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Claim More Wealth and Health Through Online Webinar Courses

Online Webinar Courses Create Freedom

Online Webinar CoursesIf you’ve got a book or product related to helping people improve their lives, then you’ve also got the potential to re-position it into a “high-ticket” webinar course.

Sound like a lot of work?

It’s not if you have someone who does the heavy technical lifting for you. Otherwise, you can work your fingers to the bone and still not achieve the wealth and health that webinar events and courses can bring.

You can “wait” for your information to be purchased by buyers on Amazon or ClickBank, spend time and money promoting your book or easily recreate your work into a high-engagement, high-ticket online webinar that builds wealth fast.

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Don’t Lose Valuable SEO Juice Chasing Social Media “Likes”

SEOIf you’re spending a ton of money on social media marketing, because it “seems” easier than SEO, think again.

You don’t have to be an SEO blogger to get your online act together.

While everyone in the fitness and wellness industry is scrambling to keep up with social media, the industry giants are grabbing the FREE, natural and organic reach through SEO.

The only difference between them and you is that you just don’t realize that you may be losing time, visibility and money.

SEO ranking is easier than you think and it’s a holistic approach to achieve your marketing goals.

The First Step to SEO is To Be Visible

Sounds pretty easy right?
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Attract High-End Customers Today

How to Attract High-End Wellness Customers

high-end-clientsWanting high-paying clients and “being mentally prepared for them” live in two different camps of your brain.

So often wellness experts want to get out of the “trading hours for dollars model,” but find it a hard fence to jump. The “idea” of finding and engaging “high-end” customers seems far fetched when you’re used to getting small book royalties or trying to reduce prices to match what you think people can afford.

The “High-End Vs. What You Know Conflict”

I know the model well. In every career transition I’ve experienced, I’ve come up against the same “high-end” vs. the “stay with what you know” pattern that you’re facing now.

It comes from not knowing what the possibilities are with regard to creating a lower-impact business workout model that produces an even better “high-end” result.

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How to Awaken Clients In Your Natural Health Business

Beautiful Lavender Fields

Grow a Strong Natural Health Business

How Your Natural Health Business Can Reach Beyond Your Clients Invisible Wellness Barriers

When you have a natural health business, it’s important to look at the whole being. While you may be providing physical products and support to clients, their mental and emotional states may be silently undermining their progress. Sometimes I think of it like the tip of an iceberg. The part you see is 30%, but 70% of the land mass is below sea level.

How often have you seen your clients experience quick health results after being infused with healthy foods, herbal supplements or essential oils only to then come up against invisible barriers that short-circuit their full recovery?

Years ago I remember sitting in an office with a provider in a natural health business. I had seen her for 8 or 9 sessions and on the 10th visit she asked me if I really wanted to be well. I had just told her that I was doing what she asked, but I wasn’t getting the results.

I already felt vulnerable telling her I was stuck and her words felt like a slap in the face.

I was “doing” everything she asked me to do, but was still stuck. I did want to be well, but didn’t realize that this new approach triggered an inner limit within me. I told her that I did want to be well, but she said I must have been “doing” something wrong. It was hard to imagine that I was doing something wrong when I was “doing” everything I could. 

I later found a provider who could work with me on a mind; body, spirit level. She helped me to zero in on a belief that I didn’t deserve to be healthy. That belief represented 70% of my energy and it was trapped beneath sea level.

This new provider had enough tools of her own so that she didn’t tell me what “I should do” nor did she point any blame my way. Instead she asked me remarkable questions that helped me access the parts of myself that already knew how to heal. It was shortly after that my health quickly soared!

I was reading an informative article about Rethinking Cancer by Linda Sechrist, Senior Staff Writer for Natural Awakenings Magazine. The Naturopathic Doctor, Judy Seeger she quoted, summed it up perfectly:

“I talk to people who do all the right things to improve their biochemistry, but without an emotional detox and spiritual connection to something larger than themselves, their healing process tends to stall.”

Providing solutions in a natural health business requires this kind of holistic approach. Whether you’re meeting with a client, blogging or writing an article, always try to touch their hearts, minds, bodies and spirits.

The Financial Health of Your Natural Health Business is a Core Aspect of Your Wellness

As human beings, we are more than our biochemistry and so are our helping businesses. What we do to help heal the body, mind and spirit of our businesses helps to heal us as well. Using a holistic approach for our life’s work is as vital as using it with our clients. Our financial health tips the balance in every dimension of wellness.

As I share a few questions with you about engaging your clients, think how this line of questioning may also benefit you as you examine the health of your business.

While it does make sense to wonder if a person is blocking their improvement, it’s important to phrase questions in a way that invites them into an exploration rather than directly challenging their intent.

  • Try asking: “Have you had the experience of improving previously and then coming up against this same limit?” Invite them to tell you more to get a sense of what’s at stake if they overcome the barrier. You’ll discover the belief and fears that hold the problem in place.
  • Ask them: “Can you think of a time when you overcame this barrier even once to accomplish something you felt really passionate about?” If they did, you can help them transfer this skill into the current situation.
  • If they haven’t had even one experience, ask them to describe any limit they’ve overcome and invite them to tell you how they managed to change their thoughts, feelings or behaviors. You’ll learn the clues to get below the tip of the iceberg in your work with them.

We’re all wired a certain way and we’re all deeply seeking someone to help us unlock and access our inner wisdom in solving our problems.

In a nutshell, this approach is about having the right questions instead of having the right answers.

I later realized that the natural health provider I met with didn’t have the right answers for me. In my work with serving helpers and healers over the years, I noticed that same theme come up again and again.

When a roadblock was encountered, fingers were pointed at the client. “They didn’t want to be well. They weren’t committed to change. They weren’t working as hard as their providers and so on.” I joined in with them years ago when I was first started out, because I didn’t know either. I just knew something felt wrong about judging them as not wanting to be well.

Take the Road Less Traveled In Your Natural Health Business

I started reading M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled along with examining my own personal experiences, and my focus became centered on helping to change the culture of the mental health industry.

In the years I spent training and consulting with organizations and staff, I discovered that staff didn’t know what else to say or do. They had come up against their own limit. They were stuck. We all get stuck. It’s part of being human, but like Judy Seeger says “sometimes we need to have an emotional detox and connect to something larger than ourselves.”

I hope you’re doing that for yourself. Nothing is more important than you getting your needs met so that you can better serve your community. Overcoming the roadblocks in your natural health business can be a heavy load when you carry it all by yourself.

Trying to “keep all the balls in the air” keeps you focused on the “doing” doesn’t it?

Don’t forget to nurture your “Being” by working with someone who will ask you the right questions to help you unlock your full potential and nurture your spirit while they’re at it. 

It just may turn out that good medicine for our clients is good medicine for our businesses, too.

To Your Success,