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7 steps to rise above 2015 Facebook rules in your business

How 2015 Facebook Changes Limits Your Impact

7 steps to rise above 2015 Facebook rules in your businessJust when you thought you were getting somewhere managing your Facebook business page, the rules up and changed in 2015. Like or not, the new rules are here to stay and they will impact your bottom line in a big way.

At the end of 2014, Facebook announced that they would begin filtering out promotional posts unless businesses pay to boost or advertise them. As of April 2015, Facebook rules are in full swing.

Many of the health and wellness business owners I work with use Facebook as their “go to” marketing channel. It’s been cheap and easy up until now, they’ve been able to promote their businesses on lean budget consisting of both paid and unpaid promotions.

Now, it’s a pay to play environment and many of the people I support don’t have excess dough to toss into the black hole of Facebook marketing.

You used to be able to do a promotional post from your business timeline without consequences.

Now, you’ll pay with reduced views for your posts and page if you “promote” a paid offer within your Facebook timeline.

Check out the Wall Street Journal’s take on it: facebook-rules-will-sting-entrepreneurs

What does Facebook consider a “promotional” post?

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