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Keynote: Is Your Relationship With Money Keeping You Broke?


Prior Speaking Events

Money Metamorphosis: How to Heal Your Money Relationship and Create Financial Freedom

July 6th & 12th, 2017 10 AM Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind Group, Cranberry PA 

Irresistible Offer: How to Stop Selling Yourself Short and Get Paid Premium Prices

September 14th, 2017 6PM St. Boniface Episcopal Church, Siesta Key, Florida

Money Talk Mastery: How to Sell Yourself With Confidence

Online Webinar

Client Centered Practices: 3 Tips to Tweak Your “Speak” to Attract & Enroll Clients In Your Business

Client Abundance Secrets: How to Attract a Surge of Holistic Healing Clients to Your Business

Online Webinar

Employee Wellness: How to Use Energy Medicine To Reduce Vicarious Trauma For Staff Working in High-Stress Environments

Allegheny Health Choices Inc. Convention, David Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh PA

Inspiring Hope: How to Create Optimal Environments So Clients Achieve Their Ultimate Outcomes

Awakening Your Inner Leader: 3 Ways to Unleash Your Soul Gifts and Use Them to Lead Change

Boosting Employee Performance: How to Use Strengths-Based Evaluations & Coaching to Grow Your Productivity and Team Spirit

Residential Services, TCV Services, 1400 8th Avenue, Munhall PA

No Such Thing: How to Bust The Myth of “Resistant Clients” and Inspire People To Invest in Change Work

SPA, 723 Braddock Avenue, Braddock PA

Building Healthy Teams: How to Uncover & Harness Hidden Creativity In Your Staff

Cultural Cohesiveness: 3 Ways To Inspire Collaboration & Synergy on Diverse Teams

Steel Valley Council of Governments, Homestead PA

Shared Decision Making: How to Enroll Clients In Collaborative Treatment Processes That Inspire An Active Role In Recovery Instead of Relying on Medications Alone

Community Care Behavioral Health State Conference, Harrisburg PA

Trauma Informed Care: 3 Components of Trauma You Need to Address In Your Initial Intake Session