Website Strategies for Health and Wellness Businesses


Websites that WorkMarketing wellness in addition to all of the work you’re doing in your health and wellness business is a tall order. After all, you probably have a website and give out business cards, right? That helps people find your website and learn about you and the helping and healing services you offer.

Your Website Needs to  Embody the Hear of Your Message

What if I told you that there’s a way to market with your website that embodies the heart of your service while also building you a wonderful stream of potential clients checking out what you can offer?

You know what a bigger stream of people can do for you. The more people in the stream, the more bites you’ll have on your fishing line (if you have something their hungry for!). The more opportunity to not only get the word out but also land a few big ones while you’re at it. We’re all fishermen and fisherwomen in life. While we like the hunt of it at times, other times it’s just exhausting.

If you’re in business for yourself, you know the long list of roles you play and gauntlet of tasks you perform everyday to keep all the balls in the air. So, it’s vital to have your website working FOR YOU even when you’re too tired to work!

Your Website is the Hub of All Effective Online and Offline Marketing

Your website can be one of the most critical tools in your marketing belt. Your website serves as a platform to share knowledge and tools with your visitors so that they want to pursue a conversation with you about taking the next step.

What we know about a website that brings in lots of visitors and converts them into paying customers, is that many of them aren’t flashy. In fact, they appear to be a basic website,  but are very well planned from their very inception.

The business owners and their web developer carefully research keywords for their website to connect to their clients search for help. They review the words and phrases that are used most often online.



Even local customers search for help online. 66% of them look for a website as a sign of credibility. 

Then they weave the website together from valuable keyword threads into a site that serves people at their model of the world. So the website feels like a safe place to land.

This can feel like a disconnect for wellness professionals who are used to using their own comfort language on their website and other marketing pieces.

That’s exactly how I used to market. It felt as if creating the website was a creative expression of who I was. I shared the many modalities that I was trained in and led from my own perspective. Back then, I just didn’t see how the words I used on my website was a way of honoring the journeys of those I most wanted to serve.

The truth is that most clients don’t search for the name of what you do or your specific training.

Use Client-Backed Keywords on Your Website To Attract Clients on Autopilot

They search using words that express the pain and frustration they’re having in life. For instance, a top keyword phrase is: “how to reduce stress.”

If you can convey that you can help someone reduce stress without going too much into your methods and training, and stay focused on their “lived reality” in your marketing message, you’re more than half-way home. How you use the keywords on your website and where you place them is both an art and a science.

Using the client’s language and writing your website pages as if you were sitting in the room teaching your client face to face will help visitors get off the fence and say yes to exploring a helping relationship with you.

They’ll sense from your words and examples that you really do understand and they’ll feel as if your hand is reach out across the web to them. It won’t matter if they’re a local client you’ll see in your practice or long-distance client. They’ll feel seen and heard. And that’s priceless.

If you’d like to know how you can find and utilize the keywords to make your website a client attraction asset in your business, just leave a comment below. I’d love to hear who you’re serving and how you serve people in your specialty. 

To Your Prosperity,