Paid 9 x Higher Fees


“As a Nurse who wanted to transition out of traditional healthcare, I knew that getting paid for single Reiki sessions would never be enough to live on. Darlene came highly recommended, so I hired her.

I couldn’t be happier. She helped me find & focus my unique gifts into a comprehensive, high value group-coaching program. I’m over the moon having 9x my fees through her Sacred Money Mindset & sales methods. My program includes energy medicine, Reiki and holistic cancer coaching and it was easy to sell for $5,700!

I don’t know what I would do without Darlene’s compassionate leadership and the powerful relationship we have developed. I wholeheartedly recommend her!


Bonnie Sharpnack, BSN, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Master Teacher

I’m Nearly Booked Solid & Earning 4 x More!

“Within 3 weeks of using Dar’s simple heart-brain resonance methods & marketing strategy, I signed a new client.

By the 4th week, I had 4 new clients and 10 people lined up for enrollment sessions from my services. By the 8th week, I signed 3 more clients and I’m nearly booked solid! 

I’ve never had this kind of response to my work and I tried every program. I have words that make sense to my prospective clients and now they’re lining up for my upcoming program and people are referring new clients left and right. And clients who aren’t even in my niche! Go figure!

I was so afraid of niching, but now Dar showed me how conveying my unique difference IS my path to more of what I want. I love this and my new website!

I’m earning 4 x more than before! This program has given me an identity and my friends who’ve seen how my yoga class has exploded have started asking lots of questions about my marketing methods! 

This is not just marketing; it’s helping to heal my soul. I just used Dar’s model of mindset, money relationship, and marketing. It’s the easiest thing to do. Go figure! Dar is a fabulous mentor.” 



Mariangela Mancuso E-RYT, CPT, PMA®-CPT; Dip. ACFN ,

Job of My Dreams Working Fewer Hours 

“Before working with Dar, I didn’t realize the full magnitude of my skills and gifts. I struggled in a high-end management position hating how I was treated and the extremely long hours I had to work. Dar helped me to identify my gifts and organize them into a cohesive package that enabled me to not only switch fields completely but to get the job of my dreams while working fewer hours!  

None of this would have been possible if she hadn’t mentored me to make important decisions that I had been afraid to make. More than mindset, Darlene’s intuitive business coaching is life-changing. She coached me on what to say and when to say it to get hired for the very first job I wanted! I had struggled for years, but she had all the right words, timing and positioning to make this the easiest career transition ever! Now I have a life again and I know how to market myself like a pro, which is coming in very handy in my new role! If you get the chance to work with Dar, don’t miss out on it. If you’ve got a marketing or career problem, she’ll help you tap into unshakeable confidence and give you the words and strategies to get you where you want to go!”


Bank of New York Mellon 


jennConnecting With Dar Was Medicine For My Soul

“Connecting with Dar was like medicine for my soul. I was a leader in my industry but had landed in several bad situations with employers that shook me to my core. I thought I just needed to go with the flow, but the emotional toll was too much. I didn’t even realize how far off compass I was until I met Dar.

My job was destroying my spirit, but I was afraid to leave. She showed me that what I had to offer was bigger than my beauty and personal training services…that I actually have soul gifts!

She saw something in me I didn’t see myself and helped me understand that people weren’t buying services, they were buying what I stood for and why I do what I do. And with that clarity, I found my Soul Niche. She helped me raise my rates and get paid well doing what I love!

Dar’s loving, funny and inspirational presence will rock your spirit to the core until you give birth to your success.

She’s not a coach in the traditional sense (more like an angel) because she really gets into your energy, intuits your gifts and helps you frame them. She doesn’t hang back and wait for you to figure it out all by yourself. She comes and gets you. Thank God.

She helped me claim my place and be respected for what I’m worth and that’s priceless. I now have people supporting my mission and clients flying in the door.

If you’re struggling. Stop. Just reach out to Dar. Your whole world will open up.”

With love,

Jennifer Lee
Body Beautiful Productions

Darlene helped me grow my income 45% in 6 weeks!

I used to really struggle with getting clients or with clients not showing and I was really sinking.  Your heart based strategic approaches gave me the foundation I needed so clients show up and keep coming back! In 6 weeks, my income grew by 45%. I’m going on vacation to celebrate next month!

Because of our work together, I’m other professionals seek me out and ask me to coach them on how to best use DBT and energy psychology skills to help their clients with stress management! I’m so glad that you’re still there for me – the wind beneath my wings. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to work with someone who can help them access their gifts and create the most meaningful services for their clients.



~ Karen Moeller, Licensed Professional Counselor,
Certified EMDR Practitioner, DBT Specialist



We Consistently Brought In $20,000 Profit Per Month 

screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-12-55-32-pmI have had the pleasure of working very closely with you and have remained impressed with your ongoing commitment and passion for improving wellness for clients and professionals. Your work with us as a consultant and trainer helped us become a more recovery-oriented system of care dedicated to the whole health of people we serve. You were instrumental in re-designing failing services in multiple departments resulting in better client engagement, improved health outcomes, and increased revenues. Your keen sense of marketing and client engagement helped us realize our goals very rapidly in an already overtaxed system.You researched, designed and implemented wellness recovery training for our entire staff, the board of directors, clients and stakeholders 2 years before the state and the federal government came out with the standards. When they did send out the materials, your work was exactly on target, but it allowed us to be several years ahead of other programs transformation efforts!

Our culture shifted from solely medical model to an integrated recovery model. Your capacity to listen and your knowledge of how systems change is incredibly intuitive. You managed to bring almost everyone on board with a commitment to participating in the change process. During a short time, the programs began to experience the results of your leadership efforts. As a result, our organization was recognized locally and nationally as champions of wellness and recovery. We became a model organization and were invited to speak at a number of local and national conferences to share our success stories! You made the work fun and worthwhile for all of us.

Your guidance allowed us to be front-runners in the drive to deliver state of the art client-centered services and become recognized and profitable almost immediately. In fact, we consistently brought in 20,000 profit per month with the modifications you showed us. The training and consultation you provided also brought us state and national recognition for attracting and engaging clients in their mental health recovery.

It was a real honor to work side by side with you transforming our business lines in the first work of its kind in Pennsylvania. Your patience, compassion, commitment and genuine way of partnering with us made all the difference in the world

~ Judy Monahan-Grystar, LCSW, Former CEO of TCV Inc.



I immediately felt more grounded and present in my consults, and more connected to my clients.

“I was very surprised at how much Dar was able to help me in such a short amount of time.  I’ve been very confident in my practical knowledge around helping clients, but not so confident in my delivery.  After Dar’s help, I immediately felt more grounded and present in my consults, and more connected to my clients.  She quickly gave me a huge boost in overcoming my fears of, “What if I run out of things to say or talk about?  What if my client doesn’t resonate with the things I say?”.  Instead of worrying about what could go wrong (which Dar helped me realize was me just worrying about myself), she helped me to focus more on my clients and their needs, which allowed me to connect more and help on a deeper level.

And as a bonus, Dar’s ability to calmly, yet intentionally guide me through a consult is so inspiring and served as an excellent model of how I’d like to be with my clients.  I’d highly recommend working with Dar! It’s truly a pleasure working with her and I really felt so supported and cared about.”



Andrew Sartory, Functional Diagnostic Nutritional Practitioner
Sartory Functional Wellness, Alternative & Holistic Health Service 

My Income Increased by 60% in 7 Weeks!

Thank you for being here for me and helping me transition into working successfully in private practice. I heard about you through a colleague at a time when I needed guidance.

When I was working on engaging clients, my style was straightforward and to the point. Since working with you, I’ve come to realize that straightforward does not bode well for getting clients in the door.

You helped me to soften my approach and shift my language to better match the unique psychology of each of my clients.

The result? My income increased by 60% in 7 weeks, because I could sell myself with ease!

I’ve seen a real turnaround in the ownership clients take in our work together as result of learning and using your approaches. You also helped me soften the delivery in my personal life as well. Your consulting with me, Darlene, has been an extremely valuable experience. I can feel myself changing and growing in my professional and personal life. I am becoming a softer, gentler yet more assertive person who is able to be more open and aware of how to structure my sessions for maximum value to my clients. The income boost is a blessing.

~ B. Thompson, Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC

I Reached More People At Higher Price Points!

Darlene took my services and helped me create high impact programs so that it could be sold at a much higher price! She took care of every technical and sales detail and all I had to do was show up to coach participants struggling to relieve their pain. Now I have something that will work for me again and again! She also did the copywriting for my website which was great because I just really can’t find the words!

As a health provider, I struggled for years with marketing. I’ve got no problem coming up with ideas. It’s how to market them that ruins the high. Until I met Darlene, I had no idea how to reach a larger audience or focus my many interests.  She knew exactly how to position and market my work. I was impressed with her ability to intuitively align with what I do and almost channel what I had always wanted to say.

That’s rare.

Until I met Darlene I didn’t know my lower priced services could become high-end courses.  Now I have 2 courses that convey authority and credibility in my niche areas both related to pain and mobility: Back to Life Recovery Program for people experiencing back pain and also the Pink Ribbon Post Operative Workout Enhancing Recovery Program to help women reduce pain and regain strength and mobility after breast cancer surgery.

I’m eternally grateful!

Mary Ann Brown


Mary Ann Brown, ISFTA

“Back To Life Recovery Program”


With Darlene on Your Team, You’re Sure to Succeed!

Dr. Romani George, Chief Medical Director Community Care Behavioral Health OrganizationDarlene was a tremendous help to me when I first started working at Community Care Behavioral Health Organization. One of my tasks was to engage other physicians in their use of a new state of the art behavioral intervention for their clients. My peers were not very willing to adopt this new intervention, which required them to master a paradigm shift to partner with their clients for improved recovery outcomes that engaged them to take action rather than rely on medications alone.

Darlene, however, led the implementation of 1st Peer-Run Shared Decision Making Center in Psychiatry in Pennsylvania and the 2nd in the United States. It became profitable in 6 months and quickly became the “go to” center for developing centers around the country. Darlene helped me see that I needed to turn the conversation towards physician “buy-in”. It really helped me to change my approach to my peers and to advance physician engagement across several sites in the state.

There are 11 sites using this approach across the state and I still find the client-focused approach Darlene shared with me very helpful. She helped me to see that we’re not only marketing to clients but to other staff and family members involved with the person in treatment. She has a way with words and finding the right emotional connections to bring down walls & influence collaboration in the most challenging circumstances.

I would recommend Darlene to anyone who needs help to grow their business. She is dynamic, thoughtful, creative and results-oriented. With Darlene on your team, you’re sure to succeed!

~ Dr. Romani George
Chief Regional Medical Director Community Care Behavioral Health

Darlene Makes Your Work More Brilliant and Profitable

Darlene is amazing teacher who inspired me to help me get more clients. While I’m in marketing myself, she intuitively saw through the eyes of my prospective customers and make key recommendations that made a great difference. Her energy is contagious. She has a way of helping me see the “parts” that are missing through their eyes. She helps you find your story and make you stand out as one of a kind.  She’ll make your work more brilliant than it was and achieve more profitability with online webinar events and good marketing funnel to convert and build in upsells.

~ Daud Nasir

Darlene Changed My Beliefs About Attracting Customers!

Suzanne Ferguson, BA, CEC, Happy Marriage Coach

Darlene was able to really help me see that my pain and ultimately my triumph would lead to my ideal clients. She helped me find my true niche and create the processes to attract them right to my door.

Her approach really speaks to my desire to serve others. I’m so grateful for Darlene’s guidance which got me out of my own way and opened the door wide to the clients that I love to serve.

From videos to email marketing to help me create my work into the Happy Marriage Fast Track Program all the way to local and online webinar appearances.

I highly recommend Darlene for anyone who wants to solve their marketing conundrum. If you’re looking for help finding your authentic marketing voice, then contact her today.


~ Suzanne Ferguson, BA, CEC

Finally, A Simple Path! 

saya-krebs“What I learned in my 1st meeting with Dar exceeded everything I learned in other marketing programs. Finally a simple path!

In one meeting with Dar, I understood why other marketing programs didn’t work for me.

During my first; yep you read that correct, the 1st session with Darlene my synapses were firing in brand new ways and I immediately had this sense “things are GOING To get better! This is just what I needed.

Like a wonderful summer downpour after a long dry spell! I received a cleansing experience. Dar has the rare gift of being able to make you feel safe exploring your true authentic self and the things that keep you from success. She’s a unique blend of healing, calming and energizing.

Let me tell you I spent years in marketing programs, but I wish with all my years of knowledge and personal experience I was taught what I began to glean from my first session with Dar. I was given invitations and asked to question the way I was looking at my business and life. I was able to access my untapped energy so that even as we were meeting I was able to feel a shift in my own energy center, and core. Soul Niche Success Coaching has put me on the path!

She helped me see that in the midst of my struggles there has been an Amazing Version of me that has been there all along…waiting off in the distance waving me forward. And yes, the struggle and this version of me is the light that prospective clients are hungry for.

She is masterful in helping you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go in your business and life because as she says: it’s all energy and it’ all connected. I found a teacher and a Soul Niche Success process that doesn’t require me to sacrifice my soul to succeed.”

Saya Krebs-Brandfass
Center for Creative Living and Wellness

Partnering With Darlene Has Been a Blessing

Darlene helped us create a powerful high-end video coaching program that is helping us heal more lives. As a former neuropathy sufferer and doctor, I must say, that she has created a healthcare masterpiece with us and went well beyond our expectations. She is a master copywriter and client attraction specialist. She created our entire product & marketing funnel, webinars, sales pages and email campaigns so we could create deeper relationships with prospective clients before we asked them to buy our books and services. What a difference! We’ve got JV Partners selling our programs and an Authority Website pulling in more than 10,000 visitors a month. Of all of our traffic sources, 65% of it is free.  As a retired Chiropractor, it’s great to have passive income. Partnering with her has been a blessing.


Dr. Randall C. Labrum
Author, Clinician, Researcher, Former Neuropathy Sufferer
Creator of “The Neuropathy Recovery Program”



I Have No Limits in Attracting Clients!

Margo McClellan, Therapist and Business Owner, www.MargotMclellan.comI contacted Darlene because I needed more clients. I wanted but was not sure how to attract clients open to the kinds of healing work I do.

My website, at the time, did not convey a clear picture of who I am, as a healing practitioner. Darlene not only helped me learn valuable tools to bring more clients in, she also helped me to reconnect with what I love about being a therapist. I now have a greater sense of “what I bring to the table” when working with my clients. I am now focused on where I want to take my work and know how to present what I do in a way that clearly addresses the needs of my clients.

With a search engine optimized website, clients can now find me! I finally have an unlimited source of clients.

I’m looking forward to working with Darlene on building passive income streams that support my goal of a portable coaching practice that I can “take with me” on my travels around the world.

~ Margot McClellan, LCSW,
Psych-K and Emotion Code Practitioner, Reiki Master

Darlene is a true heart-based change agent in our world. 

Gregg Braden

Author of The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief


We became a profitable nationally recognized site within 6 months of startup. 


“Darlene was an incredible asset in my career. She coached me to higher levels of performance and provided good guidance and compassionate direction.

She led us in the implementation of the 1st Shared Decision Making Center in Psychiatry in Pennsylvania and 2nd in the U.S. I am grateful for how Darlene wove best business practices with healthy doses of inspiration to keep us on the path to become a profitable nationally recognized site within 6 months of startup.

She’s a master trainer and wise leader. Thank you, Darlene!


Susan Preffer, LPC
Decision Support Center

With A Few Private Mentoring Sessions, I had More Clarity About Why I’m On This Planet

Armed with a Ph.D. in Exercise Medicine, I thought people would just come. They didn’t. I talked to everyone about how I could help with back pain, weight loss, diabetes and get in shape. Just like Dar said, they would look at me like a deer in headlights. So, I took a job with a company doing something that drained me, but I had to put food on the table. 4 years later I was still struggling trying to figure it out.

By chance,” (haha) I met Darlene when I was at a dinner at a restaurant in Pittsburgh. She didn’t know me from anyone, but she immediately connected with a warm hello and then within minutes we were off talking about my business and dreams. I had no idea how we ended up there. It was seamless. Afterward, the light we shared followed me everywhere. I felt the presence of Spirit and I had a sense that this time of “waiting” had been a preparation. I wasn’t meant to serve everyone, but the people that I was uniquely born to serve, my true niche.

Enter Dar’s transformational program, Soul Niche Success System. Within a few private mentoring sessions, I had more clarity about what I wanted and why I’m on this planet. And I wasn’t even communicating it clearly although I thought I was!

Because of her guidance, I discovered my true niche, working with women who lost weight but can’t keep it off. She then helped me design a course that combined my love of Bob Proctor’s spiritual ideas and physical exercise.

The words, the presence, and spirit all came through!

P.s. She not only helped me get more clients but she also “gifted” me with a better podcast format that opened new doors for me. What a surprise addition to my private mentoring sessions!

Denise Edmunds, Ph.d

Your energy, creativity, and business will soar with Darlene by your side.

Darlene listened with more than her ears.

She has an uncanny intuition  and quickly “read into things that we never even mentioned.” In two meetings, it was clear she had a clear vision of how we could bring in new business.

As the new Executive Director in the midst of a messy situation, I couldn’t imagine how we would ever make it right, but she helped us restore “mission” to our work.

That lit a fire under all of us and it inspired our existing clients. Darlene made the whole process fun and wove it into the fabric of our daily lives. It wasn’t “this is business” and “this is our lives.” She helped us see that everything in life is an energetic transition, but often we try to go too far too fast and miss the most important things right in front of us!

She gave us a unique language and way of connecting with prospective clients and nurture existing ones – meeting them carefully at their stage of readiness.

Communication was at a level we never saw it before and the results were phenomenal! Then she wrote a book to streamline the whole process to attract and engage with clients in powerful ways and we ended up selling out at the Pennsylvania State Conference!

Your energy, creativity, and business will soar with Darlene by your side.

Faye McCroskey
Former Executive Director of Parents Anonymous

Darlene Turned $37 Product into $197 Product

I can’t thank you enough for helping me to take my $37 and turning it into a course that kicked it up a big notch. You added incredible value in a flash. Totally didn’t see that it could be a $197 product with some tweaks, the right traffic, and a great webinar sales presentation! Awesome sales increase, too. Love it!

G. Hudson

You Will Never Find a More Trustworthy Partner To Grow Your Business

Darlene is a great asset to my business. Even before we did business, she invested time in understanding my goals. She saw the crossroads I was at and helped me get a foothold on my vision.

Working with Darlene changed my perspective on how to slow down and achieve my business objectives more quickly. Darlene has been an amazing partner in moving things in the right direction for us. She helped us bring clarity and focus to our business.

She took care of all the details and set things up so I didn’t have to do anything except help create the content and materials (which took little time) and then share the information. We have had a huge influx of clients thanks to Darlene. I would strongly recommend you leap at the chance to work with her when she has an opening.

She’ll laser focus on your priorities and find immediate remedies to your situation. She’s all about client care and is a master in understanding how to connect with them online. You’ll never find a more trustworthy partner to grow your business.

Dr. Nathan Hutchinson, D.C.
Pittsburgh Spinal Fitness Center

I not only learned powerful business leadership skills but how to move my entire life in an amazing direction.

Thanks to Darlene, I was able to become a coach, teacher, and facilitator of change. Our group training was incredibly powerful. I didn’t just learn skills. I learned to lead from Spirit and it made my whole life better. I left that experience a transformed person. I not only learned powerful business leadership skills but how to move my entire life in an amazing direction. Anytime I get stuck, I just think to myself: “(WWDDN) “What would Dar do now?” I can still hear her voice helping me find my way through!

Sally Johnson

Darlene’s Live and Webinar Based Training Were a Pioneering Move

You couldn’t partner with a more dedicated and results-driven professional than Darlene. Her work with our physicians, psychotherapist, and nurses helped them bridge the gap between “power over” approaches to one that embodied an empowering partnership with those we served. She marketed our lifestyle wellness interventions and rapidly gained us state and national recognition through webinar, publishing and national conference opportunities. Her live and webinar based courses were a pioneering move at the time. Her innovative blending of psychology and marketing made inroads where there had previously been roadblocks. No one presented ideas in a head-turning way like Darlene did.

She quickly took struggling programs and launched them to new heights generating new profitable partnerships and business lines. She also created new personnel positions for Wellness, Rehab, Employment and Recovery Coaches. I would recommend working with Darlene if you’re ready to take your business to new heights. You’ll love her innovative spirit and have lots of fun on the journey.

~Josie Ulrich, LCSW


I recommend Darlene so highly because she is a true teacher with a giant heart.

screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-12-58-18-pmIt’s really been my privilege to work closely with Darlene over the past 12 years. During that time she’s proven to be a model of compassion in her mission to advance wellness and recovery practices at the local, state and national levels. She’s really mastered how to successfully engage clients and teach these models to practitioners toward improved services.

Her live and webinar based training have been creative, interactive, understandable and versatile – geared toward being able to take it home and use it to improve other businesses as well. In my opinion, she is a step ahead of others as a trainer specifically tailoring her work to meet the needs of clients. When she shares her life story of how disabled she was and how through complementary wellness approaches and a spiritual breakthrough, she began to reclaim health we were all inspired. She used her own recovery journey to empower us as well as the clients we serve.

She is so highly skilled in facilitating ideas into concrete products. She really hit the nail on the head when she introduced us to the concept of the medical world unintentionally creating dependency for clients. She’s helped countless individuals become successful on their healing journey. Her training on “Be The Change: The Change Agent’s Guide to Influencing Others Without Burning Out” really helped so many of our staff learn how to gently but powerfully engage clients where other methods had failed! She also managed to turn around our service and make it a business success as well!

I have tremendously enjoyed working with Darlene. Her sensitivity to our needs, a listening ear and wonderful sense of humor really livened up our time together.

I recommend Darlene so highly because she is a true teacher with a giant heart. I’d tell anyone that if they want positive and lasting results, they should jump at the chance to work with her! Thanks for everything, Darlene!

~ Judy Stump,
TC Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene