for you instead of against you when you align the power of mindset with your actions.

Mindset the New Psychology of Success Shows Us How to Get Out of Our Own Way

It’s not about doing things the way you’ve always done them. Unless you’re 100% satisfied with the outcomes in your personal and business life. Getting the results you want has everything to do with your relationship to money, your mindset and your marketing.

Your business success is already in “escrow” waiting for YOU to catch up. Your Expansive Self knows that there’s a group of people who are energetically connected to what you’re offering.

They are seekers and already willing to pay to get the help they need. They just can’t find you. And you can’t find them because you’ve been looking through the same mindset lense. We all go through this and none of it is your fault. In fact, I see this aspect of growing your business as the part that can foster an even deeper compassion for your clients and prospective clients.

They too are in the mindset vortex. When I managed outpatient mental health departments, 90% of how I helped my staff was helping them conquer mindset matters that kept them from better engaging clients in services. 10% action. 90% mindset. Imagine that!

Your mindset is the cornerstone and bedrock of all of your success. When your mindset is focused on lack, no amount of doing will bring in the clients. The vibe you give off is so loud, no one can hear your marketing messages.

How Do You Break the “Scarcity Mindset” Spell?

You begin by asking yourself these questions: 

  1. Can I slow down and reflect on my mission to serve? Does my mindset allow me to be okay “receiving” from others?
  2. Are the clients I’m seeing my ideal clients and if not, why?
  3. Are my marketing messages focused on a “growth mindset” and powerful enough to break through my prospective clients walls?
  4. Does my marketing focus on me and my training as my primary method of conveying credibility?
  5. Can I cut myself a break and really breathe into where I am now and have it be good enough?
  6. On a scale of 1-10, how willing am I to explore how to cultivate a millionaire mindset as a means of attracting more clients, credibility and income?
  7. How would my money mindset need to change in order for me to accept more success?

Ask yourself these questions to wake up that “part” of yourself that’s already living on the other side of mindset limits and is waving back across the shore to say “It’s great over here. It’s okay to go.”