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Claim More Wealth and Health Through Online Webinar Courses

Online Webinar Courses Create Freedom

Online Webinar CoursesIf you’ve got a book or product related to helping people improve their lives, then you’ve also got the potential to re-position it into a “high-ticket” webinar course.

Sound like a lot of work?

It’s not if you have someone who does the heavy technical lifting for you. Otherwise, you can work your fingers to the bone and still not achieve the wealth and health that webinar events and courses can bring.

You can “wait” for your information to be purchased by buyers on Amazon or ClickBank, spend time and money promoting your book or easily recreate your work into a high-engagement, high-ticket online webinar that builds wealth fast.

If you’re a doctor, naturopath, life coach or wellness coach, then you’re already heavily scheduled with clients. Just organizing your work in a book or sequential program was a daunting task, let alone all the marketing that comes after. Continue reading

Rescue MLM Home Business Builders to Fast Track Your Success

Business Builders Get Confused

Enrolling MLM Home Business Builders is a Journey and Not a Destination

We are all changing and growing and coming up against external and internal barriers.

With every desire and goal, we encounter doubts about whether or not it will work and if we should go forward. Just think about how many things that you wanted to pursue but abandoned, because it seemed “too hard” or too big of a stretch.

It’s only natural that your new and longer-term business builders will travel through these decisions, and points of uncertainty. They experience the same doubts, fears and limited thinking that you do and your business builders are likely to drop out if they don’t learn how to overcome them.

Most network marketing companies and MLM programs don’t address what to do about wavering business builders. The typical mantra is to give them more information. If the business builders don’t respond, then move on.

But just think if you applied that thinking to your kids, your husband or partner? What would the results be?

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