3 Reasons a Nurse Health Coach Can Grow Income Without An Email List

Could a Nurse Health Coach Get Psyched About THIS

“Did you passionately set out to create an email list or did you passionately set out to change lives and create a nice life for yourself as a nurse health coach?

Yep, I’m with you.

When I transitioned from therapist/business manager to my own online business, I was dead set on helping wellness pros have happier, healthier and wealthier lives.

I had spent the last 15 years coaching, training and leading talented coaches, therapists, nurses and they were seriously struggling financially in their side coaching businesses.

Lots of websites but not many clients.

I went through the same thing, but thankfully a huge breakthrough turned my business and life around after I thought all was lost. So here’s what my colleagues and I know about why you don’t need an email list to generate fast income as a nurse health coach.

Reason #1: A Nurse Health Coach Can Get Paid Faster 

What’s the thinking behind email lists?

Build relationships with people. And an email list works over time IF you have your marketing messages, programs and website targeted to your ultimate niche market.

But you also need cash now, right?

…as it turned out I discovered I could get faster client sign-ups while my email list was growing by doing outbound relationship building.

I still get goosebumps when I think back to the first month I generated

$10,800 WITHOUT an email list.

Believe me, if you’re in shock, I get it. So was I! Jaw to floor stunned into silence.

If you could use even half that a month in your business, read the full post to find out how I did it.

Reason #2: Building an Email List Can Be Costly For a Heart-Centered Nurse Health Coach 

What happened early in my online business is that I spent thousands of dollars and years chasing the ELUSIVE email list and getting my website and the free gift right…

I spent tons of time on blogging for my website. I knew it would bring site visitors if I did all the SEO stuff right and the goal was for them to get my free gift and sign up for my email list.

One problem though…It was SLOW. Excuse me – slower than a turtle with his brakes on.

Like most of the clients who come to me, I spent all my money on my website and on multiple marketing programs thinking I would SAVE money and figure out how to put the pieces together on my own without mentoring.

After all, I had already designed and implemented a couple of 200K and 500K businesses, how hard could the online stuff be?

OMG – I was in for a super rude awakening. It was 2005 and I didn’t know the backend of a website, professional copywriting or email marketing funnels from a hole in the ground. I didn’t have a fighting chance at email list marketing.

So, if this is where you’re at…I get it wholeheartedly.

The cost of doing web-based marketing is financial and emotional as you’re a skilled nurse, not a niche marketing expert, professional copywriter, landing page pro or traffic specialist.

It took me years of advanced training to learn these skills, but the market has changed and people want more LIVE and video marketing action to make real life relationships instead of flat words on a page to engage them.

Do you feel like you’re losing your mind marketing your business? Check out this blog post: Is Marketing Your “Holistic Healing” Business Driving You Crazy?

Reason #3: Are You a Nurse Health Coach Eager to Have Fun Creating Instant Relationships?

Yep. You better believe it!

Finally, you can create more income by having fun interacting with real people instead of relying only on passive emails do your relationship building for you.


By joining targeted Facebook Groups where your ultimate clients are already hanging out and looking for help.

Most people think Facebook Likes are important.


Likes don’t engage people. If you spend your marketing dollars building a following of “likes” you’ll miss the real beauty of social media – creating and nurturing long-term relationships with people who want what you have and people who are great referral sources for you.

As a busy nurse health coach, you don’t have time to do all the marketing monkey business and divide your time between your business and professional position…

After all, your REAL goal is to exit the bureaucracy once and for all, right?

When you spend time interacting with real people in practically real time and delivering real value, you build credibility and become attractive to group members looking for a direction.

Plus it’s really rewarding and great fun to interact with people instead of waiting passively for people to sign up for your email list. Don’t get me wrong an email list is fantastic, but when you need income in your health coach business now, you’ve got to flow with the energy!

As a Nurse Health Coach you can create instant rapport and take the conversation into private messages where you can pace and stage a beautiful new relationship based on mutual trust and commonality.

So, by all means, stop spending all your time tweaking your site, free gift, and email funnel. That’s not where the real people hang out. It will cost you dearly to stay glued to that approach.

But it’s tempting because it keeps you busy and behind the scenes.

Time to stop hiding and let your light out in a big way.

If you’re a “nurse health coach” or wellness entrepreneur, you can generate 3-5 enrollment sessions by the end of this week with this highly effective approach.

To Your Extraordinary Success,


Darlene Karpaski

Peak-Performance & Business Success Coach

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