Make Your Marketing Message Connect

The Right Marketing Message Has Them At Hello


How many clients can you bring in with the right marketing message?


Yet, many health coaches, therapists, and holistic health practitioners find it challenging to laser in on marketing message that attract their ideal clients.

Let’s face it. You’re up to your elbows in work and learning to do all this marketing stuff isn’t a cake walk.

But, you can attract more local and online clients by zeroing in on your client’s primary pain and speaking to it…in THEIR language.

Remember the Jerry Maguire movie with Tom Cruise and Renee Zelwegger?

My favorite line other than “you complete me” was “You had me at hello!”

You can have potential clients at “hello,” by getting your marketing message right.

Make Your Marketing Message Speak to Clients YOU Were Born to Serve 

There’s a natural life balance between what has healed within us and who we’re meant to serve. In other words, your work isn’t meant for the whole world, but for people you already deeply understand. I refer to them as your Highly Profitable Soul Niche.

If your “marketing message” is geared to the world or “anyone who has _____ problem,” you won’t be able to attract a steady flow of clients and income in your business. EVER.

That’s exactly what happened to me when I first started online back in 2002.

Just like you, I LOVE helping diverse people.  I had been a therapist and I was used to being ready to help anyone with anything. Those diverse skills work great when you’re serving clients, but it’s the kiss of death when you’re trying to attract clients.

Why? Because your marketing message that appears in your introduction, business cards, website copy, and social media need to be geared to ONE group or you sound generic and disappear in the sea of others who do the same thing.

If you want a profitable business that serves you, it’s important that you target one audience with compelling heart tapping marketing message… or risk not having your business rise to its full potential. 

I believe in Law of Attraction with my whole being and that things are meant to be…but I also firmly believe that sometimes we can use those thoughts to guard us against stepping outside of our comfort zones and doing the WORK.

One of my clients, Sarah is a Health Coach and is also in the essential oils business. Her website list lots of issues she helps with and she has oils for sale. Her site is like a one-stop shop for all kinds of issues so she talks about healing help, addressing your vulnerabilities, overcoming trauma, anxiety, relationship issues etc.

Her marketing message: She shifted her marketing message to suit whomever she was with thinking it would help her land new clients. As a result, her marketing message was vague and general.

She said she wished she had more leads and was sick of networking because she could hardly get anyone interested or if they were they didn’t want to pay!

I took a breath as I listened to her on the phone remembering my own experience with “shape-shifting.” It’s where you bend your marketing message and wing it instead of coming from the core of your inner genius. 

Make Your Marketing Messages Connect 

So think about this.

The clients you want to contact you are on an emotional roller coaster ride.

While we as nurses, therapists & health coaches see the interconnectedness of many illnesses and issues, clients see their issue as entirely UNIQUE.

We talk “wellness, healing, transformation, energy etc.” but clients don’t emotionally connect to “practitioner speak.”

To attract new clients…meet them at their model of the world and speak as they speak

They think in very specific terms called ‘keywords’ and they use those to search for help online.

Too often generous hearted health coaches, therapists, and nurses use a very large and expansive marketing message.

Most of my clients start off by saying: I want to help awaken others who are limiting themselves or not getting well in traditional health systems or speak about healing and wellness in general.


Clients who are seeking help and willing to pay for it don’t go to Google and type in: “help me stop limiting myself, get well, heal my life.

They go to Google and say: “Reduce, Stop, Treat, Resolve…. Then they add their problem: arthritis, anxiety, financial crisis, depression, fibromyalgia, weight gain, diabetes, etc.”

To get lots of attention and interest in your services, you need to give listener’s or site visitors something to sink their teeth into with targeted marketing messages that light up THEIR radar.

Its all about connecting heart to heart by using their words and search terms.

For example: “I help people learn how to naturally relieve pain.”

Now that’s somewhat specific.

But I can tell you a secret to achieving expert status in your niche. Want to know what it is?

Identify ONE specific audience & create your marketing message to address their area of greatest vulnerability. When you connect your skills and your gifts it’s easy to find your Soul Niche Audience and finally create the life and business of your dreams.

Joan was stunned because she thought zeroing in would lessen her exposure to clients.

So, after some fun playing with a variety of people and possibilities, she got real clarity on her direction. Once we got deeper into her sacred gifts it became clear to her that she deeply understood the challenges of moms who were running businesses from home.

Sarah’s message now says: I help busy mompreneurs relieve back pain without the mind-dulling side effects of drugs!

After she redesigned her marketing messages and started sharing them, people were immediately drawn to her everywhere she went.

I remember the first time it happened, she emailed me and said “Oh my goodness, this was easier than I thought. I feel like I have an identity that people can understand now. I have referrals and new clients reaching out to me from ONE networking event and people contacting me through my site. Now I see they didn’t understand my expertise before – heck I didn’t even understand it!”

If you would like to know how to change more lives by zeroing your expertise & marketing messages…


I would feel honored to help you discover your ultimate marketing message, so you can sign up the clients you were born to serve!


Darlene Karpaski

Founder & CEO Wellness Marketing Warriors, LLC